Dual Cultivation

Chapter 321 Can He Be Trusted?

Chapter 321 Can He Be Trusted?

"Now that I have said everything that I need, I will be taking my leave," Su Yang suddenly said.

"You are leaving now? What about my daughter?!" Lord Xie became slightly angry when he noticed that Su Yang is still completely calm in this situation, almost like it's not even his business.

"Don't think you can run away from this!" Senior Zhong was also frowning.

"Run? I have already given you the list of medicine required to heal her. Until you gather them, there is nothing we can do for her. Or what, are you telling me to stay here until she is fully healed? I have things to attend, too." Su Yang coldly snorted. 

"If you really need me, you know where to find me."

Su Yang turned around and began walking towards the door.

"Father, please calm down. Senior brother Su Yang is right… Without the medicine, what can we do? We cannot unreasonably keep him here! What if we anger him? Who will save me then?" Xie Xingfang continued to stand by Su Yang's side.

Lord Xie looked at her serious expression for a moment before sighing.

"You are right. We need to focus on getting the medicine first. Senior Zhong, I don't care how many resources we have to take out or who we have to offend for the medicine on this list, I want it before my eyes within half a year!"

"Also! My daughter's condition shall not escape this room! If bastards such as the Moonlight Blades learns of this, they will surely take advantage of the situation!"

"Yes, Your Majesty!"

After Senior Zhong left, Lord Xie said to Xie Xingfang, "As for you… I am taking you to see my father."


"Although that Su Yang might appear innocent and willing to help, nobody truly knows his real intentions. Just to be on the safe side, we need to hear my father's opinion on your condition, too."

Sometime later, after Xie Xingfang followed Lord Xie to meet her grandfather, they arrived at a remote area that was only a few miles away from their household, where a small wooden house was situated.

"Father, this is an emergency." Lord Xie gently knocked on the door before him.

"This is about Xing'er being poisoned, right?" An old voice resounded a moment later.

"Yes." Lord Xie did not seem surprised at all that his father knew about Xie Xingfang's condition.

"Come inside…"

A moment later, Lord Xie and Xie Xingfang entered the small house before them, and sitting before them was an old man with a profound aura that seemed to be out of this world. It was the aura that could only be emitted by those at the Sovereign Spirit Realm.

"I have been watching you since the beginning," said the old man.

"T-The beginning…" Lord Xie wondered just how much his father has seen.

"Ever since that young man stepped foot into the house, of course."

Lord Xie sighed inwardly and said, "Since you have already seen everything, I will skip the explanation and ask for your opinion on this matter. This Su Yang… can he be trusted?"


Xie Xingfang remained silent, but she was starring at the old man with an obvious pair of nervous eyes.

The entire place turned silent after Lord Xie asked his question, and the old man had even closed his eyes to ponder.

After a few minutes of complete silence, the old man spoke in a slow but clear voice, "That young man… even I could not see through his real intentions."

"What?! How could this be!" Lord Xie expressed great shock.

"However, I also did not feel anything malicious from him." The old man suddenly continued.

"Really?!" Xie Xingfang immediately expressed relief.

"Do not celebrate too early, Xing'er. Although I do not know your relationship with him, you need to be cautious of him. That man… although he did not show it, he was definitely aware of my presence."

Although he did not mention it, despite knowing that he was being watched by an expert at the Sovereign Spirit Realm, Su Yang did not show even the slightest sign of fear, almost like he was confident that even a Sovereign cannot touch him!

"That's Impossible! Father is already at the Sovereign Spirit Realm! Unless he's also at the same level, there's no way that he could've noticed you!"

"That young man is definitely not at the Sovereign Spirit Realm. If my eyes did not deceive me, he should still be in the early stages of the Heavenly Spirit Realm!"

"What?!?! That's even more impossible! If he's only at the early stages of the Heavenly Spirit Realm, how did he completely defend against my attack, much less overwhelm me?!" Lord Xie refused to believe that a peak Heavenly Spirit Realm expert such as himself could possibly lose to someone at the early stages of the Heavenly Spirit Realm.

"Father! How could you attack senior brother Su Yang?!" Xie Xingfang immediately expressed her anger towards his actions.

"C-Calm down… I was only testing him…" Lord Xie smiled bitterly.

"There are countless hidden masters in this vast world. Although I may be the only one at the Sovereign Spirit Realm in this continent, there are still three other continents besides the Eastern Continent, not even including the Holy Central Continent!"

"I would not be surprised if this young man has a Master that happens to be one of these hidden experts! Hell, he could even be a hidden expert himself and have the means to fool this old man's eyes."

"Although we do not know anything about this young man, if he does not show any malice towards our Xie Family, it's best to avoid offending him," said the old man.

"Anyways, enough about him. Xing'er, show me your hand."

Xie Xingfang reached her hands out.

"I am going to extract some blood from you."

The old man then cut a small opening on her fingers just like Su Yang had and retrieved some of her blood.

After staring at the blood for many minutes, the old man shook his head. "I'm afraid that even this old man cannot heal you, Xing'er. I'm sorry…"

"N-No way…" Lord Xie sighed. It looks like Su Yang might be the only one in this world who has the ability to heal Xie Xingfang at this point.

"It's fine, grandfather. You do not have to apologize for my own foolish mistake. If I had cultivated properly, none of this would've happened. And we still have senior brother Su Yang. I believe that he will cure me!" Xie Xingfang did not lose hope.

"Un." The old man nodded. "You should stay here for the time being so I can monitor your condition and analyze your blood. If it worsens suddenly, I will be here."

"Xing'er understands, grandfather."

Sometime later, once Lord Xie returned home alone, he ordered for the Xie Family's best intelligence squad to investigate everything about Su Yang.

"I want the results before the regional tournament begins!"

"As His Majesty commands!"

After giving his orders, Lord Xie sat on his throne with a dazed face, thinking inwardly, "Su Yang... just who are you, really?"

Unbeknownst to Lord Xie, who did not really expect to find any information about Su Yang's background, everything about Su Yang's life would be laid out before his very eyes just a few days later!

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