Dragon-Marked War God

Chapter 2774 - A Presumptuous Genius

Chapter 2774 A Presumptuous Genius

“Hahaha. It’s amusing, how dare you demand the gall? Who do you think you are? Do you think we are fools? The most important thing from the Chi Lian Heavenly Snake is its gall. It is a rare treasure for one to directly consume or concoct medicinal pills. It’s priceless. Are you putting the bite on us?”

Yang Chengang said dismissively, giving Jiang Chen a cold glance. He’s cultivation realm was not very high but what he said was very shocking.

“Kid, you have impressed me. I, Wang yun, have never seen anyone as ignorant as you. Humph”

“If you don’t need our assistance, I will not force you. Brother Luo, let’s go.”

Jiang Chen just smiled and was not angry at all. These young men kept inviting them to help, this showed that they were not confident in dealing with the Chi Lian Heavenly Snake. If so, Jiang Chen would just sit aside to watch their show. However, he still wanted to get the gall.


Luo Ping would definitely stand together with Jiang Chen as they were on the same team.

“You come when you want to come and leave when you want to leave. Where do you get such a good offer?”

Wang Yun appeared in front of Jiang Chen immediately.

“So what do you want again?”

Jiang Chen said.

“Kneel and kowtow three time to us. Then we will forgive you. Otherwise, it’s impossible for you to leave.”

Wang Yun said overbearingly. No one added any words, indicating that they agreed with him.

“A bunch of unreasonable robbers.”

Jiang Chen shook his head and smiled.

At this moment, the guy who had been observing the volcano crater silently finally said something:

“The Chi Lian Heavenly Snake is going to run away soon. If we don’t take action now, I am afraid we will lose our chance.”

The young man took the initiative and ran into the crater.

Jiang Chen looked from a side and his forehead frowned slightly. He had never expected to encounter a familiar person here. However, he had not gotten the chance to see the man’s appearance. So he was not sure of his identity yet.

“Don’t delay anymore. If we don’t take action now, it will be too late.”

Yang Chenyuan said in a low voice. The other men all nodded their heads. They did not have the time to care about Jiang Chen at the moment. They must take action now, otherwise they would waste their chance if the Chi Lian Heavenly Snake ran away.

“I will let you go today and settle the matter with you next time. Remember, I come from Long Gu Boundary and my name is Wang Yun!”

Wang Yun looked at Jiang Chen, Luo Ping and Luo Ninger dimissively. He then turned around to catch up to Yang Chenyuan and the others.

“Didn’t we offer any help? Are we going to sit on the mountain top and watch the tigers fight?”

Luo Ping said doubtfully and looked at Jiang Chen.

“We are going to watch the tiger fight while sitting on top of the mountain. We are going to reap the benefits of the fishermen.”

Jiang Chen laughed and said.

“The Heavenly Snake Gall will be mine for sure.”

“Alright. Then let’s wait here. It’s best if both two parties suffer great losses. Hehe.”

Luo Ping said while smiling coldly. This Wang Yun was indeed too presumptuous. The most annoying thing was that he thought he was an overbearing heavenly king. If they have the same numbers as their opponents, he would have taken action earlier. Luo Ping wasn’t a simple person too. However, since Jiang Chen did not say much on this matter, he just followed Jiang Chen’s footsteps.

“Brother, since when have you become so wicked?”

Luo Ninger’s face became red and said while curling up her lips. The two guys had already started thinking how to take advantage of them.

“This is real manhood. It’s not wicked. Ahem.”

Luo Ping said seriously.

The seven of them took action immediately, rushing towards the crater. A flaring red python soared up suddenly and the seven people took a step back. However, their path of retreat had already been blocked by the Chi Lian Heavenly Snake completely.

“She is going to lay eggs soon. Her strength is quite weak. Let’s join hands together and we can definitely defeat her.

Yang Chenyuan stood in the void with pride and said in a deep voice. The other six people nodded, agreeing with him. The seven Early Divine King experts shouted and pressed against the Chi Lian Heavenly Snake.

Although they were only Early Divine Kings, they were all very powerful figures as they were the talented geniuses from their respective boundaries. Some of them could even fight against a Mid Divine King expert. That was why the young guy, Wang Yun, was so arrogant and self-conceited. He had been the most stunning star from his boundary. How could he tolerate others in his eyes?

Geniuses had their own dignity. Even though Jiang Chen and Luo Ping were also talented geniuses, Wang Yun still thought that he was the only invincible man. At least, except for his brother, no one could control him.

“Indeed, it’s a close relative to the ancient ferocious beast Nine Tranquil Heavenly Snake. The Chi Lian Heavenly Snake is indeed extraordinary. Although she is weak now, she still has such a strong aura.”

Yang Chenling said in a low voice, shocked. Despite the alliance of seven people, the Chi Lian Heavenly Snake was not any weaker than them. She carried the determination to fight until the end. It’s unbelievable. A beast at the Mid Divine King Realm was different from those normal cultivators. Bloodline was extremely significant to beasts who were above the Divine King Realm. Although the Chi Lian Heavenly Snake was only at the Mid Divine King Realm, she released the mightiness of a Late Divine King. The battle would surely be a tough one.

“It’s just a brute. I don’t believe that we can’t overcome it with our collective strength.”

Wang Yun said with a cold smile. He despised the Chi Lian Heavenly Snake.

Wang Yun and the others joined hands to fight against the heavenly snake. Their strength was extraordinarily strong. Even though the beast was talented, they were also not weak. Although the others did not like Wang Yun as well, they did not want to speak too much against him. This guy was too presumptuous, can’t he be more low-profile?

Some geniuses would naturally lose their brilliance one day. Not every genius could go through every challenge. The battle in Ling Jue City would surely be a real battle for the talented geniuses. More than a hundred geniuses would fight to show their capability. The scene would surely be astonishing.

Their collective attack was displayed fully. At this moment, the Chi Lian Heavenly Snake slowly lost her mightiness and was tortured under their alliance. Even though she had a strong defense, it was hard for her to deal with seven experts now.

“It’s him?”

Jiang Chen was shocked. One of the seven men was Long Gu Boundary’s Fu Di, who had saved him before.

“Who? Brother Jiang, you know him?”

Luo PIng said in shock.

“He is like you who came to Linhe Boundary to save me that time. Although I don’t have a deep friendship with him, he still saved me once. If you guys didn’t protect me that day, I might not be alive today.”

Jiang Chen smiled and said.

“It’s another man who has received Brother Jiang’s kindness before. You don’t owe us anything. Without you, how would we be able to come into the Divine World? It’s our fortune to have come into the Divine World. We just repaid you some of the kindness you have shown us before.”

Luo Ping said solemnly.

“That’s different. I always distinguish kindness and grudges well. It seems like I couldn’t push them to the death this time.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile.

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