Dragon Prince Yuan

Chapter 1166 Shengzu Heaven’s Plan

Chapter 1166 Shengzu Heaven’s Plan

The five heavens disciples silently stared at Zhou Yuan if they were looking at a beast. Their gazes made him feel exceptionally helpless.

“Will you guys listen to my explanation?” Zhou Yuan sighed.

Bai Xiaolu was far too good at taking a beating. If he did not use his full power, she won’t even feel an itch. Moreover, if he relaxed even slightly, it was very possible for her to turn the tables on him.

Don’t just see her as a little girl!

That’s a fake appearance to trick others!

The power contained within that seemingly weak body was something even Zhou Yuan did not dare to underestimate.

Bai Xiaolu was somewhat happy when she saw Zhou Yuan’s shrivelled appearance. While in her little girl form, it was inevitable for her character to be affected. The rising dust around her was unable to touch her body, allowing her skin to remain clean and pristine.

“You’re so cruel, I can’t believe you’ll even beat a little girl,” said Xiao Bailu as she shook her body.

The corners of Zhou Yuan’s mouth twitched. He forced a smile and said, “Stop trying to act young.”

Bai Xiaolu ignored his mockery. She made a grabbing motion as the giant golden hammer and it flew towards her. After keeping the hammer, her jet-black eyes looked towards Zhou Yuan. “Although you have no charm, I’ll admit that you’re very strong.

“I originally believed that my opponent would be Guan Qinglong, who could have expected…” She shook her head. “I, Bai Xiaolu, acknowledge you as the overall commander.”

She did not give any excuses and magnanimously admitted her defeat. This slightly improved Zhou Yuan’s impression of her.

The three heavens members breathed sighs of relief. Bai Xiaolu was Qiankun Heaven’s representative, and it would be very problematic if she refused to concede. After all, they could not possibly attack the Qiankun Heaven team as it would only benefit the Sacred Race.

Guan Qinglong, Jiang Jinlin and the others walked over. Guan Qinglong cupped his fists together towards Bai Xiaolu and said, “Thank you for seeing the big picture captain Bai.”

Li Fu and the other elite experts of Qiankun Heaven and Wuxing Heaven also joined the group. From the looks of it, the entire Wuxing Heaven viewed Bai Xiaolu as their leader.

Bai Xiaolu said, “There is a reason why I refused to acknowledge you earlier. I understand the great danger we’ll be facing next, and I cannot allow someone who is not capable enough to be the overall commander, that’s why I needed to personally test your strength.”

Zhou Yuan mused, “From your words, it seems that you know what kind of danger we’ll be facing next?

“You guys have met Shengzu Heaven?”

An ominous expression appeared on Bai Xiaolu’s face. Soon after, she took a deep breath and said, “I have indeed encountered someone from Shengzu Heaven, to be more precise, he is likely Shengzu Heaven’s strongest sacred heaven pride. I did not last even ten rounds against him.

“If not for my toughness and the fact that he seemed to be rushing off somewhere, I may already be dead.”

Everyone's expressions changed drastically as they stared at Bai Xiaolu, including Li Fu and the other top experts from Qiankun Heaven. From the looks of it, even they were unaware of this matter.

One of the Qiankun Heaven experts suddenly cried out in surprise, “Was it that one time when captain went scouting? No wonder you didn’t look too good when you returned!”

The others were struck by a flash of understanding, clearly recalling the same event.

“Shengzu Heaven’s strongest sacred heaven pride…” Zhou Yuan’s expression also turned somewhat grim. He clearly understood how difficult it was to deal with Bai Xiaolu after their match. He felt that it was very hard to do any real damage to her unless he used the Rainbow Sky Severing Sword Light.

And now, Bai Xiaolu was saying that she had been beaten in less than ten rounds against Shengzu Heaven’s strongest sacred heaven pride.

What kind of terrifying strength did he possess?!

Bai Xiaolu’s eyes were somewhat gloomy as she said, “He’s called Jia Tu.”

“Jia Tu…” Zhou Yuan committed this name to memory. This person would perhaps be their biggest hurdle.

