Dual Cultivation

Chapter 268 Wang Shuren's Worries

Chapter 268 Wang Shuren's Worries

While Su Yang and the other disciples looked around the Center Court for their new living quarters, the world outside of the Profound Blossom Sect began to learn of their situation.

And within just a few hours, the news of the Profound Blossom Sect losing all of its disciples has already spread all around the entire Eastern Region.

To slap the Profound Blossom Sect in the face even more, the disciples that had left were already looking for new sects to join, almost like they felt nothing from abandoning their previous sect.

However, because of this, most of the ex-disciples are hiding their identity when trying to find a new place, as they did not want their new sects to see them as someone who cannot be trusted with their loyalty.

As for the slightly more famous ex-disciples, they did not have such options, especially the Core disciples, so they could only try to join with their real identity.

That being said, because of their high cultivation bases for their relatively young age, the places they wanted to join did not refuse them despite their status as traitors. In fact, they were even welcomed with open arms.

There were also some ex-disciples that were rejected at first, but once they offered sexual services with their bodies in exchange for their acceptance, the sect elder in charge of their submission gladly accepted their delicious bribe. However, this kind of tactic obviously only worked for the females. As for the males that did not have such charisma, they could only bite their lips in frustration.

Meanwhile, at the Burning Lotus Sect, when Wang Shuren heard the news, she almost couldn't believe it.

\"The Million Snakes Sect attacked the Profound Blossom Sect?\"

If she recalled correctly, that was Su Yang's place.

After learning this news, Wang Shuren immediately notified the Burning Lotus Sect that she will be visiting the Profound Blossom Sect. She was worried that something might have happened to Su Yang, and she wanted to see the situation for herself.

In her eyes, even if he defies logic, there was no way that he could handle the Million Snakes Sect and their massive influence and power.

The Burning Lotus Sect's Sect Master tried to convince her to ditch such silly thoughts at first, but Wang Shuren insisted that she will go no matter what he said, leaving the Sect Master no other choice but to have people follow her for protection, as they could not afford to risk someone as valuable as Wang Shuren.

\"Fine, you can go to the Profound Blossom Sect, but there will be others following you. If you cannot accept this term, you will have to walk over my dead body before leaving this place!\"

Wang Shuren sighed. \"If they slow me down, I will leave them behind.\"

The Sect Master immediately called for over twenty profound Cultivators to follow her.

One of these individuals that will be following Wang Shuren was Great Elder Han. Although he did not wish to follow her to the Profound Blossom Sect, where Su Yang might exist, he had to bite his lips on this one.

\"Why would you even want to visit the Profound Blossom Sect right now when we don't have a single clue about the situation over there? As far as we know, the Million Snakes Sect could still be there! What if they mistake us as backups for the Profound Blossom Sect? We'll only be digging our own graves by going there! And even if the Million Snakes Sect is no longer there, the Profound Blossom Sect will be long gone by the time we get there! Elder Wang, I suggest you think this over!\"

Elder Wang desperately tried to convince her to stay in the Burning Lotus Sect.

\"It's fine if you don't want to come, Elder Han,\" Wang Shuren shook her head.

And without even allowing Great Elder Han to respond, she began making her way towards the Profound Blossom Sect.

Great Elder Han sighed and followed her a few seconds later without saying another word for the entire journey, as he knew that it would only be a waste of breath.

Another person that was worried about Su Yang that belonged to the Burning Lotus Sect would be Zhang Xiu Ying, who couldn't even sit still after learning of the attack. And while she wanted to head for the Profound Blossom Sect just like Wang Shuren, she knew that even if she went, there was nothing she could do for him, so she silently prayed for his safety.




A few days have passed since the news of the Profound Blossom Sect 'falling' has spread around the world, and by now, the entire Eastern Region has heard of it at least once. However, most people that heard this news were actually more interested in the Guardian Spirit and the Million Snakes Sect more than the Profound Blossom Sect's destruction.

In fact, the public has pretty much deemed the Profound Blossom Sect to be dead without even needing to check on them, as there was no way that such a small place could've survived an attack from the Million Snakes Sect — not even in a million years.

In other words, besides the Burning Lotus Sect, not a single power from the Eastern Region bothered to visit the Profound Blossom Sect to see whether or not they have survived the Million Snakes Sect's attack.

Once the Burning Lotus Sect arrived at the Profound Blossom Sect, they were dumbfounded by the perfectly calm atmosphere there.

However, what surprised them the most would be the Profound Blossom Sect itself, as the place did not look like it had been attacked at all.

\"What is going on? Could the news have been fake all along?\"

Someone asked.

\"That cannot be possible… could it? It will cause outrage if true...\"

Another doubted.

\"Che! Forget about the Profound Blossom Sect possessing a Guardian Spirit, I should have known that this was bullshit when they mentioned the Millon Snakes Sect! After all, why would they even be here in the first place?!\"

\"Why would they fake something like this…?\" Great Elder Han frowned. \"Then how do you explain the situation with the disciples leaving this place? Because that has definitely happened. What's more, I do not sense any people in this place right now…\"

\"You are right… It's unnaturally quiet here…\"

The Burning Lotus Sect was speechless. Just what on earth is happening? Did the Profound Blossom Sect actually have the audacity to play such an absurd joke on the entire Eastern Region? But what would they gain out of such insanity?

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