Dual Cultivation

Chapter 393 My Opinions of Him Has Changed

393 My Opinions of Him Has Changed

By the time Lin Shao Shang woke up, many matches had concluded.

"For the next match, we have the Heavenly Swan Sect and the Azure Cloud Sect!"

Once the audience heard Zi Dong's words, the entire place erupted with excitement.

"Who do you think will win this one?"

"That is a difficult one. Although the Heavenly Swan Sect is a powerful place, the Azure Cloud Sect cannot be underestimated this year because of Fairy Hong, and they have already beaten the Million Snakes Sect, who are mostly on-par with the Heavenly Swan Sect."

"I am betting 10 Spirit Stones on Heavenly Swan Sect's victory!"

"Then I will bet 50 Spirit Stones on the Azure Cloud Sect!"

"25 for Heavenly Swan Sect!"

"15 on Azure Cloud Sect!"

The audience began betting on the match with an even ratio in both places.

"Do the Sect Masters have any words before we start the match?" Zi Dong asked them.

Bai Lihua narrowed her eyes at Gu Guanting and spoke, "If your—"

"Don't worry, my disciple has no intentions of harming your disciple." Gu Guanting could guess what she wanted to say and quickly interrupted.

"What happened with the Million Snakes Sect is a personal grudge for her."

After a moment of silence, Bai Lihua turned to look at Zi Dong and nodded her head.

Then let the match begin! Please send your first fighter onto the stage!"

A few moments later, the Azure Cloud Sect and the Heavenly Swan Sect sends in their fighter.

Of course, the Azure Cloud Sect disciples were completely helpless against the Heavenly Swan Sect's disciples, as Hong Yu'er was the only one who could fight them on an equal footing.

However, the Azure Cloud Sect only wanted to exhaust as many Heavenly Swan Sect disciples as they could before allowing Hong Yu'er onto the stage, so they did not mind losing every match before that.

Many minutes later, the Azure Cloud Sect is on their last fighter, whilst the Heavenly Swan Sect still has 5 disciples they can send onto the stage.

"Hong Yu'er it's all up to you now." Gu Guanting said to Hong Yu'er.

"Go get them, senior apprentice-sister!"

"That's right! They are no match for you!"

The disciples also cheered for her.

"I'll be going now." Hong Yu'er nodded and began approaching the fighting circle.

"It's Fairy Hong! She's finally on the stage!"

The audience immediately became rowdy after seeing Hong Yu'er step onto the stage. Despite the Azure Cloud Sect not winning a single round thus far, most of the people still cheered for them.

Meanwhile, the disciples from the Heavenly Swan Sect became anxious after seeing Hong Yu'er, even a bit fearful of her.

"There's nothing to be afraid of." Su Yin's voice suddenly resounded, causing the disciples to look at her.

After seeing Su Yin's clear eyes and bright expression, the fear in their hearts quickly dissipated.

"Although Sister Hong is a powerful Cultivator, we are not weak either. Let's all defeat her together, okay?"

The disciples showed a slight smile after hearing Su Yin's words and nodded.

"Junior apprentice-sister is right. We have no reason to fear her."

"That's right! I am going to fight her with everything that I've got!"

A few minutes later, Hong Yu'er and the Heavenly Swan Sect begin fighting.


After exchanging strikes wdth each other for many minutes, the Heavenly Swan Sect disciple falls back with an exhausted expression.

"I-I surrender."

"The Azure Cloud Sect has secured their first victory this match!" Zi Dong shouted.

"This is it! The Azure Cloud Sect will make their comeback from this point forth!"

"You can do it, Fairy Hong! Defeat the Heavenly Swan Sect and help me earn some money!" The audience roared.

Half an hour of fighting later, Hong Yu'er remained standing on the stage with a nonchalant expression on her beautiful face, looking like an untouchable deity.

"If I knew the Hong Family had such an excellent individual in their family, I would've paid more attention to them..." Lord Xie shook his head.

"I don't know what it is, but I feel an otherworldly aura around her. When I look at her, I am reminded of Su Yang, who carries a similar profound aura around him. It's almost like they are of the same origin." Xie Xingfang spoke with a pondering expression.

Meanwhile, in the spectators' area, Su Yang stared at Hong Yu'er with a profound gaze, seemingly in deep thoughts.

Her noble glamor, her graceful yet decisive movements, and her cold expression, it resembles a certain someone to the teeth...' Su Yang thought to himself. 'It's almost as though this Hong Yu'er is the reincarnation of her..."

The thought of Hong Yu'er being the reincarnation of someone he used to know appeared in Su Yang^^s head.

After a moment of pondering, a gentle and peaceful smile appeared on his face.

Even though the chances of something like that could happen is near zero, my very existence supports that small chance of it being real.'

I guess I will find out the truth once I fight her.'

Sometime later, Su Yin's petite figure could be seen walking onto the stage.

"Good luck, junior apprentice-sister!" Her fellow disciples cheered for her from the back.

Su Yin showed them a smile and continued walking.

"It's the Su Family's fairy, Su Yin!"

Most of the people in the audience immediately recognized Su Yin's face.

"If I recall correctly, the Sun Family and the Hong Family have quite a close relationship with each other, right?"

"Yes. I believe Fairy Hong is currently engaged with the eldest son of the Su Family. What was his name again?"

"You mean Su Yuhan? But according to my memories, she was engaged to the second son of the Su Family."

"The Su Family has a second son? This is news to me."

"Yes. He's rarely made an appearance in the world and nobody's really seen his face before, so not many people know of him. If my memories serve me right, I believe his name was Su Yang..."

"W-W-Wait a minute. Su Yang? That disciple from the Profound Blossom Sect also has a similar name...'

"Hahaha... don't even think about it. They are definitely two different individuals with similar names. After all, why would someone from the Su Family be at a place like the Profound Blossom Sect? Even an idiot would not make such a connection."

"You're right, I guess..."

While the audience chatted with each other, Su Yin was also in a conversation with Hong Yu'er.

"It's been a while, Sister Hong." She spoke with a friendly smile on her face.

"Indeed, it's been a while, Su Yin." Hong Yu'er also smiled back, which made the audience in the background slightly louder.

"Two years, right? You stopped visiting us ever since my Elder Brother disappeared." Su Yin said, and she continued, "I also heard that you'd broken your engagement with Su Yuhan and wanted to re-engage with Su Yang. Why did you do it? I thought you hated my Elder Brother."

Hong Yu'er remained smiling and spoke, "That's quite the accusation, Su Yin. I have never said such words before."

"You did not, but your actions and attitude towards him certainly implied it."

"Indeed, I may have been rude to him in the past. However, my opinion of him has changed since then."

Su Yin raised an eyebrow and asked, "What's changed?"

A mysterious feeling appeared around Hong Yu'er as she spoke, "Let's just say I have been enlightened, allowing me to see him in a different light."

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