Dragon-Marked War God

Chapter 2775 - Everything Is Bonded With Love

Chapter 2775 Everything Is Bonded With Love

The seven people gained the upper hand easily while battling the Chi Lian Heavenly Snake. They did not expect that the Heavenly Snake would be this weak at this period of time. They had not faced any challenges yet in constraining it.

The snake’s body was more than 3 metres and was able to turn the universe around. However, it wasn’t able to get out of their constraint.

They did not dare to delay their action in the battle. To kill the Chi Lian Heavenly Snake, they needed to tortune her to death. Otherwise, if she chose to counterattack using her full strength even at the cost of her life no one would be able to withstand her strength. Although they were all geniuses, they didn’t want to take such a risk.

One could never know how strong a Mid Divine King Realm beast was. As the saying goes, a thin camel is still bigger than a horse. That was why the seven people did not fight the Chi Lian Heavenly Snake at the cost of their life. No one was willing to be the victim and be injured severely.


The Chi Lian Heavenly Snake gave a horrible shriek. It was the scream of pain, and was extremely sharp.

“She seemed to be planning to escape soon. Be on guard, guys!”

Yang Chenyuan roared deeply, prompting others to not be slow in their action. Their collective attack managed to suppress the Chi Lian Heavenly Snake completely.

However, Jiang Chen frowned his forehead at this moment because he sensed an unusual breath pressing against this place. It was not from something ordinary.

Indeed, a burning fire snake soared up and crashed against the seven people at a shocking speed. The whole group’s countenance fell and could not help but withdraw themself to dodge the attacks. This snake was really unacceptably terrifying.

“It doesn’t look good. It’s her mate.”

“Another Chi Lian Heavenly Snake?”

“Hahaha. We are going to be rich. Seems like we are going to get a good harvest today.”

Wang Yun’s eyes shone. At this moment, the seven people had also made their mind to overcome the other Chi Lian Heavenly Snake. Obviously, this Chi Lian Heavenly Snake would not be that easy to handle. It was more powerful than the first one.

“Take care everyone, it’s not easy to handle this guy.”

Yang Chenyuan said.

“Brother Yang, don’t worry. Humph. When have we disappointed you before? Haha. It’s time for our Long Gu Boundary to shine! I am going to see who would be able to compete with us in Ling Jue City.”

Wang Yun said presumptuously. He did have enough qualification to be this presumptuous, but he was too arrogant as he did not put anyone in his eyes at all. Everyone knew that there are always more powerful people out there. Not to mention Divine King Realm, there were even emperor realm experts who were more powerful than Hierarch experts.

“Alright. Don’t underestimate our opponent. Little Yun, it is not that easy to deal with two Chi Lian Heavenly Snakes.”

Wang Che said in a low voice and gave Wang Yun a stare. In response, Wang Yun just shrugged his shoulder as if he did not care at all. He was going to be an emperor realm expert, how could he be terrified by these two brutes?

Wang Yun looked at everyone coldly, secretly despising them. Your talent is incomparable to mine. In the future, once I became an emperor realm expert, you would have to submit and bow down to me.

“It’s another Chi Lian Heavenly Snake. Their situation doesn’t seem good.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile.

“Brother Jiang Chen, do you think they might not be able to defeat those two Chi Lian Heavenly Snakes?”

Luo Ping looked at Jiang Chen

“Those two Chi Lian Heavenly Snakes are a couple. Under this situation, the two Mid Divine King beasts would definitely fight at the cost of their lives. Although the seven Early Divine King experts are all very strong, would they be willing to fight at the cost of their life? Who would do that? At that time, they would definitely be repulsed slowly. At least, it is almost impossible for them to kill the two Chi Lian Heavenly Snakes despite their talent.”

Jiang Chen said with a cold smile.

This is the nature of the human’s heart. The two Chi Lian Heavenly Snakes would definitely use all of their strength in the battle, but humans would definitely keep their strength and not exhaust all of their skills. What’s the point of being a genius? Especially Wang Yun, that kind of man. He might not have even experienced any true battle of blood yet. In Jiang Chen’s eye, he was just an immature kid. There were so many talented people in the world. But not many of them could overcome the challenges and step up to get to the throne of the king.

Luo Ping’s heart shivered slightly as Jiang Chen was able to see through the result of the battle. He could make such a precise estimation. This showed that he had gained enough experience in the battlefield. Luo Ping trusted Jiang Chen even more.

“You dared to sneakily attack my wife! All of you should die!”

The overbearing Chi Lian Heavenly Snake said.

“Monster, who do you think you are? Humph. It’s your honour to be killed by us.”

Wang Yun said dismissively.

“Lowly and greedy humans. Even if I die today, I will fight with you until death.”

The male snake roared in fury and his eyes were staring at everyone coldly.

“Bastard, you can’t die because of us! If you die, we are going to die together.”

The female snake gritted her teeth and said. Her body, however, was weak.

“No matter what, you must protect our child. When the time comes, I will hold them off and you take that chance to leave.”

The male snake transmitted the message to the female snake. The moment they exchanged glances, it was heart-warming.

“If my wife wasn’t this weak, we would’ve killed you all already without us using much strength. Damn you, humans! If you want to fight me, you have to see if you have such capability.”

The male Chi Lian Snake said in a deep voice.

“Bullsh*t. How could two brutes dare to be this arrogant in front of me? Seems like you really think very highly of yourselves. Humph”

Wang Yun took the initiative and was followed by the other six people. They pressed against the snakes immediately. The two snakes exchanged a glance and their fighting spirit was boosted.

Undeniably, these young geniuses of Long Gu Boundary were indeed quite formidable. Each of them had the combat strength of a Mid Divine King Realm expert. Their battle was terrifyingly intense.

The male Chi Lian Heavenly Snake fought with five people simultaneously. Even though it was very strong, it was still a beast and slowly lost its upper hand when confronting the humans. It was under their suppression now. On the other hand, it was also very hard for the humans to kill the male Chi Lian Heavenly Snake. It was a neck and neck battle.

The female Chi Lian Heavenly Snake was fighting with Wang Ce and Liu Yun Sheng. They could not overcome the other in such a short period of time. Both parties fell into a predicament.

“Indeed accurate. It’s really accurate.”

Luo Ping could not agree anymore with what Jiang Chen said. The seven Divine Kings were really talented but they did not display their full strength. The price of their action was that they would suffer the same amount of injury in the battle. They only fought moderately according to their strength unless they faced a critical danger that threatened their life.

However, the Chi Lian Heavenly Snake had already become mad in the battle because these humans had threatened the life of its wife and child.

There was love among humans, same with the beasts and monsters. For the sake of its child, the male Chi Lian Heavenly Snake had used t all of its effort and fought at the cost of its life. It wouldn’t mind if he would die together with the opponent.

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