Dual Cultivation

Chapter 265 Are You Also Going to Leave This Place?

Chapter 265 Are You Also Going to Leave This Place?

Liu Lanzhi and the remaining disciples gathered in one of the lecture halls.

"Before I speak, I will answer any questions that you may have for me."

Liu Lanzhi said with a serious expression.

Elder Zhao immediately raised his hands and spoke, "What the hell happened to the Million Snakes Sect? Is it related to the profound aura I sensed?"

Liu Lanzhi nodded.

"Although I don't know how I should explain this, let's just say that we had a temporary Patriarch after the previous Patriarch's sudden death, and he is someone with a deep background and immense power."

The people there looked at her with wide eyes. They had a temporary Patriarch and nobody knew of this until today? And where did she find this 'immensely' powerful individual?

"Where is this individual right now?"

Someone asked.

"Unfortunately, he had to leave."

"And he's the one who dealt the with Million Snakes Sect?"

Elder Sun asked, his voice filled with interest.

"That's right."

After a moment of silence, Elder Zhao spoke, "I can assume that he will also deal with the Million Snakes Sect if they were to return for revenge, right?"

Liu Lanzhi prepared to nod her head, but she hesitated at the last moment.

"I think so," she finally said with an uncertain tone.

The atmosphere turned gloomy again. If the Million Snakes Sect were to attack them again, it wouldn't be pretty at all. In fact, it was almost certain that the Million Snakes Sect will be prepared when they return.

All of the people in the lecture hall worried that the Million Snakes Sect might return with an entire army, and without this unknown expert's protection, they will only be overwhelmed.

"D-Don't worry! Senior is a very dependable individual! Before you guys had arrived, he's even warned the Million Snakes Sect that they will be eliminated by him if they ever return!"

Because Su Yang had spoken to them using Profound Qi, only the people within the area of effect were able to hear his voice, hence why Elder Zhao and the others didn't hear anything.

"A-And there's also that little girl…"

Liu Lanzhi felt a shiver down her spine when she recalled Xiao Rong's peerless appearance and overwhelming prowess.

"Little girl?"

The people there looked at her with a puzzled expression.

"That little girl… she was the one who actually eliminated the experts from the Million Snakes Sect, and it was all done in a mere instant. If I had to guess, she is an expert with a cultivation base that surpasses even the Heavenly Spirit Realm. In fact, somebody from the Million Snakes Sect had called her a 'Sovereign'!"

"Do you think this 'Senior' came from the legendary Holy Central Continent?"

Elder Zhao suddenly asked.

Seeing the disciples' puzzled expressions, Elder Zhao proceeded to explain, "The Holy Central Continent is said to be a holy land for Cultivators, where even Heavenly Spirit Realm experts are a common sight. Although not much is known about it, nor whether it truly exists, many experts are traveling around the world in hopes to find it."

Liu Lanzhi pondered with a serious expression. If this Senior really came from the Holy Central Continent, it would make sense why his existence felt so otherworldly!

"Anyway, we will only need to deal with the Million Snakes Sect if they dare to return after today's humiliating defeat, something I cannot see happening anytime soon. What we need to focus on right now is the future of the Profound Blossom Sect, as we cannot even be considered a proper Sect in our current state."

In fact, with only one hundred disciples, the Profound Blossom Sect cannot even compare to a medium-sized family right now.

"Our annual recruitment was planned for after the Regional Tournament, but as you can see, we are not in any condition to be participating in anything, much less the Regional Tournament."

"It's unfortunate, but we will have to skip this year's Regional Tournament."

Just as Liu Lanzhi said those words, another voice resounded.

"What a pity. Even though I was looking forward to that."

Everybody there turned to look at the doors, where a handsome young man stood with a calm smile on his face.

"S-S-Su Yang?!"

Both Liu Lanzhi and Lan Liqing stood up simultaneously, clearly surprised by his sudden appearance.

Even Elder Zhao and Elder Sun were looking at him with wide eyes.

"Where have you been?" Lan Liqing asked him.

"Me? I was sleeping in my room until just a few minutes ago."

Su Yang responded with a carefree smile.

"Hmph! There's no need to lie, as we can imagine what a coward like you would do after hearing the name 'Million Snakes Sect'— just like everyone else!"

Elder Zhao quickly scoffed at him.

Su Yang merely shook his head and said, "If believing in that is going to help you sleep tonight, be my guest."


Elder Zhao immediately fumed.

However, Liu Lanzhi quickly intervened and said, "Su Yang, I don't care where you've been, just answer me this… are you going to leave this place, too?"

Su Yang looked at Liu Lanzhi's serious expression and saw right through her unsettled emotions.

"Su Yang…" Lan Liqing also showed signs of worry on her face.

As for Elder Sun and Sun Jingjing, they silently stared at him.

Meanwhile, Fang Zhelan's gaze on Su Yang was completely different from everyone there. Because she has sensed his true cultivation base before, she noticed it within the powerful ripples during the Million Snakes Sect's invasion! In other words, she was the only one there who knew the truth!

However, despite knowing this fact, Fang Zhelan remained silent.

"Million Snakes Sect? I have never even heard of them, so why must I run away from them? If I want to leave, I will calmly walk out the front door. If I want to stay, not even the Heavens can move me! As for whether I will be staying or leaving today… my presence here should have already answered that question."

Su Yang spoke calmly, yet his aura emitted with arrogance.

When Liu Lanzhi and Lan Liqing heard his words, a smile appeared on their relieved faces.

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