Dragon Prince Yuan

Chapter 1165 Untouchable Saint Glass Body

Chapter 1165 Untouchable Saint Glass Body

Zhou Yuan was not the only one who was stunned by the sight of the little girl with a giant hammer over her shoulder. Guan Qinglong and the others were also unable to close their mouths.

They never imagined that Qiankun Heaven’s strongest Heavenly Sun expert would look like this.


As if sensing the numerous odd looks directed at her, the little girl in white coldly snorted again and smashed her giant hammer into the ground. A deep crevice appeared and the ground shook as if an earth dragon was rolling about.

What terrifying physical power!

The expressions of several people rapidly changed, fear visible in their eyes when they looked at the little girl again.

“You’re the overall commander they elected?” Xiao Bailu’s jet-black eyes stared at Zhou Yuan. Her voice was cold and young. If one ignored her frightening physical abilities, one would definitely describe her as extremely adorable.

However, her following words made it impossible to link her to adorableness.

She disdainfully looked at Zhou Yuan and said, “This senior lady doesn’t acknowledge the drama your Hunyuan Heaven is putting up!

“Moreover, isn’t Hunyuan Heaven’s strongest expert Guan Qinglong? Where did you come from?”

Zhou Yuan gazed at Bai Xiaolu. Although she looked like a little girl on the outside, he could sense that her true age had no relation to her appearance. It was likely because of a technique she practiced.

Since she wasn’t a little girl, it would not be bullying.

Zhou Yuan grinned. “You don’t acknowledge me?”

His smile receded slightly. “If you don’t, then show us your ability. Since you’re no kid, don’t rely on this childish and unreasonable behaviour.”

He was completely fine with angering the other party, because he knew that it was impossible to gain their acknowledgement through words alone. In the end, the one with a harder fist would be right!

Sure enough, Bai Xiaolu’s face immediately filled with rage. After all, no one in Qiankun Heaven dared to speak to her in this manner.

She viciously glared at Zhou Yuan as she tightly gripped her heavy, golden giant hammer and sneered, “It’s very simple if you want the position. Defeat me! And make me acknowledge your strength!”


A surge of terrifying Genesis Qi exploded from Zhou Yuan’s body. Three Heavenly Suns appeared behind him, his 4.3 billion Genesis Qi foundation on full display.

Genesis Qi turned into a dreadful pressure that loomed towards the Qiankun Heaven and Wuxiang Heaven main force behind Bai Xiaolu.

Everyone’s expression changed drastically.

Wuxing Heaven’s Li Fu was utterly shocked. He had guessed that Zhou Yuan was not weak, otherwise, it would be impossible for Guan Qinglong and Jiang Jinlin to recommend him for the overall commander role. However, Li Fu never expected Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi foundation to have reached such a level.

4.3 billion!

If they were to solely compare Genesis Qi foundation, Zhou Yuan would be more terrifying than that violent monster, Bai Xiaolu!

A terrifying pressure swept across the area, rippling the air. Bai Xiaolu’s face gradually turned grave, but burning battle intent also began to rush out in her jet-black eyes.

“So you do have some ability!

“However, this is still not enough to scare me!”

Bai Xiaolu stomped her foot and the Genesis Qi in her body erupted. Three Heavenly Suns emerged, revealing her 4 billion Genesis Qi foundation!

She had also surpassed the 4 billion barrier!

Guan Qinglong and Jiang Jinlin watched with complicated looks in their eyes, especially Guan Qinglong. He never expected Qiankun Heaven’s strongest Heavenly Sun expert to beat him to this step.

Wouldn’t this mean that if not for Zhou Yuan, Hunyuan Heaven would be the one suppressed by Qiankun Heaven?

As expected, Qiankun Heaven cannot be underestimated.

Though she had brought out her 4 billion Genesis Qi foundation, Bai Xiaolu understood that there was still a gap of 300 million between her and Zhou Yuan. It was a gap that could not be made up for through ordinary means.

Fortunately, Genesis Qi foundation was not her strongest suit.

