Dual Cultivation

Chapter 402 Sun Jingjing's Parents

Chapter 402 Sun Jingjing's Parents

After returning to the hotel, Sun Jingjing and her parents immediately entered a room to have their conversation.

"Jingjing, I will get straight to the point. How many men have you slept with up to this point?" Her mother suddenly asked her with a serious expression.

"W-Wha—?! What do you mean how many—"

"Do you see me as a fool? I understand the practice. There's only one logical explanation to your tremendous growth — you must have slept with a considerable amount of men."

"Nonsense!" Sun Jingjing shouted with a red face. "I have only slept with one man in this life, and that is Senior brother Su Yang!"

Her mother looked at her with wide eyes that were filled with surprise. How could a single man assist her cultivation base so much?

"Really?" she asked with a doubtful voice.

"I-If you don't believe me, then you can ask Grandfather! My chastity has been intact until half a year ago, when all of the disciples left the Sect, and during this entire time, Su Yang is the only male disciple in the Sect besides a few Sect Elders!"

"What do you think about this?" Her mother turned to look at her father and asked.

"There's only one thing to do, right?" Her father said.

Her mother nodded and said, "Jingjing, bring Su Yang in here. I would like to speak with him."


Although she was reluctant, Sun Jingjing called for Su Yang's presence in the room.

A few minutes later, Su Yang appeared before them.

"Allow me to reintroduce myself. I am Sun Ren, and this is my husband, Sun Quan."

"According to my knowledge, you are the one who took my daughter's chastity, right?"

"That's right." Su Yang nodded without hesitation.

"Then I will get straight to the point — how are you going to take responsibility? Although the Sun Family is not renowned for our military power, nor do our family have any famous Cultivators, we are one of the most influential families with business connections in all four regions."

"Furthermore, our daughter is a complete beauty with countless admirers. Do you understand where I am getting at?" Sun Ren asked him.

Su Yang showed a slight smile on his face. He could pretty much guess what they wanted from him, as this is not his first time dealing with the parents of his partners.

"Wait a moment, mother! I was the one who approached Su Yang first, and I never once thought that he needed to take responsibility for my actions! Furthermore, he has already done enough for me!" Sun Jingjing suddenly stepped in.

"Shut up, Jingjing! I am speaking with Su Yang right now!" Sun Ren snapped back.

After a moment of silence, Su Yang said, "As Sun Jingjing had said, I bear no responsibility for taking her chastity, as we are both disciples of the Profound Blossom Sect, and things such as responsibility do not apply there. However, I am not someone who will make such pathetic excuses. After all, she is already my woman. With that being said, how do you want me to take responsibility?"

"Su Yang…" Sun Jingjing's face was as red as a tomato at this moment.

"...I want you to join the Sun Family." Sun Ren immediately said.

"!!!" Sun Jingjing's eyes widened with shock. Her mother wants Su Yang to join their family? This was extremely convenient for her, since she wanted to bear Su Yang's child in the future!

Su Yang closed his eyes and shook his head, "Unfortunately, due to many reasons, I will not be able to do that."

Sun Ren frowned upon hearing his refusal, whilst Sun Jingjing only sighed inwardly, as she already predicted this situation, since it was unlikely to bind someone like Su Yang to the Sun Family.

"Explain yourself." Sun Ren said.

"First and foremost, there are things that I must do which will require me to travel extremely far. Second, I will not join any family, as this is something I have already decided. However, if you were to ask me to accept your daughter into my family… then that would be a different matter."

"You want my daughter to join your family?" Both Sun Ren and Sun Jingjing looked at him with a surprised look, as he basically just proposed to Sun Jingjing before her parents.

"Besides being the Sect Master of the Profound Blossom Sect, what exactly do you have? How will you support my daughter? The Sun Family has endless resources and wealth from our business."

"Although I may have nothing in hand right now, what I can do to support your daughter is already evident, and that is only the tip of an entire mountain," said Su Yang, using Sun Jingjing's growth as physical proof.

"As long as she remains by my side, she will undeniably become someone who will stand at the peak of this world."


The room turned silent. Neither of Sun Jingjing's parents were able to deny his words, as he was able to help Sun Jingjing reach the Earth Spirit Realm at such a young age.

"I will do it!" Sun Jingjing was the first to break the silence. "I will join your family, Su Yang!"

"You—! Don't go deciding something so important by yourself again! This is your future that we are talking about! Letting you join the Profound Blossom Sect was already a mistake, and I will not allow a second one!" Sun Ren shouted.

"No matter what you say, I won't change my mind. Furthermore, I am already addicted to our cultivation! I can't live without his techniques in bed anymore!" Sun Jingjing said.

"How can you say something so shameless?!"

"Hmph! But it's the truth! You will understand if you also cultivated with him!"

"?!?!?!" Sun Ren's face immediately flushed.

"Ahem…" Sun Quan loudly cleared his throat, pretending that he didn't hear Sun Jingjing's words just now.

After a moment of awkward silence, Sun Ren spoke again, "Su Yang, what about the other disciples? Are you also 'cultivating' with them?"

"Naturally." Su Yang proudly nodded.


While it was not weird for one man to have many wives in this time, Sun Ren felt that her daughter deserved much better. After all, she didn't want her daughter to be a mere mistress.

"Allow me some time to think about everything we've discussed today. However, there's one more thing I must say today." 

Sun Ren turned to look at Sun Jingjing with a serious expression and said, "The Mu Family has sent us a marriage proposal with their eldest son, Mu Shun, asking for your hand."

"What?! That disgusting pig?! Why do you even need to tell me that? Just send it back and act as if it never happened!" Sun Jingjing frowned.

"I would like to do that, but the Mu Family is serious this time. They even indirectly threatened us with war in the business industry if we refused. Although we have many connections, the Mu Family has as much if not slightly more influence than us. I'm afraid it'll turn into an ugly battle that might harm the entire economy."

"Who is this Mu Family?" Su Yang suddenly asked.

"Besides our Sun Family, there are other big families within the business circle, and the Mu Family is one of them. Their eldest son, Mu Shun, has been chasing me even before I became a disciple of the Profound Blossom Sect." Sun Jingjing sighed.

"Is that so? By the way, if I may ask, what kind of business does the Sun Family specialize in?" Su Yang then asked.

"We have a market for pretty much everything cultivation related, but medicine and pills are our staple as well as the Mu Family," said Sun Quan.

"Pills and medicines, huh…" Su Yang mumbled.

"Anyway, I have managed to delay our response until after the tournament." Sun Ren said and turned to look at Su Yang and continued, "Before then, I want to see for myself if I can leave my daughter in your hands."

"If I find you unworthy for our daughter, I will accept the Mu Family's proposal."


Su Yang remained silent, but what surprised Sun Ren the most was that Sun Jingjing also remained nonchalant to her words.

"What? You think I won't do it?" she asked Sun Jingjing.

Sun Jingjing showed a confident smile and said, "No, I am just confident that you'll accept Su Yang."


Sun Ren was speechless. This is the first time that she's ever seen Sun Jingjing appear so confident.

'Maybe there really is something special about this Su Yang beside his techniques in bed…' she thought to herself.

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