Dual Cultivation

Chapter 414 Entering the Finals

Chapter 414 Entering the Finals

"I...I…" Ye Caiyu was speechless before Su Yang's intimidating aura at the Heavenly Spirit Realm, feeling like she was an ant before an elephant. In fact, Su Yang's Profound Qi is much thicker and richer than the average cultivator at the Heavenly Spirit Realm thanks to his superior cultivation technique and all of the Yin Qi he'd absorbed.

"Oh, right. Even if one is in the Heavenly Spirit Realm, it does not mean that he can use sword intent."

Su Yang slowly unsheathed the sword by his side, causing his already tremendous aura to grow even further.

Once he revealed the sword, it was as though countless invisible swords had appeared around him, sweeping through the place.

This illusion caused everyone there to sweat profusely, as they believed that the invisible swords would actually cut them if they touched it.

"What kind of sword intent is that?!" Elder Zhong's jaw dropped to the floor, as he has never seen sword intent that was powerful enough to create such realistic illusions.

'This man… he's actually more terrifying than I'd thought…' Lord Xie pondered to himself with a slight frown.

Even though Su Yang's only in the early stages of the Heavenly Spirit Realm, Lord Xie was not confident that he would beat Su Yang with his peak Heavenly Spirit Realm cultivation.

"I can't believe it! The Profound Blossom Sect actually has a junior at the Heavenly Spirit Realm, too!"

"Hong Yu'er has finally found her match! This will be an unprecedented fight in the tournament!"

"No! Unless Hong Yu'er knows sword intent, this young man is currently at an advantage!"

The audience was already filled with anticipation for their match.

Meanwhile, Ye Caiyu was trembling on the stage before Su Yang's tyrannical aura, feeling absolutely powerless before his sword intent.

"What I am showing you here today is merely the tip of the blade. If you want to know more about the sword, find me at the Profound Blossom Sect." Su Yang said.

"Now, do you wish to continue with the fight?"

"Fight?" Ye Caiyu laughed in a self-mocking tone for a moment before standing up and slowly walking off the stage with a dejected expression.

Seeing this, Zi Dong quickly announced, "After an unexpected and shocking turnaround, Ye Caiyu has left the stage, forfeiting the match! The Profound Blossom Sect wins the match and will be heading into the finals tomorrow!"

However, even though the Profound Blossom Sect won this match, the audience was dead silent, almost as though they were still shocked speechless by Su Yang's true strength.

"Uhh… do you have anything that you would like to say to the audience right now?" Zi Dong asked Su Yang.

"Of course I do, but right now is not the time. It will have to wait until we take the championship tomorrow."

"I-I see…" Zi Dong was speechless and said nothing else afterward.

"This is a problem…" Gu Guanting mumbled with a deep frown on his face. "I would've never expected them to also have someone at the Heavenly Spirit Realm. Hong Yu'er, do you think you'll be able to defeat him?"

"Who knows." Hong Yu'er casually responded with a nonchalant expression, almost like she wasn't interested in the topic.

"Anyway, we can talk about him after our own match." Gu Guanting said.

After the Profound Blossom Sect's match, the Azure Cloud Sect entered the stage, and as one would have expected, the Azure Cloud Sect defeated their opponent with ease. In fact, the Azure Cloud Sect had sent out Hong Yu'er as their only fighter.

"The Azure Cloud Sect will be heading into the finals tomorrow, where they will fight the Profound Blossom Sect for the championship!" Zi Dong said to everyone.

After the tournament for the day ended, as the Profound Blossom Sect prepared to return to their living quarters, they were bombarded with countless people.

"Master Su! I am the head of the Jiang Family, and this young one over here is my daughter…"

"I am Chai Jing of the Chai Family from the western region, and my daughter would like to have a word with you…"

Just like the situation with Fang Zhelan and Hong Yu'er, countless families approached Su Yang with the intent to court him with their daughters after learning of his talents and potential.

A talented young man at the Heavenly Spirit Realm is something all families desired, much less someone as handsome and dazzling as Su Yang, who has seemingly unrivaled talent and appearances.

Even if Su Yang belonged to a vulgar place such as the Profound Blossom Sect and has countless experience with other women, the maidens that currently surrounded him did not care for any of that and were willing to throw themselves at him even if they would only be a mere bed warmer for him.

Hundreds of beauties surrounded Su Yang at this moment, but in his view, there was only a single person, and that individual wasn't even a woman. In fact, it was a middle-aged man with a sharp face and stubborn-looking expression.

"I didn't think you would approach me." Su Yang said to him. "What do you want from me now? If you want me to return to the family, I'll have to reject your offer."

"Look! That's Su Xun, head of the Su Family!"

The people there quickly recognized the middle-aged man.

"Su Family of the Four Great Families?!"

As one would have expected, being one of the biggest families on this continent, the Su Family is easily recognized no matter where they go, especially if that individual is the head of the Su Family, Su Xun, who has countless achievements under his belt.

"Forget about that! Did you hear what that young man just said? He's related to the Su Family! No wonder why he's so talented! As expected from someone born in such a family!"

"I should've known after hearing his name! This also means that he's Fairy Su Yin's brother!"

After learning that Su Yang was from one of the Four Great Families, the small families that surrounded him slowly stepped back. They realized that it was but a fool's dream to try and court someone from the Su Family.

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