Dual Cultivation

Chapter 403 Su Yang's Family Seal

Chapter 403 Su Yang's Family Seal

"Why did you tell them that you would accept the Mu Family's proposal when you clearly won't do so?" Sun Quan asked his wife after they left the hotel.

"Besides feeling like teasing our daughter for ignoring me and joining the Profound Blossom Sect, nothing else really, I guess." Sun Ren said with a smile on her face.

Of course, Sun Ren never intended to accept the Mu Family's proposal, but she wanted to get revenge for Sun Jingjing's disobedient behavior, hence why she lied about her proposal.

However, she did not expect Sun Jingjing to not react to it, much less get angry. It was truly unexpected of her to act so mature and calm in such a moment.

"Maybe that young man also had something to do with that?" Sun Ren mumbled to herself.

"You are really unbelievable…" Sun Quan shook his head.

Meanwhile, back at the hotel, Liu Lanzhi asked them, "Is everything okay? Did you manage to sort things out with your parents?"

"Yes, Sect Master." Sun Jingjing nodded with a smile.

"That's good to hear. Then I'll leave the two of you alone for today." Liu Lanzhi said before leaving them alone in the room.

Silence filled the room after Liu Lanzhi left, but Sun Jingjing broke the silence a few moments later.

"Su Yang… I apologize for today. You don't need to mind my parents, especially my mother, who always speaks whatever is on her mind. Just ignore what they said today."


After another moment of silence, Su Yang stared at her in the eyes and said in a clear voice, "But I meant every word I said. If you truly want to become a part of my family, I won't say no."

"R-Really?" Sun Jingjing emotionally covered her mouth.

"However, it won't be a small family. In fact, there will be many others. Although you have not met them yet, they exist somewhere far away."

"I don't care!" Sun Jingjing immediately answered without hesitation. "Even if there are hundreds of others, I would still be willing to join!"

While a single man having many wives is not very common in this world, it's not exactly uncommon either, especially for the wealthy and the strong in the cultivation world. In fact, the stronger one is, the more likely they would have a harem, as that will allow them to give birth to more geniuses in their family.

'As long as I am still a part of his life, as long as he doesn't abandon me, I won't mind even if I am only one of his many partners…' Sun Jingjing thought to herself as she stared at Su Yang intensively.

After a few minutes of silence, Su Yang suddenly stood up and loosened his robes, revealing to her his stiff little brother.

Sun Jingjing looked at him with raised eyebrows.

"If you truly want to become a part of my family, then accept my family seal."

"Family… seal? What's that?" Sun Jingjing tilted her head with a puzzled expression, as she has never heard of this term before.

"It's a common tradition in my hometown, mostly for families with only one man in the household with the rest being his wives and mistresses," said Su Yang, his hometown being the Divine Heavens.

"Before one can be recognized as a member of the family, they must accept the family seal, which will be created through dual cultivation with the man's Yang Qi."

"Once the family seal is imprinted onto your body, you will have to follow the family's rule. If you decide to break the rules or betray me, the family seal will completely cripple your cultivation base if not outright kill you. Of course, if you ever feel that you no longer want to be a part of the family, I can assist you with removing the family seal, which will not affect you in any way."

"Do you wish to hear the rules?" Su Yang then asked.

Sun Jingjing quickly nodded.

"One, you will not cultivate with another man beside myself for as long as you are a member of my family. This should be self-explanatory, but if you betray me, the family seal will immediately kill you."

"Two, you will not purposefully plot against, harm, or kill anyone within the family. If you have any grievances with another within the family that cannot be solved personally, you will come to me, and I will promise to sort it out. Depending on the severity, the punishment will vary. In most cases, if you don't kill anyone, you will only have your cultivation crippled."

"Three, you will not do anything that may tarnish our family's reputation or another family member's for that matter. Again, depending on the severity, you may be crippled or killed."

"Fourth, once you accept the family seal, only I will be able to remove it for you. If you forcibly try to remove it... let's just say you don't want to find out."

"And lastly, you are obligated to cultivate with me at least once every 2,500 years in order to renew the family seal."

"Do you have any questions regarding the rules?" Su Yang then asked her.

Sun Jingjing shook her head. Besides the 2,500 years rule, she found everything else logical and normal. 

'2,500 years? Can one even live that long?' she wondered.

Seeing her answer, Su Yang nodded before continuing to speak, "Now that you have heard all of the rules, are you still willing to join my family?"

"I am willing!" Sun Jingjing answered without hesitation as she loosened her robes.

"Good! Then come here!"

Sun Jingjing immediately jumped into Su Yang's embrace, and after a few minutes of foreplay, Su Yang pushed his divine rod into Sun Jingjing's charming body.


Sun Jingjing moaned loudly as Su Yang drilled her cave, slowly releasing his Yang Qi into her body.

After a few minutes into their cultivation, the word 'Su', colored in black, began forming on Sun Jingjing's body at the area slightly below her belly button. The word was no larger than 3 inches in length and width, and it was emitting an unfathomable aura.

Once the word was fully formed, Su Yang bit a hole in his finger and wiped his blood on the spot the word was imprinted, coloring the word bright red.

A few seconds later, almost as though it was alive, the word imprinted on Sun Jingjing's body quickly absorbed Su Yang's blood, before turning into a golden color.

"It's done." Su Yang said to her with a smile she'd never seen before. "You are now a member of my family."

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