Dual Cultivation

Chapter 390 Fighting Lin Shao Shang

Chapter 390 Fighting Lin Shao Shang

"Get out of here with your nonsense! Why would Fairy Lin do such a thing with you?!"

"This is outrageous! How can he say something so shameless before so many people?!"

"Fairy Lin, there's no need for you to listen to him! Ignore him and beat his ass down for me!"

The audience immediately went into an uproar after hearing Su Yang's little bet with Lin Shao Shang, especially the males there, as he was essentially telling their untainted fairy to sleep with him if he wins the match.

"Aiya… what is he doing?" Even Lord Xie couldn't help but shake his head at this situation.

He then turned to look at Xie Xingfang, who seemed relatively calm on the surface.

'If not for his status as a Profound Blossom Sect disciple, I would've already proposed marriage for the two of them…'

If he allows a disciple of the Profound Blossom Sect, someone known to have many partners in a single life, into the Xie Family, who knows how the world would react to it. Though, one thing for sure is that it would be a negative reaction.

'Perhaps this will make her reconsider her feelings for him. While he's a ridiculous individual with a talent that has never appeared in this world before, he might not be worth staining the entire Xie Family's legacy and all of its face.'

"I know you are new to this kind of thing, but this is the nature of someone from the Profound Blossom Sect." Lord Xie decided to warn her after all. "Even if you are faithful to him, who knows if he'll do the same."


After a moment of silence, Xie Xingfang spoke, "What are you trying to say, father?"

"I'm saying that maybe you should think twice before choosing a Dao companion, as they will more likely than not stay with you for the rest of your cultivation life."


After another moment of silence, Xie Xingfang responded, "I think you are misunderstanding something here, father. I only admire Su Yang as an idol because of his gifted talents. There's nothing more to it than that."

"If you say so…" Lord Xie casually shrugged his shoulders.

Meanwhile, on the stage, Lin Shao Shang spoke with narrowed eyes, "Are you certain that you'll give me all of those Earth Advancement Pills if I win?"

"Of course. Why would I fart before so many pairs of eyes?"

"Let me see a few of them just to be sure that they are all real." Lin Shao Shang said with a doubtful voice.

Even the Burning Lotus Sect does not have this many Earth Advancement Pills, so how did he obtain so many of them? And to be willing to gamble so many of them at once, only someone insane or extremely confident that he will win would make such a gamble.

"Go ahead. You can look at all of them if you'd like, but make it quick, as we're still in the middle of a tournament." 

Right as Su Yang gave his permission, Lin Shao Shang immediately went to pick up some of the pills that were rolling on the ground as though they were some useless junk.

"T-These are really Earth Advancement Pills!" After authenticating the pills, Lin Shao Shang forcefully swallowed her saliva and turned to look at Huo Yuanjia with a perplexed expression, seemingly asking for advice.

However, Huo Yuanjia merely shook his head and said, "Only you can make the decision. I have nothing to say."

Huo Yuanjia felt that he had no right to make this decision for her, as her body was on the line. With that being said, if he was in Lin Shao Shang's shoes right this moment, he would definitely be willing to take the gamble. After all, hundreds of Earth Advancement Pills would make any Sect virtually peerless and unstoppable. And to risk only a single body for all of this resource, many would consider it only a small risk.

"Have you come to a decision yet?" Su Yang asked her as he retrieved all of the pills back into the storage pouch.

After a moment of silence, Lin Shao Shang bit her lips and nodded, "I am going to beat you anyway, but now that you are going to reward me for doing so, there's no reason for me to refuse such a gift! Do not regret it afterward!"

Although Su Yang's confidence had shaken her up a little bit at first, after she recalled what her fellow disciples had to suffer because of him, her resolve to defeat him became even stronger.

"Oh my god! Fairy Lin actually agreed to this pervert's outrageous suggestion!"

"Does this mean that Fairy Lin will have to give her body to that perverted limp-dick bastard if she loses?!"

"Calm down! There's no way that Fairy Lin could lose to someone like him!"

The spectators couldn't understand why, but they had a feeling that something wrong was about to happen.

"Are the two of you finally ready to fight?" Zi Dong couldn't care less about their bet and only wanted the tournament to resume already.

"Yes, I am ready," said Su Yang as he casually stepped into the fighting ring.

Lin Shao Shang, who was already inside the ring also nodded.

A few seconds later, Zi Dong waved his hands and shouted, "Let the fight begin!"

The moment the fight started, Lin Shao Shang rushed at Su Yang with two fiery hands raised.

"Heavenly Fire!"

Lin Shao Shang pushed both of her hands out in front of her, causing a large fiery wheel of flame to burst forward.

"Oh?" Su Yang instantly recognized this technique as one of the techniques he'd given them after forming the Alliance.

"Profound Blossom Art: Petal Fury."

Su Yang casually waved his arm, creating a sword light before him that easily cut Lin Shao Shang's technique in half.

Although he's never personally trained the Profound Blossom Art, he was able to learn it just from watching the other disciples.

"W-What was that?! He used a sword technique with his bare hands!"

The audience was dumbfounded to witness something so bizarre.

"He even created a sword light, something that's only possible with a sword!"

The more experienced sword cultivators found this to be more shocking.

"Che!" Lin Shao Shang snickered.

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