Dual Cultivation

Chapter 269 Seemingly Abandoned

Chapter 269 Seemingly Abandoned

"We will learn nothing by standing around. I am going inside," said Wang Shuren as she approached the entrance that was still missing its doors because nobody from the Profound Blossom Sect bothered to fix it.

"W-Wait for us!"

The rest of the people there quickly followed while remaining alert to their surroundings, as who knows what might pop up in this place.

Once they reached the entrance and noticed its damaged state, they no longer doubted that something indeed had happened to this place.

"So the news was true, after all. But whether or not it was the Million Snakes Sect is still very doubtful."

After they entered the Profound Blossom Sect and stepped into the Outer Court, they immediately noticed a large amount of dry blood splattered all over the place. Just like the entrance door, nobody bothered to clean it up, or perhaps the Profound Blossom Sect wanted to use this scene as a warning for others.

"Good heavens…"

Wang Shuren covered her mouth in shock, as did a few other people there.

"Well, one thing for sure is that many people have died here, and it was a massacre at that."

Great Elder Han sighed. He couldn't imagine such cruelty happening to the Burning Lotus Sect.

"However, this is odd. Besides this spot here, the rest of the place is spotless."

One of them suddenly pointed out.

"It's almost like an execution had occurred here…"

The Burning Lotus Sect trembled in fear upon imagining the scene of an execution.

Additionally, they immediately assumed that the blood in this place belonged to the people of the Profound Blossom Sect, as they couldn't even imagine the Million Snakes Sect being massacred here.

After standing around for a few more minutes, Wang Shuren proceeded to walk deeper into the Sect.

Once they passed through the entire Outer Court without meeting even a single disciple, the Burning Lotus Sect realized that this place has indeed been abandoned.

"What a tragedy…"

"This sort of thing happens in the Cultivation World more often than it should. There are new Sects established almost every day, but there are also Sects that close their doors just as often."

The fortunate Sects will thrive whilst the unnoticed ones disappear without the world even knowing, and the Profound Blossom Sect could be considered quite famous since its destruction has spread around the Eastern Region.

Sometime later, once Wang Shuren stepped inside the Inner Court, they stopped to look around.

"I still cannot sense even single living being here…" Great Elder Han shook his head.

"There's only the center of this place left now, huh."

Wang Shuren sighed, her heart feeling heavier with every step she took in this place.

"Su Yang… are you still alive?" she sighed inwardly.

Since there was nothing to see at the Inner Court, Wang Shuren and the group proceeded to approach the Center Court.

However, right as they saw the entrance, they were halted by a loud voice.

"Halt! Who goes there?! State your business with the Profound Blossom Sect!"

A figure appeared from the Center Court and stood before the Burning Lotus Sect.

"We are from the Burning Lotus Sect, and I came here to inquire about a certain individual."

Wang Shuren stepped forward and said to the sect elder that stopped them.

"The Burning Lotus Sect?"

The sect elder finally noticed their bright red robes and nodded.

"Who are you looking for?"

"It's a disciple named Su Yang…" Wang Shuren said.

"Su Yang?"

Great Elder Han looked at Wang Shuren with disbelief in his eyes. They came all the way over here despite the potential danger just for that bastard who nearly flipped their entire Burning Lotus Sect upside-down?!

Not just Great Elder Han but the other people there also looked at Wang Shuren with wide eyes. Although their situation with Su Yang had been swept under the rug by the Burning Lotus Sect, preventing the outside world from learning of their embarrassment, almost everybody in the Burning Lotus Sect knows of Su Yang and the chaos he'd caused at their place!

"You are here for Su Yang?"

The sect elder did not expect Su Yang to have any connections with the Burning Lotus Sect, one of few highly respected powers in the Eastern Regional — especially for their Burning Lotus Pills that have helped many Sects grow in prowess!

"Su Yang is here?! Can I speak to him?!"

Seeing the sect elder's reaction, Wang Shuren immediately beamed with excitement.


The sect elder was slightly startled by Wang Shuren's enthusiasm.

"However, he's sort of busy now right…"

"That's fine! I will wait for him to finish whatever business he has going on!"

The sect elder nodded and said, "Please wait a moment while I speak with the Sect Master."

"Hmph! You are not even going to offer us a place to sit while we wait? What thoughtfulness…"

Great Elder Han coldly snorted.

"Great Elder Han!"

Wang Shuren frowned at his words.

The sect elder showed an apologetic expression and spoke, "I apologize, but as you can see from our situation, we are not in any conditions to welcome guests, and the Sect Master gave us strict orders to not allow anyone inside the Center Core without her approval."


Great Elder Han realized that he had been senseless with his words just now. However, that was only because his mood had been ruined after hearing Su Yang's name, causing him to forget about the situation at hand.

"I-I should be the one apologizing, as I was not thinking just now…"

Great Elder Han could feel his face warming up from embarrassment.

The sect elder did not put Great Elder Han's words into her heart and quickly left to notify Liu Lanzhi of their arrival.

"What? The Burning Lotus Sect is here to speak with Su Yang? Did they mention what they wanted to talk about?"

Liu Lanzhi was also baffled to learn that Su Yang had a connection with them.

"No, they did not."

"Hmmm… very well. Let them inside. I will speak with them in a few minutes after I am prepared."

Liu Lanzhi said as she got off the bed, feeling a little bit sluggish from sleeping for so long.

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