Bai Xiaolu’s face turned increasingly icy and serious. In the next instant, her tiny body suddenly began to change, slowly growing tall and slender.

In a short span of a few breaths, she had become a tall and slender woman.

This was Bai Xiaolu’s true form. She looked extremely delicate, skin as white as snow that seemed that it might break with a gentle blow. However, her twinkling star-like eyes gave off a domineering coldness.

Glass light suddenly flowed across her skin, slowly forming numerous unique runes that extended all over her body.

She seemed to glow with a sacred light, drawing countless gazes towards her. Dirt swirled around her, but was unable to touch her body.

When Zhou Yuan saw the ancient glass runes on Bai Xiaolu’s skin, his expression turned rather grave as he slowly said, “Untouchable Saint Glass Body?”

The Untouchable Saint Glass Body was attained when the one reached a certain level of external cultivation. It was said that the true Saint Glass Body had power comparable to the Nascent Source stage. However, Bai Xiaolu’s Saint Glass Body had yet to reach that level.

Even so, it was already extremely terrifying.

After all, even Zhou Yun was still a step away from reaching it.

Bai Xiaolu definitely lived up to her title as the Qiankun Heaven’s strongest Heavenly Sun!

Her Genesis Qi foundation plus the physical power bestowed by the Saint Glass Body gave her the qualifications to threaten him.


While Zhou Yuan was still amazed by her external cultivation, Bai Xiaolu made her move. She tightly gripped the golden giant hammer with both hands and took a step forward, appearing directly in front of Zhou Yuan as she slammed the giant hammer down.

The air cracked and shattered under the terrifying power.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes gleamed as he circulated his 4.3 billion Genesis Qi foundation. Five fingers tightened into a fist, all 4.3 billion flowing through his arm as his fist collided with the hammer.


A devastating shockwave swept outwards, instantly destroying the surrounding land. Everything within a certain radius, even the mountains, were flattened to dust.

The experts on both sides swiftly acted, sending out countless streams of Genesis Qi to neutralize the shockwave, before staring in horror at the epicenter.

Zhou Yuan had been pushed three steps back, while Bai Xiaolu and her giant hammer had retreated two steps.

Bai Xiaolu had clearly taken a slight upper hand in that clash.

However, Bai Xiaolu did not look pleased. Instead, her eyes grew increasingly grave as she stared at Zhou Yuan. She could feel that he had concealed a lot of power in the earlier clash.

“I originally thought that Qiankun Heaven would be capable of suppressing Hunyuan Heaven this generation. I never expected Hunyuan Heaven to produce a monster like you.” Bai Xiaolu slowly said, ‘However, if you can’t convince me with your strength today, don’t even think about gaining my acknowledgement!”

Zhou Yuan lightly shook his hand as he stared at Bai Xiaolu in amazement. Even destructive energy churning in the air around them voluntarily parted around her.

This was the untouchable property of the Saint Glass Body.

“What a strong body.” Zhou Yuan inwardly sighed in admiration. Even he felt somewhat envious. After all, he also practiced external cultivation, and also dreamed of attaining the Saint Glass Body.

As he sighed, blazing red lava runes emerged on his body.

Great Flame Devi!

The ground under his feet began to melt as a scorching heat rose in the air. The silhouette of a red devil appeared behind him, giving off an aura of pure brutality.

He opened his mouth and spat out a breath of air, sparks and flames dancing within it.

Zhou Yuan had also brought his maximum physical ability.

Bai Xiaolu’s eyes glowed. Although Zhou Yuan’s body was not as strong as hers, it was not that far off. She enjoyed battle and loved physical clashes the most.

It was hard to imagine that such a frail looking girl would be so fond of violence.


Zhou Yuan and Bai Xiaolu shot forward once more and collided like two meteors.

Dong! Dong!

The two figures ferociously charged at each other, every clash literally earth-shaking.

Fists and legs turned into countless afterimages as they furiously pounded the opponent.

