Dual Cultivation

Chapter 391 Lotus of Madness

Chapter 391 Lotus of Madness

After witnessing Su Yang casually block her Heavenly Fire with ease, Lin Shao Shang quickly rushed at him with her fists tightly grasped and prepared her second technique.

"Burning Heaven's Wrath!"

Once she was close enough, Lin Shao Shang punched both of her fists outwards and towards Su Yang, who was just casually standing there. It was almost like he wanted to get it.

Two swirling lines of flames that slightly resemble two dragons flew at Su Yang with extreme speed, creating a trial of burning ground whenever it traveled.

It was radiating such heat that even the spectators could feel a warm breeze pass their face.


The two dragons collided with Su Yang, who was still standing there with a nonchalant expression on his face even as the flames engulfed his entire figure.


What sounded like meat being seared resounded in the audiences' ears, causing their body to uncontrollably tremble.

"Good lord, he didn't die from that, right?"

"Even if he's not dead, his handsome face will definitely see some drastic changes after eating that fierce attack!"

"...Senior apprentice-brother should be fine, right?" The Junior Disciples watched with worried expressions on their faces. Even they cannot imagine anyone surviving such a brutal attack head-on.

"Haaa...haa...haa…" Lin Shao Shang breathed heavily as she stared at the burning scene before her. She didn't expect that she would have to use one of her trump cards so early into the match.

"I didn't kill him, right?"

While she hated Su Yang for many things, it was definitely not to the point where she wanted to kill him. In fact, if she killed him, it would definitely create some complications with the Profound Blossom Sect, and Wang Shuren, who appears to be in a deep relationship with them.

"Don't worry, such a gentle flame won't be able to hurt a single hair on my body, much less kill me."

Su Yang's voice suddenly resounded.

A few seconds later, when the flames died out, Su Yang's tall figure and charming face could be seen in the same position without a single injury on his body. Hell, even his robes were left unscathed. It was almost like the attack had missed him entirely. However, the area around him was scorched black, even melted.

"What?! How is that possible!"

The spectators were shocked to see Su Yang in one piece and perfectly unharmed.

"He clearly took the attack! There's no way that there's not a single scratch on his body!"


Even Lin Shao Shang was shocked speechless, and she stared at Su Yang's dazzling face with a dumbfounded expression.

"As you can see, your attacks have no effect on me. In fact, we are in two completely different worlds, like Heaven and Earth, so why don't you save your breath and energy by surrendering to me now? You'll need it for when you visit me later..."

"Screw you!" Lin Shao Shang shouted, refusing to believe that she cannot defeat him. "You must be using some trick! It must be the same trick that you used when you single-handedly fought our disciples! There's simply no way that someone as young as you can have so much power!"

After saying those words, Lin Shao Shang roared loudly, causing an abundant amount of Profound Qi to explode from within her body.

"Lotus of Madness!"

A few moments later, black-colored flames could be seen emerging from her pores and covering her body. After another moment, Lin Shao Shang's entire body was engulfed in this black flame, looking like a beast from hell.

"That can't be good for your body." Su Yang raised an eyebrow at her fierce appearance.

If one looked closely, they could see Lin Shao Shang's skin slowly turning black, almost like burned skin.

"What are you doing, Lin Shao Shang?!" Huo Yuanjia's angry voice suddenly resounded. "That technique can only be used when you are in a life-or-death situation! Are you trying to kill yourself in this tournament?!"

The Lotus of Madness technique is an ultimate technique that only Core Disciples and Sect Elders can learn at the Burning Lotus Sect, and like most ultimate techniques, it's only used during life-or-death situations, where they have no other choice but to use it to survive. However, using this technique will burden one's body heavily and more often than not harm their cultivation in the future.

"I know what I am doing, Sect Master! I'll beat him before any real damage is done to my body!" Lin Shao Shang said.

"One minute! That's all I'll need!"

As she said those words, Lin Shao Shang moved her legs.

In the next instant, almost like she'd teleported, Lin Shao Shang was at arm's length before Su Yang.

"Burning Heaven's Wrath!"

Lin Shao Shang punched her fists outward like before. But unlike previously, three lines of flames shot out of her hands instead of two, and they were all colored black and much larger than originally.

Su Yang shook his head and said, "Even though this is a tournament and you are my opponent, I cannot bear to watch a beauty such as yourself attempt to self-destruct, especially if I am the reason."

"Don't worry, you can take your time and visit me whenever you feel like it after this… I won't force you, nor did I plan to in the first place."

After saying those words, Su Yang's eyes flickered a profound light.

"Seal of the Divine Sword."

Su Yang's arms flickered, disappearing for an instant.

When they reappeared, Lin Shao Shang's eyes were blank, and her body was falling towards the ground.

However, Su Yang gracefully caught Lin Shao Shang's body before her hair could even touch the floor.

"W-What did you do to her?!"

Huo Yuanjia's panicked voice resounded, and the person himself appeared on the stage a second later.

"Calm down, I only knocked her unconscious. Oh, I also temporarily sealed her Cultivation to prevent that destructive technique from going out of control and consuming her body, so she won't be able to cultivate or use any techniques in the meantime. She'll return to normal in three days."

"..." Huo Yuanjia looked at him with a dumbfounded expression. He was speechless, but it was at more than just one thing.

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