Dual Cultivation

Chapter 322 Restless Body

Chapter 322 Restless Body

After leaving the Xie Family, Su Yang returned to the Crystal Snow Hotel, where Liu Lanzhi was anxiously waiting for him.

"Su Yang! You are finally back."

"You seem nervous. Did something happen while I was away?" He immediately asked.

"We are fine, nothing happened. But what about you? Are you fine?" Liu Lanzhi asked him.

"What made you think that I would not be?"

"That Divine Sword Master seemed rather irritated when he brought you away… He didn't make things difficult for you, did he?"

"Hahaha!" Su Yang suddenly started laughing, startling her. "Difficult? He's a few thousand years too early to cause any trouble for me!"


Liu Lanzhi immediately became speechless.

"A-Anyway, I will be bringing you and the others to register for the tournament tomorrow. Get some rest until then," she said a moment later.

Su Yang nodded and entered his room, where he began pondering about the Devil Blood Ginseng.

"There's a high possibility that the Devil Blood Ginseng does not exist in this world. If that's the case, I will have to create one myself."

The Devil Blood Ginseng is a special herb that does not require soil or water to grow. Instead, it requires a large amount of blood — an amount that can only be met with many human sacrifices.

However, luckily for Su Yang and Xie Xingfang, the Red Mountain Bandits' hideout has plenty of blood. In fact, with the number of corpses and volume blood, the Devil Blood Ginseng might already be growing there.

"The Devil Blood Ginseng will naturally grow as long as there is enough blood in the area. If nobody cleaned the blood in that bandits' hideout, since there is so much blood, the Devil Blood Ginseng should be ready to harvest within a year."

Thinking this, Su Yang has decided to revisit the Red Mountain Bandits' hideout after the Regional Tournament.

Suddenly, somebody knocked on the door.

"Come inside," said Su Yang.

The door opened and two ladies walked inside the room.

"The Sect Master said you have returned," said Sun Jingjing, who was looking rather fidgety.

Su Yang glanced at Sun Jingjing's unnatural movements and smiled, "Your body seems restless. Are you okay?"

"Of course, not! Ever since I experienced that new technique of yours, my body has been burning with passion!" Sun Jingjing complained.

Su Yang turned to look at Fang Zhelan and asked, "Do you also feel the same?"

Fang Zhelan nodded in silence. Although she was not fidgeting around like Sun Jingjing, her body has been leaking Yin Qi ever since she entered the room.

"Then do you have any suggestions?" Su Yang then asked.

"Stop teasing us and take responsibility already!" Sun Jingjing spoke as she stripped naked and jumped on pounced on Su Yang like a hungry tiger.

Su Yang could only laugh at her actions.

"What's the hurry? I will accompany the two of you all night!"

Thus, the three of them began cultivation, only stopping when both Sun Jingjing and Fang Zhelan falls asleep from exhaustion a few hours later.

Early the next morning, Liu Lanzhi gathered Su Yang and all of the other disciples that will be participating in the Reginal Tournament.

"We should return in a few hours. Do not step outside your rooms until we return." Liu Lanzhi ordered the disciples that will be staying behind.

A few minutes later, Liu Lanzhi brought Su Yang and the others to the center of the city, where thousands of disciples from numerous Sects and backgrounds gathered for the registration.

"S...So many people are participating!" Sun Jingjing expressed her surprise when she saw the crowd of people there.

"What did you expect from one of the biggest events in the entire continent?" Liu Lanzhi said.

"That being said, the number of participants for this year's Regional Tournament is at least triple the previous one… The Xie Family's princess sure is popular."

Su Yang merely smiled and mumbled, "She's just a little girl who can't even follow simple instructions…"

"What did you say?"

Due to the rowdy atmosphere, Liu Lanzhi did not hear Su Yang's words.

"It's nothing," he smiled.

Liu Lanzhi narrowed her eyes on his suspicious smile. "Don't get any funny ideas about the princess, Su Yang. You are lucky to even see her in your lifetime, much less breathe the same air as her in the same area."

"What makes you think that I will be doing anything to her?" He asked in a puzzled voice.

"Hmph! Don't think I am completely oblivious to your thoughts! Forget about her! Whether her talent or background, she lives in a different world than us."

"Hmmm… then would you like to make a bet with me, Sect Master?" Su Yang suddenly said.

"You want to gamble? On what?" Liu Lanzhi immediately became intrigued.

"Based on your words just now, I am already lucky enough to see her for this tournament and will never get the chance to stand beside her, am I correct?"

"That's right."

"Then let's make that bet — whether or not I will be able to stand beside her," he said.

"...Are you serious?" Liu Lanzhi narrowed her eyes at him with a serious expression.

"Of course."


Liu Lanzhi became silent.

"This brat Su Yang has some connections with the Divine Sword Master, who is one of the Xie Family's Guardian. But even if he has some connections, the princess of the Xie Family is on an entirely different scale… Not even the son of the Divine Sword Master would be able to stand beside the princess, much less this little pervert..."

After much pondering, Liu Lanzhi said, "What are the stakes?"

"Hmm… if I win, then you'll allow me to take full control of the entrance exam for the new disciples."

"This… you want to oversee the entire exam?" Liu Lanzhi frowned at his weird request, as she could not understand his intentions.

"That's right. And if you win, I will answer any three questions from you. No matter how secretive or personal, I will answer truthfully."

"What the hell? How is that fair? Compared to my conditions, you won't lose anything!"

"Are you sure that you don't have any questions for me? No matter how secretive, I will answer it, you know," he said with a mysterious smile.

Hearing this, Liu Lanzhi immediately turned silent, and on her face was a serious pondering expression.

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