Dual Cultivation

Chapter 378 Second Day of the Tournamen

Chapter 378 Second Day of the Tournamen

\"Who will you be fighting tomorrow?\" Bai Lihua approached them after she got her number and match.

\"The Yellow River Sect.\"

\"Lucky you,\" she said.

\"Why do you say that?\" Liu Lanzhi raised an eyebrow.

\"At least you have someone decent to fight. The Heavenly Swan Sect's match for tomorrow is just some average Sect. Compared to the Golden Altar Sect, they are much worse, so my disciples will not get the chance to display their true talents.\"

\"Is that something to be unhappy about?\" Liu Lanzhi didn't know how to react to Bai Lihua's words. If it was her, she would gladly accept that free victory with a smile on her face.

\"Anyway, now with the Million Snakes Sect out of the way, the only powerhouses I have to worry about is the Divine Sword Sect, the Burning Lotus Sect, and maybe the Azure Cloud Sect,\" said Bai Lihua.

\"Speaking of the Divine Sword Sect, how come they were not in any of the matches today? I also don't see their Sect Master here.\" Su Yang said as he tried to look for Elder Zhong's face.

\"Because they were the last Regional Tournament's champions,\" said Bai Lihua. \"They won't have to participate in any matches until the last day.\"

\"Is that so…\"

After everyone has their match for tomorrow, they all return to their lodging to spread the news.

\"Although all of you have an impressive cultivation base compared to them, don't underestimate the Yellow River Sect. They are mostly famous for their illusionary techniques, so beware of that.\" Liu Lanzhi warned the disciples.

\"Don't worry, Sect Master. There's no way we would lose.\" Sun Jingjing said with a confident smile on her face.

After speaking with the disciples, Liu Lanzhi sent them away before speaking with Su Yang in private.

\"What do you think?\" she suddenly asked him.

\"What do you mean?\"

\"You have seen what your fiancee, Hong Yu'er can do. She single-handedly defeated the Million Snakes Sect. There's also your little sister and the Burning Lotus Sect. Are you still confident that we can win this tournament after witnessing all of that?\"

\"Of course.\" Su Yang answered without any hesitation. \"Although Hong Yu'er's prowess is a little bit unexpected, it's still within my capabilities.\"

\"...If you say so.\" Liu Lanzhi nodded.

On the following day, the Profound Blossom Sect along with half of the city returned to the Colosseum for the second day of the Regional Tournament. In fact, there seemed to be more people here today than there was yesterday.

\"Damnit! Because I couldn't get into the city until today, I missed the opportunity to witness the Million Snakes Sect losing on the first day of the tournament!\"

\"It was really amazing. I can still vividly recall Fairy Hong beating the Million Snakes Sect disciples silly.\"

Most of the spectators were unable to forget Hong Yu'er's shocking display of strength and continued to speak of her as though it is still yesterday.

\"Welcome back to the Regional Tournament!\" Zi Dong appeared on the stage a few minutes later.

\"There were over 200 Sects fighting each other yesterday, and we are now down to 100! Although there will be fewer matches with each day, each fight will definitely be more exciting than the next!\"

\"Before I start today's matches, I shall recite the rules for those that were not here yesterday.\"

Zi Dong then proceeded to explain the rules again.

\"10 million Spirit Stones even if it's an accident? That's quite harsh.\"

\"I heard there was an accident during one of the matches yesterday.\"

\"That's right. Mao Yijun from the Million Snakes Sect had died on that stage yesterday fighting Fairy Hong.\"

\"What?! Fairy Hong killed him?!\"

\"Although that's the case, the Xie Family has yet to punish the Azure Cloud Sect for 10 million Spirit Stones, as they are currently investigating his death that was rather odd.\"

After Zi Dong finished explaining the rules again, he called for the first match to enter the stage.

\"When will you guys be fighting?\"

Wang Shuren suddenly appeared in the area and asked Su Yang.

\"In the middle,\" he showed her a note with the number '29'.

\"Are you the only one here to watch?\" Su Yang then asked her.

Wang Shuren nodded and said, \"I cannot afford to miss seeing you on the stage, after all.\"

After a moment of silence, Su Yang spoke with a smile, \"Unfortunately for you, I might not have a chance to fight today.\"

\"Eh? You won't be fighting? Why not?\" Wang Shuren raised an eyebrow.

\"Once I enter the stage, it will no longer be a tournament. Not to mention that the girls will be more than enough to secure our victory against the Yellow River Sect.\"

Wang Shuren sighed and said, \"If only the Burning Lotus Sect could remain as calm as you right now.\"

\"Despite having a dozen disciples at the Earth Spirit Realm with us, everyone is feeling uptight about the tournament.\"

\"Oh? What could possibly cause them to feel anxious?\"

Wang Shuren pointed at him with a bitter smile and spoke, \"I told them that you will also be in the tournament.\"

Su Yang burst out laughing after hearing her words.

\"They didn't believe me when I first told them that. After all, they have always thought that you were much older than your appearance. Now that they know your actual age, they are trying to convince themselves that you had borrowed your strength from a Heaven-grade Spiritual Treasure, which allowed you to walk on them on that day.\"

\"I don't blame them for being afraid of me,\" said Su Yang with a smile. \"I would also be afraid if I were in their shoes.\"

Meanwhile, Bai Lihua and Liu Lanzhi were silently listening to their conversation from the sides, and they couldn't help but wonder what they were talking about.

Why would the Burning Lotus Sect be afraid of Su Yang? Did he do something to them?

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