Dual Cultivation

Chapter 167 Go On, Tell Me More About Her!

Chapter 167 Go On, Tell Me More About Her!

Although Su Yang already noticed something weird when the servant at the Nine Spring Hall reacted to his surname, he didn't really pay much attention to it, as he was not the only person in this world with the surname Su.

However, when Zhu Mengyi also reacted strangely to his name, even expressing such shock, Su Yang knew that there was something he was missing.

Zhu Mengyi continued to stare at Su Yang with a shocked expression. She couldn't believe it. He is 'that' Su Yang? Immortal Fairy Su Yue's so-called husband? Didn't the Matriarch say that he was her son?

"Could it be…" Zhu Mengyi made up her own logical reasons.

"Perhaps Su Yang is Immortal Fairy Su Yue's son all along but she disguised him as her husband for whatever reason!" she wondered.

"There's only one way to confirm it!"

"Umm… are you, by any chance, Immortal Fairy Su Yue's son?" she asked him with an expectant expression, looking like she wanted to be surprised.

"Immortal Fairy Su Yue?" Su Yang raised an eyebrow at the name.

He's never heard of such a person in his entire life, yet he still somehow managed to become this person's son?


Seeing Su Yang's puzzled expression, the smile on Zhu Mengyi's face slowly disappeared.

"You're not?" she mumbled in a low-spirited voice.

"Unfortunately," Su Yang shook his head.

"Impossible… if he's not her son, then how do we explain his otherworldly techniques and unknown background?"

Zhu Mengyi wasn't able to wrap this around her head.

Then, another thought appeared in her head.

"What if he's actually her son but doesn't want to admit it? Immortal Fairy Su Yue is extremely popular, after all. It wouldn't be weird if he's only trying to avoid the spotlight."

"This Immortal Fairy Su Yue… can you tell me more about her?" Su Yang suddenly asked her with a mysterious feeling to his voice.

"Um… sure…?"

Thus, Zhu Mengyi began rambling to Su Yang the legends of this Immortal Fairy Su Yue without holding back, even praising her at every sentence.

"The first time I truly met her was during her stay at the Four Seasons Academy. Her appearance was beyond beautiful, and her unique hair color and crystal eyes gave off an otherworldly feeling, almost like she was born with the stars and moon. During her few days at this place, I managed to get her approval to call her sister, and it is still one of my biggest achievements to date."

Zhu Mengyi bragged about such things with her head pointing the ceiling.

"A mysterious Immortal that appeared one day out of the blue? Unparalleled beauty? She has silver hair and silver eyes? Incomprehensible Cultivation? Unknown background? Looks like someone who was born on the moon?"

Su Yang nearly burst out laughing when Zhu Mengyi described Qiuyue to the teeth.

"So this is what she's capable of doing without any supervision, huh? Interesting!" he thought to himself.

"Interesting! Interesting indeed! Go on, tell me more about her!" Su Yang smiled.

"How can I deny such a request when you seem so eager to hear more? Of course!"

Zhu Mengyi was so absorbed by her own storytelling that she'd forgotten about Su Yang's nearly confirmed identity as Immortal Fairy Su Yue's son and continued to ramble about everything the public knows about her. She obviously admired Immortal Fairy Su Yue very much.

But alas, little did she know that she was screwing over that very individual she admired by telling Su Yang these stories!

Half an hour later, when Zhu Mengyi exhausted just about all of her stories, she said, "She is basically a real Goddess in the eyes of many, you know. However, she's been missing for some time now."

"This girl, trying to hide all of this from me…"

"Hahahaha!" Su Yang could no longer hold his laughter and burst out laughing.

"I-Is there something wrong?" Surprised by his sudden laughter, Zhu Mengyi asked him.

"No, there's nothing wrong." Su Yang wiped a teardrop from his eyes and said, "Anyway, let's continue with the lecture."

"Now that you have the proper technique, I will have you master the Earth Advancement Pill by the end of this week!"

"The end of this week?! But that's in three days!" she exclaimed.

There's no way for her to Cultivate this profound technique and perfect the Earth Advancement Pill at the same time even if she's given ten years, much less in three days!

"That's why you should stop wasting time already," he continued.

"Fix your position and start cultivating the technique I just gave you, but this time, I will also be assisting you."

Zhu Mengyi nodded and sat down in the lotus position and closed her eyes to cultivate.

Su Yang walked in front of her and also sat down. He then began reciting the technique, even explaining every little information about the technique to her as they progressed.

Because Su Yang made it extremely easy for her to understand despite the technique itself requiring profound understanding, Zhu Mengyi was able to comprehend the technique at a rate that could be considered heaven-defying.

The two sat there, face to face, for the entire day without moving a single inch, almost like they'd turned into stone statues.

By the end of the day, Zhu Mengyi was almost able to grasp the entire technique, something she didn't think was possible even with Su Yang's help.

She looked at him with a flabbergasted expression, wondering to herself what would become of their Sect if he were to stay here as a teacher.

She could tell from the way he lectured her that he certainly has experience as a teacher, yet he is clearly very young, perhaps even younger than her.

It was almost like he had disciples of his own at one point, and she couldn't help but wonder what they would look like if that were true.

And if he would agree to become a teacher of the Four Seasons Academy, would all of their disciples become experts in the Dao of Alchemy overnight? What would the world look like if that were to really happen?

"Let's continue after a small break," Su Yang suddenly said to her. "Go do whatever you want for the next two hours. We will resume our sessions at that time."

"Yes!" Zhu Mengyi said, her eyes brimming with the eagerness to learn.

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