The eyelids of countless onlookers jumped erratically at each blow.

They understood that the power in each punch and kick was enough to pulverize a Heavenly Sun expert with a Genesis Qi foundation of 3 billion.

The two were basically monsters in human skin.

After Zhou Yuan brought out his physical power, anyone with a discerning eye could see that he was slowly gaining the upper hand. Only Zhou Yuan himself felt extremely troubled. Although he was suppressing Bai Xiaolu, her Saint Glass Body was way too unreasonable, its defensive power neutralizing the majority of his power.

“Ahaha, Zhou Yuan, although you’re very strong, you can’t do anything about me!

“Your attacks can’t do much damage to my body, and even if they do, everything is instantly repaired by my Saint Glass Body!”

Bai Xiaolu could sense Zhou Yuan’s difficulty, merrily laughing as she fought.

Zhou Yuan’s expression remained calm as he gazed at the now somewhat pleased Bai Xiaolu and said, “Your body is indeed the strongest I’ve seen among our generation, but you also have your weakness.”

“Nonsense!” Bai Xiaolu sneered.

However, Zhou Yuan did not plan on arguing with her. His Spirit began to vibrate as he poured all of his Spirit power into his fist.

After the previous exchanges, Zhou Yuan understood that Bai Xiaolu’s defence was extremely terrifying. However, she had a weakness: her Spirit was not that strong.

The Saint Glass Body could neutralize most of his power, but could not neutralize Spirit attacks.


Zhou Yuan’s fist howled as it slammed into Bai Xiaolu’s chest.

Bai Xiaolu seemed to be oblivious to all of his attacks, but this time, a look of pain immediately appeared on her face. When Zhou Yuan’s punch landed on her body, a force had directly attacked her Spirit.

The pain caused by a Spirit attack was incomparable to any physical pain.

“You!” Bai Xiaolu was enraged.

However, she was replied by a torrential barrage of punches. Countless punches bombarded her, sealing every escape route.

Bai Xiaolu gritted her teeth and hurriedly rose to meet the attacks.

However, each clash made veins pop up on her forehead as her face flushed red.

Her figure continuously retreated.

However, Zhou Yuan chased relentlessly, showing no mercy even if she was a girl.

Both sides could only watch in shock.


Bai Xiaolu was finally unable to endure and her body was sent flying. It crashed into the ground, leaving a deep scar. Before she could speak, a figure that was the incarnate of fiery brutality pounced at her, pinning her down as scorching fists began to rain down once more.

The ground shuddered continuously.

Bai Xiaolu seemed to be beaten stupid by Zhou Yuan’s ferocity. After only god knows how many hits, she finally let out a shriek when she felt her Spirit begin to wither.

The slender body swiftly shrank, turning back into a small girl.

Her face was bruised, tears forming in her large jet-black eyes as if she was on the verge of tears. She looked very pitiful.

However, Zhou Yuan was unmoved. Another punch smashed into her body before he exhaled and said, “Convinced yet?”

Bai Xiaolu glared at him, but when she saw Zhou Yuan lift his fist again, she hurriedly crossed her arms over her face and sullenly said, “I’m convinced I’m convinced!”

Zhou Yuan nodded, but still swung his fist downwards to hit her.

Bai Xiaolu cursed, “Why did you hit me?!”

Zhou Yuan grinned, “I felt like it, if you’re unhappy, we can always go again.”

She had gained a little understanding of Bai Xiaolu’s temperament. The softer the approach, the more unreasonable she would be. Only by being merciless would she behave a little better.

Sure enough, although Bai Xiaolu was angered, she kept quiet and did not challenge him.

Zhou Yuan patted his hands in satisfaction before climbing up from her body.

Bai Xiaolu pitifully rose to her feet with red eyes. There was no trace of the overwhelming aura from before.

Smiling, Zhou Yuan patted her head, but his hand was quickly brushed away by her. He then raised his head to look at the rest, ready to announce the results.

However, he discovered that countless people were staring at him as if he was a beast.

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