Dual Cultivation

Chapter 379 An Unexpected Opponen

Chapter 379 An Unexpected Opponen

A few hours passed since the second day of the tournament started, and the Heavenly Swan Sect had just ended their match in an overwhelming victory once again. However, Su Yin allowed her fellow disciples to have the fun this time.

\"Good work, you girls.\" Bai Lihua praised them with a bright smile on her face.

A few matches later, the Azure Cloud Sect stepped onto the stage for their match. However, their opponents, the Cutting Leaf Sect, surrendered before even stepping onto the stage, dumbfounding the spectators.

\"They must still be afraid of facing Fairy Hong after witnessing her tyrannical matches yesterday…\"

\"I would also surrender if I were in their shoes. Fairy Hong is simply too strong.\"

\"Since they defeated the Million Snakes Sect, only the other Elite Sects will have a chance of winning.\"

After the Azure Cloud Sect left the stage, they disappeared from the colosseum.

\"It will be our match after the next one. Let's start heading downstairs.\" Liu Lanzhi said to her disciples.

\"Un!\" They all nodded with excitement.

\"Good luck, Elder Brother! Good luck, Elder Brother's… uh… partners!\" Su Yin waved at them as they left the place with odd expressions on their faces.

Half an hour later, it was finally time for the Profound Blossom Sect to enter the area for their first match.

\"For the next match, we have the Yellow River Sect and the Profound Blossom Sect!\"

Once Zi Dong called for them, Su Yang and everybody else calmly walked onto the stage.

\"Sweet lord, what kind of fairy heaven is the Profound Blossom Sect?! All of them have jaw-dropping appearances!\"

When the spectators saw the Profound Blossom Sect and its disciples, all of them were shocked speechless, especially the men when they saw the female disciples that were akin to peerless jade. In their eyes, it was simply a gathering of fairies in paradise.

\"Don't get too excited, they are a dual cultivation sect. Although they may look peerless and untainted, who knows how many men they have cultivated with.\"

The people who knew of the Profound Blossom Sect did not waste any time revealing the truth of their true nature, causing many people to feel disappointed or regretful.

\"Damn! So they are all sluts! What a pity! What a waste of beauties!\"

\"Which uncultured swine just said that?! There's a huge difference between sluts and dual cultivators!\"

As the spectators started a commotion amongst themselves, the disciples from the Profound Blossom Sect were all looking at the disciples from the Yellow River Sect, or more precisely, a certain individual from the Yellow River Sect.

\"I am disappointed in you, Li Xiao Mo!\" Sun Jingjing shouted while pointing at her.

Indeed, the person they were all staring at was Li Xiao Mo, who used to be an Inner Court disciple from the Profound Blossom Sect. However, she was one of many that abandoned them during their drama with the Million Snakes Sect, and she joined the Yellow River Sect afterward.

\"Su Yang…\" On Li Xiao Mo's face was a complicated expression that didn't know whether to be happy or miserable to see him.

\"Are you okay, Senior apprentice-sister Li? Do you want to sit this one out?\" The disciples asked her after noticing her condition.

\"No, I am fine.\" She shook her head.

\"Sect Master, may I go first?\" she then asked the Sect Master.

The Yellow River Sect's Master looked at her with a pondering face for a moment before nodding his head.

\"Although I shouldn't need to say this, even if they used to be your fellow disciples, I want you to fight them with everything you've got.\"

\"Yes, Sect Master!\"

Li Xiao Mo nodded before entering the fighting area.

\"Who wants to go first?\" Liu Lanzhi asked them.

\"I will go.\"

Su Yang suddenly stepped forward, dumbfounding them.

\"I thought you wouldn't participate in this match?\" Liu Lanzhi and the others looked at him with wide eyes.

\"Just this one,\" he said before approaching Li Xiao Mo, whose heart was beating like war drums at this moment.

\"Begin!\" Zi Dong announced after the both of them were in the fighting area.

However, neither of them moved even many moments later.

\"It's been a while, Li Xiao Mo.\" Su Yang said to her with a calm expression.

\"How's life as a disciple there? Are they treating you properly?\" he suddenly asked her.

After a moment of silence due to surprise, Li Xiao Mo nodded. \"It's been half a year, Su Yang. I am enjoying my life as a disciple at the Yellow River Sect. They are treating me very well despite being a traitor.\"

Su Yang showed a gentle smile and said, \"Don't blame yourself for deciding to leave on that day, it wasn't a wrong one. No matter what the others may think, I don't blame you or anyone else for leaving on that day, especially given the circumstances.\"


Li Xiao Mo's body trembled after hearing his words, and tears began falling on her face, feeling relieved to learn that the man she loves does not hate her for abandoning the sect, something she deeply regretted after leaving for a few days.

\"What the hell is going on down there? Why aren't they fighting yet?\"

\"That girl… she seems to be crying...\"

The spectators were puzzled by the situation.

'What's that girl's relationship with Su Yang? They appear to be quite intimate with each other…' Even Xie Xingfang couldn't help but frown.

\"I am sorry to interrupt your grand reunion but we are currently in the middle of a tournament. You can save whatever you have to say for later.\" Zi Dong said to them soon after the spectators began getting rowdy.

Su Yang nodded and said, \"Come, Li Xiao Mo! Show me what you've learned at your new home!\"

Li Xiao Mo also nodded as she wiped the tears off her face, showing him a resolute expression.

\"Then I shall show you just how much I have improved! Here I come, Su Yang!\"

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