Dual Cultivation

Chapter 266 Moving to the Center Cour

Chapter 266 Moving to the Center Cour

Su Yang casually glanced at the hundred people in the room.

"This is all that's remained? It's much more than I'd expected."

Su Yang has seen many similar events before, and when facing an opponent they cannot imagine beating, it wouldn't be weird if only a few disciples are left before the battle even begins.

This holds true to even the biggest of sects out there with hundreds of thousands of disciples.

So for one hundred disciples to remain out of a few thousand, Su Yang was slightly impressed.

"Sect Master, I have a proposal."

He suddenly said.

"Let us hear it."

"The plan to host the recruitment after the Regional Tournament should remain… as should our participation."

"As much as I also want to participate, unfortunately for us, there are less than five individuals in this room that qualify to participate, and we need at least 10 qualified participants in order to even join." Liu Lanzhi sighed.

"What are the requirements, again?" Su Yang asked.

"One must be under the age of 30 and have reached the Profound Spirit Realm before they can be qualified. Additionally, the maximum amount of participants that each Sect can bring is 20 people."

Su Yang looked around the room again.

Beside himself, only Fang Zhelan, Sun Jingjing, and another Inner Court disciple there qualified for the Regional Tournament. Everybody else there are Outer Court disciples with an Elementary Spirit Realm cultivation base and sect elders that are above the age limit.

After looking through all of the Outer Court disciples, Su Yang suddenly asked, "Which one of you want to participate in the Reginal Tournament? Don't even think about not being qualified right now and raise your hands."

The Outer Court disciples exchanged glances with each other.

After some time, a few of them raised their hands.

Su Yang gave it another moment before saying, "Very well, I shall help you with that."

Liu Lanzhi looked at him with wide eyes.

"How are you going to achieve that?" she asked.

"How, you ask? By cultivating with them, of course."

Elder Zhao immediately burst out laughing.

"All seven of them are between the fourth and fifth level of the Elementary Spirit Realm. You are telling me that you can help all seven of them reach the Profound Spirit Realm before the Regional Tournament?"

"Of course."

Su Yang nodded with confidence.


Elder Zhao's laughing increased, and even Elder Sun couldn't help but chuckle.

However, neither Liu Lanzhi or Lan Liqing laughed. In fact, they both held a serious expression on their faces.

While Elder Zhao may not be aware, both Liu Lanzhi and Lan Liqing knew very well how rich Su Yang's Yang Qi is, as they have experienced it before — especially Lan Liqing.

In fact, Lan Liqing had managed to reach the Earth Spirit Realm with relative ease after cultivating with his Yang Qi!

Su Yang ignored Elder Zhao's laughing and turned to Liu Lanzhi.

"With this, we have 11 people who can participate in the Regional Tournament."

Liu Lanzhi was speechless, but she nodded.

"As for the recruitment after the Regional Tournament, you will understand once the time comes," said Su Yang.

Su Yang then returned to the Outer Court disciples and said, "I will be cultivating with you girls until the Regional Tournament. But of course, you have the option to refuse."

"Senior apprentice-brother, you have already cultivated with us before… why would we refuse now?"

One of the Outer Court disciples chuckled, feeling as though her choice to stay was indeed the correct once.

The other Outer Court disciples felt the same thing. Now that nearly all of the disciples are gone, the competition and line to cultivate with him greatly reduced.

"Um… Senior apprentice-brother… what about us?"

The disciples that did not raise their hands asked in a worried tone. What if he refuses to cultivate with them because they didn't want to participate in the tournament?

"Nothing has changed. I will accept you as long as you ask and my hands are free."

Su Yang was certain that he could help the seven Outer Court disciples achieve the Profound Spirit Realm within a week, so there was plenty of time for him to spare for the other disciples.

And coincidentally, besides a few of the sect elders, there were no male disciples. In other words, there won't be anyone complaining about a lack of partners for a while — at least until they get more male disciples.

"T-Thank you, senior apprentice-brother!"

Elder Zhao and Elder Sun looked at the situation with envy gazes, silently thinking to themselves: "This bastard is really good at making other people envious…"

"I will leave these disciples to you, Su Yang, and I will even assist you with as much resource as I can spare. Disciple Fang, you can continue cultivating Xiao Bai. Our Sect will greatly depend on her profound strength in the future. As for the sect elders, I have another task for you."

Liu Lanzhi began giving instructions.

"I know a lot has happened today, but no matter what happens, don't let it disturb your cultivator's heart, as you will only continue to encounter hardships!"

"Yes, Sect Master!"

Liu Lanzhi nodded and continued, "Aside from the sect elders, you are all dismissed for now."

However, before the disciples left the place, Liu Lanzhi suddenly said, "Wait! I almost forgot! Since there's so few of us right now, I want us to stay close to each other just in case anything happens. With that said, all of us will live in the Center Court for now. Once you pick your living quarters, let one of the sect elders know."

The Outer Court disciples immediately became excited, as none of them could have imagined that they would be moving to the Center Court in this life, much less this soon!

As the disciples left one by one, Fang Zhelan approached Su Yang and said, "Although I would like to continue with our plans right now, I need to take care of Xiao Bai — especially after what she's been through today. Next week... I will definitely see you then."

"Take your time." Su Yang nodded.

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