Dual Cultivation

Chapter 283 Look at This… I Am Still a Virgin…

Chapter 283 Look at This… I Am Still a Virgin…

Su Yang slowly approached the females.

"All of the bandits in this place are dead, so you will no longer suffer like this anymore..."

Su Yang removed the shackles that chained these females to the wall.

However, none of them moved even after being freed.

"Please… kill me…"

After a moment of silence, one of the females there mumbled in a hoarse voice.

"Kill me, too…"

One by one, these girls begged Su Yang to kill them, as they would rather die than continue living life with the memories they made in this place.


Su Yang narrowed his eyes at these girls.

There was not even the slightest will to live in any of these girls' eyes, almost like they have already decided to choose death.

"Before I even stepped inside this room, I have already decided to take all of you out of this place, and that is what I will do. If you still wish to die, do so after we leave this place, because I will not stop you then."

The girls turned silent after hearing his words.

"Take us out… how? We barely have the strength to speak… much less stand up… and walk…"

Su Yang did not say anything else and retrieved his storage ring, before taking out a few pills from inside.

"These are Restoration Pills; it will help."

Su Yang handed each of the girls a Restoration Pill that was of flawless quality.


But the girls only stared at it.

Su Yang shook his head and retrieved some water from his storage ring.

He then proceeded to drink some water and feed these girls the Restoration Pills with his mouth.

Some emotions returned to these girls' faces upon feeling the warmth coming from Su Yang's lips as he gently fed them.

A few moments after consuming the Restoration Pills, the girls were able to move properly.

After another few minutes, they were all able to stand and walk as though their bodies were healthy. 

"You can wear these clothes," said Su Yang as he handed them a bunch of clothes that he had picked up on the way to this room.

Sometime later, Su Yang and all six of these females left the room.

"There are still other people in this place, and I plan on taking everybody with me, as I do not want them rotting in this place," said Su Yang as he went to the next floor.

The girls there did not say a single word and silently followed closely behind him.

On the next floor, Su Yang entered another room, and as one should have expected, there were naked females chained to the walls in this room, too.

And just like before, these females begged Su Yang to kill them. But alas, they all ended up consuming a Restoration Pill and following Su Yang outside the room just a few minutes later.

This exact situation would repeat itself for a few more times until Su Yang reached the deepest floor, which had taken him half an hour to reach.

And by that time, there were over 50 girls following behind him.

Upon reaching the last floor, Su Yang immediately approached the largest door in the hallway, ignoring the other rooms.

Inside this large room, there were a dozen or so steel cages placed beside each other that seemed to be made for large beasts. However, instead of locking beasts inside these prisons, there were humans.

But compared to the girls standing behind Su Yang, these people were treated much better by the bandits. 

The reason for their better treatment was obvious, as the bandits had planned on selling these people in the black market, and damaging their products would only lower their value.


When these people first saw Su Yang, their initial thought was that he was one of the bandits' customers, and when the females there noticed how handsome he was, they immediately wanted him to buy them.

In their heads, since they are going to be sold regardless, they would rather have a handsome man such as Su Yang as their owner instead of some ugly or greasy individual. That way, their life would not be as miserable when they have to serve them in bed.

In fact, most females that are sold in this manner usually become bed warmers after they are sold or forced to prostitution for their owners.

"Handsome young man, would you be kind enough to buy this lady? I will do anything you want…"

"Little brother, we both know why you are here… if you take me out of this cold place, I will give you everything that you've ever wanted…"

"Handsome, look at this… I am still a virgin…"

A few ladies there even made seducing gestures in hopes that Su Yang would be charmed by their body.

Su Yang remained nonchalant throughout this scene, and after a moment of silence, he spoke, "The bandits' in this place are no longer here, and I am here to help you regain your freedom."

Su Yang retrieved his sword and began cutting these steel cages as though they were paper boxes, and the people inside these cages stared at him with a dazed expression.

After releasing another forty people in this room, without explaining anything else, Su Yang turned around and began walking back the way he came.

The 50 girls that had been following him since the beginning continued to follow him in silence.

"W-What is going on? Can you explain the situation to us? What happened to the bandits?"

Somebody there asked.

Without stopping his movements, Su Yang spoke, "They are all dead, and you are now free."

"No way…"

They looked at him with a stupified expression.

The infamous Red Mountain Bandits have perished? Although this is an outcome that is not completely unexpected due to their infamy, the fact that it took only a single day to destroy a foundation that took half a century to build was shocking to these people, to say the least.

After standing around for a few moments to take in the shock, the forty people in this room also followed Su Yang.

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