Dual Cultivation

Chapter 282 Bloodbath

Chapter 282 Bloodbath

A few minutes have passed since Su Yang made his first move, and over a hundred bandits have already perished to the sword in his grasp.


\"How can someone be this brutal and powerful?! This guy is not human!\"

\"Monster! It must be a monster in disguise!\"

The bandits' hideout echoed with cries filled with horror by the bandits as Su Yang slaughtered them with ease.

Be it metal shields or defensive techniques, a single sword strike from Su Yang would cut through them like a hot knife cutting butter, before killing the bandit behind their barrier.

Additionally, because Su Yang is using Nine Astral Steps, the bandits felt as though they were fighting a ghost, as most of them were not even able to see his shadow.

Even if they were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Su Yang's shadow, he would kill them before they can even react.

The stench of blood within the bandits' hideout strengthed drastically within mere minutes, as the entire place is littered with corpses and covered in blood.

What's more, because the majority of these bandits were at the Elementary Spirit Realm and the Profound Spirit Realm, they were having difficulties breathing due to Su Yang's Heavenly Spirit Realm cultivation base that was suffocating them, weakening their defenses even more.

There were also some True Spirit Realm Cultivators, even a few at the Earth Spirit Realm mixed within the bandits, but alas, in front of Su Yang, who was at the Heavenly Spirit Realm, like ants, they were all easily crushed.

\"R-Run! He can't catch us all!\"

The bandits began running for the exit as a last-ditch effort, but alas, there was only one exit, and Su Yang would kill them before any of them could even get close.

The Red Mountain Bandits quickly decreased in numbers, and within half an hour, their thousand-strong number has decreased to just a few dozen.

\"P-Please! Have mercy! What have we done to offend you to deserve any of this?!\"

The remaining bandits dropped their weapons and on their knees, begging Su Yang to spare their lives.

Su Yang took a break from slaughtering for the first time since he started and spoke, \"How many innocent victims have said the exact same words to you, bandits, before you changed their lives for the worst?\"


The bandits immediately turned silent.

\"I am no hero, nor do I plan on being one. I am not doing this for revenge, nor was I offended by you trashes.\"

After a brief moment of silence, he continued, \"In other words, I am doing this merely for my own satisfaction!\"

\"N-No way…\"

The bandits looked at Su Yang as though they were seeing the devil.

After robbing and killing countless innocent people for many years, these bandits have long forgotten the feeling of despair and fear, especially when they are unrivaled in this area. But after meeting Su Yang today, they have finally recalled such feelings.

\"If I continue wasting breath speaking to you trashes, my mouth will catch your filth, so just die for me.\"

\"W-W-Wait! Let's talk about this—\"

Heavenly Profound Qi suddenly exploded from Su Yang's body, and with a single sword technique, hundreds of sword lights shot out from the sword, cutting the remaining bandits into many pieces within a blink of an eye.


The bandits' hideout immediately became dead silent.

Su Yang looked at the ground that was covered in blood, then his body that did not even have a drop of bloodstain despite being showered in blood.

\"It's been a while since I have taken this many lives in such a short time...\" he sighed inwardly.

Although Su Yang's actions today may appear to be brutal and unnecessary, this kind of slaughtering happens almost every day in the Cultivation world, sometimes at a much larger scale, and it's usually the innocents getting slaughtered, not bandits that do nothing but harm to both the mortal and cultivation world.

In fact, even though he's killed so many people, Su Yang does not feel even the slightest pity or remorse at this moment.

Perhaps he might pity those who were innocent and had their lives taken by these bandits, but as far as having emotions for these bandits, there were none in Su Yang's heart.

After standing around for a few moments, Su Yang began wandering around this bandits' hideout.

Although it does not seem anything impressive from the outside, the actual size of this hideout could be similar to a castle for a king but built underground, hence how it was able to hold a thousand bandits at once.

There were over five floors that went downwards and one hundred rooms, yet the most impressive part about this hideout would be that it was clearly handmade.

However, whether it was the bandits' efforts or the efforts of those they captured are unknown.

After walking around for some time, Su Yang stopped before one of the rooms on the second floor and opened it.

Once he entered the room, he was greeted with a cruel scene that would cause even the heart of a heartless man to tremble. 

Inside this room, there were many females chained to the walls, and none of them were wearing clothes.

What's more, most of these females' bodies were bruised and skinny and clearly lacking nutrition. Their eyes were void of light, almost like a soulless doll, but even such dolls have more emotions in their facial expressions than the people in this room, something they lacked entirely. 

One could easily guess the purpose of this room and why these females are here at glance, but that only made this place more sickening.

When Su Yang saw the state of these females and their expressionless faces, even though he didn't know any of them, his heart filled with anger.

\"I should not have killed them so quickly…\" he sighed inwardly, slightly regretting his decision to not torture the bandits before killing them slowly.

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