Dual Cultivation

Chapter 168 Shocking Progression

Chapter 168 Shocking Progression

After Zhu Mengyi left to do whatever for her break, Su Yang went to Qiuyue's room with the intention to tease her with his newfound information.

However, when he realized that she was Cultivating, he decided to leave her alone for now, prolonging her inevitable doom just a little bit longer.

And since he didn't have anything to do, he decided to just relax in the Cauldron Room with some wine beside him while he waits for Zhu Mengyi, silently reminiscing about the time he spent at the Sacred Moon Temple.

He recalls that even during her childhood days, Qiuyue would always follow him around like a duckling chasing after whoever it deems as its parent. Perhaps he'd spoiled her a little bit too much when she was a child, causing her to feel such attachment towards him.

"Su Yue, huh…" he mumbled with a smile.

Meanwhile, in her room, Qiuyue suddenly felt a chilling sensation crept up her spine, forcing her to stop Cultivating for a moment.

"What is this ominous feeling?" she thought to herself before quickly returning to cultivate.




Time flew by in a flash, and after only an hour into the two-hour break, Zhu Mengyi was already back in the Cauldron Room with an eager face to learn.

"I am back!"

Zhu Mengyi immediately retrieved her cauldron and sat before it.

"I want to try concocting an Earth Advancement Pill now," she suddenly said, and continued, "I feel like I have a good enough understanding towards the technique now to create the pill, and I have a good feeling that it will have good results!"

Su Yang did not say anything else besides telling her good luck.

Thus, Zhu Mengyi began another long session in hopes to finally concoct the Earth Advancement Pill.

At first glance, nothing about her has seemed to change, as the speed at which she inspects the ingredients and her pace grinding them remained the same.

However, when she activated her Azure Flames for the first time after cultivating the Controlling Heaven and Earth technique, it was obvious just how much she's progressed.

Unlike her previous calm and gentle flames, her Azure Flame resembled how Su Yang concocted the Advanced Spirit Refreshment Pill, with flames that engulfed half of the cauldron, while Su Yang's flames covered the entire cauldron, leaving nothing bare.

If Matriarch Zhu or any other Alchemy Masters could be here right now to witness this, her eyes would definitely fall out of its sockets from shock.

At first glance, it would seem that Zhu Mengyi's Azure Flames were too strong and panicked, but if they take a closer look, they would find out that not only is the Azure Flames controlled to perfection but it is also extremely pure!

Su Yang watched Zhu Mengyi's new technique from the wall and nodded with approval.

"If she was born within the Four Divine Heavens and not this undeveloped world, then there's no doubt that she would be a renowned Alchemy Master by now," he thought to himself.

A few minutes later, in less than half the time it would normally take her, Zhu Mengyi managed to heat the cauldron, and she stared at the cauldron with dazed eyes after she was done, seeming in disbelief by her own ability.

"There is still a lot for me to understand about this new technique, and it's only been a day since I learned this technique, yet my speed is already doubled that of my previous record, something that took me years to achieve!" Zhu Mengyi forcefully swallowed her saliva and thought, "This is the power of a Divine-grade technique, something that surpasses even Immortal-grade! I cannot even imagine what I will be able to achieve once I perfect this technique!"

Zhu Mengyi trembled with delight and had high expectations for her future with this new profound technique.

"However, all this wouldn't be possible if it were not for him…" she looked at Su Yang with a compelling gaze, seemingly engrossed by his presence.

At this moment, she suddenly recalled what Wu Jinjing had said to her some time ago.

"One day, just like me, you will meet someone that will turn your entire view of this world upside-down, and you will lose your reasoning to his charm!"

"Someone who will turn my view of this world upside-down, huh…"

She didn't think she was fated to meet such a person in her life, nor did she believe that she would ever find someone who would make her lose her reasoning, but alas, it seems like fate has played a cruel but funny joke on her.

"So this is what Sister Jinjing felt like when she met her fated one, huh…"

"What do you want from me, staring at me in silence like that? Hurry up and concoct your pill!" Su Yang's voice suddenly snapped her out of her daze.

"R-Right!" she said with a blushing face.

She was so deep into her thoughts that she didn't even realize that she'd been staring at him the whole time!

Once she changed her focus back to the cauldron, Zhu Mengyi stared at the ingredients with a serious look and thought to herself, "This time, I will definitely succeed!"

Thus, she began concocting the pill with nothing but the thought of success in her mind.

One hour… two hours… three hours…

Hours passed but felt as though they were mere minutes for Zhu Mengyi, who would not tolerate another explosion.

Su Yang, who had been watching the entire time and could already guess the outcome, smiled and left the room without alerting Zhu Mengyi.

After leaving the Cauldron Room, Su Yang went back to his own room, where Xiao Rong laid on his bed naked with another scroll in her hands.

"Master, who is that human?" she suddenly asked him.

"Just a little girl who is eager to learn, just like you, Xiao Rong," he responded with a smile.

"Anyway, let's see your progress."

"Un." Xiao Rong nodded and handed him the scroll.

While Su Yang read the contents of the scroll, Xiao Rong stared at him with an expectant expression, clearly waiting for her reward.

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