“Besides this, Shengzu Heaven seems to have some kind of crazy plan. I bumped into Jia Tu because I discovered a mystic ruins, which he was actually carrying.

“Shengzu Heaven was not present in any of the previous clashes with our five heaven, because they were focused on finding mystic ruins, while the other Sacred Race heavens were distracting us.

“Although I don’t know why they're moving these mystic ruins, I believe that it’s definitely some sort of scheme against our five heavens.”

The surroundings were silent. Everyone was clearly stunned by Bai Xiaolu’s words.

Wuxing Heaven’s Li Fu said with some difficulty, “Why didn’t you tell us earlier?”

Bai Xiaolu slowly answered, “Because it wouldn’t have made a difference. We didn’t have enough power.”

Li Fu had no response. It was true, even if they knew earlier, it’s not like their two heavens dared to go seek out Shengzu Heaven.

“What exactly are they up to?” Guan Qinglong’s brows were tightly furrowed together, his face filled with worry. Shengzu Heaven’s actions made him very uneasy.

Gaze after gaze turned towards Zhou Yuan. As their nominated overall commander, he was currently their core.

Zhou Yuan’s expression remained calm under their nervous gazes. He knew that once he showed any panic, their morale would be greatly affected.

“It doesn’t matter what they’re up to. We don’t have any way out. The nine ancestral qi main channels are right in front of us. No matter what they’re plotting, everything will be clear once we go there.

“All of us carry the future of our homes on our shoulders. The Sacred Race are treacherous, ruthless, and heartless. If we allow them to grow stronger, there may no longer be any place for us in Tianyuan World.”

Zhou Yuan’s expression gradually turned fierce. His gaze swept across the crowd as he slowly said, “This will very likely be a key battle that will affect the future. For the sake of our heavens, our sects, and the people we must protect, no matter what we have to face...we can only fight to the death!”

His voice echoed in everyone’s ears.

Everyone’s faces gradually turned red. A fire began to burn in their hearts, boiling the blood that ran through their veins.

“Fight to the death!”

“Fight to the death!”


Roar after roar rang out, ultimately converging together into a maelstrom that soared into the sky.

“Disciples of the five Heavens, prepare to move!” Zhou Yuan showed no hesitation and released a long whistle.

The five Heavens troops began to move. In the end, the vast army set off with Zhou Yuan, Bai Xiaolu, Guan Qinglong, Jiang Jinlin and the others at their head, rushing straight towards the central zone.

They could already feel the endless power of the nine main channels bursting out from the central zone.

Their current location was somewhere around the outer regions of the central zone.

Half a day later, they neared their destination.

On a ten-thousand-feet-high cliff in the central zone, Genesis Qi undulations suddenly appeared along with several figures.

It was a small group led by Zhou Yuan. Behind them, the five heavens main forces advanced into the mountain range.

One of the figures said, “Guyuan Heaven’s core is right ahead…”

Zhou Yuan, Bai Xiaolu, Guan Qinglong and the others raised their heads and peered at the horizon.

Next, their pupils abruptly shrank.

“This is…?!”

They had seen an immense light array floating in the distance. The light array connected the land and sky, stretching to the end of their sights.

Space distorted around the array, blocking all senses and making it impossible to peak behind it.

An indescribable and mighty power rippled across the area.

The light array was akin to a heavenly wall that towered before them, cutting off Guyuan Heaven’s core from the rest of the world.

Behind the majestic light array, one could faintly see several ancient mountains, stone tablets and giant pillars.

These mountains, tablets and pillars gave off a torrential amount of ancestral qi. They were clearly transformed from mystic ruins!

Deep within the unimaginable array, the nine ancestral qi main channels could be seen, throbbing as if they were breathing in the world around them. The entire Guyuan Heaven seemed to gently heave along with them.

“I know what they’re doing…” Bai Xiaolu’s nails bit into her palms, veins popping on her fists. Her eyes were filled with burning rage and some kind of fear.

“They’re...planning on hogging the nine main channels, leaving nothing for our five heavens!”

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