Dual Cultivation

Chapter 394 A Shameless Strategy

394 A Shameless Strategy

"E-Enlightenment, you say?" A frown appeared on Su Yun's face. "Are you making fun of me, Sister Hong?"

"Why would you think so? I have no reason to lie to you, as I am merely speaking the truth."

After a moment of silence, Su Yin asked her, "How serious are you about my Elder Brother?"

"Let's just say it's at a level where neither you or anybody else in this world would understand."

"I don't believe you! How can I believe someone who didn't give even the slightest efforts to search for my brother when he disappeared!" Su Yin shouted. "If I beat you in this match, I want you to forget about my brother!"

"Forget about him...? I'm afraid that's impossible." Hong Yu'er gently shook her head. "And how can you know for sure that I didn't search for Su Yang?"

After another moment of silence, Hong Yu'er continued, "I won't usually do something like this, but since you are Su Yang's little sister, I will make this an exception and accept your unreasonable demands."

"However, if I win, you must accept whatever relationship I may have with Su Yang."

"Deal!" Su Yin had no intention of losing to Hong Yu'er, hence why she agreed without hesitation.

"Are the two of you finally ready to fight?" Zi Dong asked them with a weird expression on his face.

Because there was a fierce aura between them, Zi Dong didn't dare to interrupt them all this time and patiently waited for them to calm down.

"I'm ready," said Su Yin as she positioned herself.

"I am also ready." Hong Yu'er nodded at Zi Dong.

Then... begin!"

The second the fight started, Su Yin used a movement technique to close their distance.

"Second Heavenly Form — Heavenly Spiral Fist!"

Su Yin punched her tightly grasped fists at Hong Yu'er, causing a ripple of Profound Qi to spread.

However, Hong Yu'er calmly dodged the attack by shifting her body slightly to the right, barely evading Su Yin's fist. "First Heavenly Form — Mountain Splitting Palm Strike!"

Immediately after missing her first strike, Su Yin quickly adjusted her position to strike again.


Su Yin's strike was narrowly dodged again, but the strike had destroyed a dozen tiles on the stage.

"Fierce strikes and decisive movements. You have matured a lot since I last saw you." Hong Yu'er praised her after dodging the attack.

"I don't need your praises! Second Heavenly Form — Heavenly Spiral Fist!"

Once again, Hong Yu'er dodged the attack.

Your attacks will never hit me. Why don't you just give up? I'd rather avoid hitting Su Yang's little sister if possible."

Su Yin's face fumed after hearing her words. "I knew it! You are mocking me!"

Hong Yu'er sighed and raised the sheathed sword in her hands slightly.

When Su Yin saw this, her body instinctively reacted and quickly retreated to a safer distance.

However, a moment later, Su Yin noticed that her body had gotten lighter for some reason.

Su Yin decided to look down, but when she saw that the lower part of her robes had been shortened by something sharp, her body shivered from fear.

What was that?! I couldn't even see her unsheathe the sword!'

Her robes had obviously been cut by Hong Yu'er's sword, but she wasn't able to notice it, much less react to it.

"Your senses are quite sharp. If you hadn't retreated just now, your undergarment would be in full display to the public right now." Hong Yu'er spoke with a mischievous smile on her face.

"I am not very good at holding back, but I do not want to harm you, so this is the only way I can think of that'll make you surrender."

"Y-You villain! You coward! Fight me fairly!" Su Yin gnashed her teeth in anger.

"What are you going to do if I refuse? Hurry up and surrender. At this rate, you'll have to fight me while being naked." "Y-Y-You bitch! I will never let my brother anywhere near a woman like you!"

Damn it! If I don't surrender this fight, she'll eventually strip me naked before so many people! I would rather die than to let anyone else that's not my beloved brother see my body! But if I give up, I will have to allow this vixen near my brother, and I don't want that either!'

Su Yin was put into a predicament by Hong Yu'er, who threatened to strip her naked if she does not surrender the fight. It was something she would've never expected.

As I thought, although she shares the same appearance as Sister Hong, her character is entirely different! It's almost as though she's possessed by a ghost!' Su Yin narrowed her eyes at Hong Yu'er.

"Hoh? What's this? Are you crying?" Hong Yu'er covered her mouth and acted surprised when Su Yin's eyes began tearing up.

I am not crying!" Su Yin bit her lips and resisted her urge to cry.

Then do you feel like surrendering yet? I do not have the patience to wait all day."

"I will not surrender!" Su Yin shouted.


Hong Yu'er's eyes glowed a mysterious light, and the sword in her hands trembled slightly.



Su Yin cried out loud when her sleeves suddenly slipped off her arms, revealing her slim and smooth arms.

"H-How shameless! How dirty!"

The Heavenly Swan Sect disciples were dumbfounded by Hong Yu'er's unexpected and dirty strategy to get Su Yin to surrender. After all, this kind of dirty play is something one would expect a man to do, not a beautiful genius like Hong Yu'er!

"Oi! Gu Guanting! What the hell is this?! Is this how the Azure Cloud Sect does things now?!" Bai Lihua decided to direct her anger towards Gu Guanting, Hong Yu'er's Master.

However, Gu Guanting, who was as surprised as everyone else by Hong Yu'er's antics, quickly shook his head and said, "Don't blame me! I-I have nothing to do with this!"

Screw you! I want to have a word with you after this! Don't you dare run away!" Bai Lihua shouted at him.

"Y-Yes..." Gu Guanting surrendered his fate and sighed loudly.

Oh, Hong Yu'er... What the hell are you thinking? First the Million Snakes Sect and now this... Are you trying to get me killed?' Gu Guanting felt an urge to cry.

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