Dragon King’s Son-In-Law

Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Definitely No Chance To Win

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When Hao Ren, Xie Yujia, and Ling went back to the field, the 400-meter hurdle had just begun. They walked back to the spectator stands while watching the race on the track.

There was, theoretically, two hours set aside for lunch, but only a few students went to the cafeteria for lunch. Most of them were just eating cookies and bread, playing cards, or chatting while watching the games.

Zhao Jiayi and other guys were surprised and excited to see Hao Ren and Xie Yujia come back together. Nobody could have ever predicted that Hao Ren would get so close to the Class President Xie Yujia unknowingly, especially since Hao Ren seemed so honest and shy. “Xie Yujia will probably become his girlfriend if everything continues to go smoothly.” They all thought.

“Hey, last time you have said that if Ren could get a girlfriend within the four years of university, you would give 1000-yuan to me and Cao Ronghua.” Noticing what was going on, Zhou Liren who just lost 30-yuan playing cards yelled at Zhao Jiayi.

Zhao Jiayi used to think that it was absolutely impossible for Hao Ren to find a girlfriend, but he was starting to panic now. However, it wasn’t in his character to break promises. Therefore, he thought for a while and said, “Zhou Liren, how about we have another bet? This time, we will bet on the ranking Ren could get in this race.”

The classmates around them were also excited and ready to join in on the bet when they heard Zhao Jiayi’s suggestion. “Hehe, this is interesting! We are in!”

“Fine, fine, fine! The bet is open!” Throwing away the cards in his hands, Zhao Jiayi picked up a paper and a pen from the ground and began writing down and recording the bets. “The ratio will be one to one if you bet on Hao Ren getting the last place; one to one and a half if you bet Hao Ren will get the second last place… one to fifty if you think Hao Ren will get the second place; and one to one hundred if Hao Ren you think Hao Ren can get the first place!”

Others got excited as soon as Zhao Jiayi started the bet.

“I bet 100-yuan on Hao Ren getting the last place!”

“I bet 50-yuan on Hao Ren getting the second last place!”

“I’ll bet on the second last place too. He can’t be so weak that he will get the last place, right?”

“I bet 10-yuan on him getting the last place. 10-yuan profit is still profit!”

As they were making bets at full blast, Hao Ren and Xie Yujia sat down in their old spots; they had no clue as to what the guys were doing.

Ling also sat back down as she quietly enjoying her drink. Her appearance was average. She wasn’t good-looking but wasn’t ugly either. She went back home with Zhao Yanzi after school every day, and they skipped class together today. It was obvious that she was Zhao Yanzi’s best friend at school.

“Aside from Zi’s special status, she is just a normal middle school girl who has her best friend, her own hobbies, and her own temper…” Hao Ren thought.

Following the 400-meter hurdle, there were a few female games. The 400-meter relay race, the 1600-meter relay race, and 800-meter race…

The appearance of female students dressed in tight tops and shorts instantly heated up the field that was silent and dull.

Eastern Ocean University was a comprehensive university. Every major possessed comparative teaching resources and research abilities. The feature that made it most popular was probably the number of beautiful female students it had.

The eyes of all the guys on the spectator stand lit up, and the binoculars laying beside their feet were picked up again.

It was finally showtime for the majors that had more girls than guys. Majors such as Liberal Arts, Film and Television, and Fine Arts were going to demonstrate their athletic abilities.

Seeing Hao Ren stare at the track with sharp interest, Xie Yujia seized the chance to tease him. “There are so many pretty girls at Easter Ocean University, and you still don’t have a girlfriend?”

“There is a pretty girl in my class, is it necessary for me to find one somewhere else?” Hao Ren said casually without even looking back.

Xie Yujia froze for a moment. Then she looked at the calm expression on Hao Ren’s face, making sure he didn’t have any other special meaning, She then asked after thinking for a while, “Do you have a girlfriend already?”

Following the start line on the track, Hao Ren “reviewed” the beautiful and well-built girls one by one and didn’t even hear Xie Yujia’s question.

Xie Yujia’s face turned red. She had planned on taking the opportunity to ask Hao Ren more about Su Han. However, after giving it a few more thoughts, she held back as she felt she had been too gossipy recently.

Bang! Eight beautiful girls started running as soon as the starting pistol fired.

Although their speed couldn’t be bracketed with that of the guys, their slim and gorgeous figures were the most wonderful scene for the guys on the stand.

The fluttering black silky hair, the flying long and slim legs, the waving soft and tender arms, and the blushing cheeks; they were all showing the charm of sports.

“Eh-hem!” Two coughs sounded behind Hao Ren.

Hao Ren looked back and saw Zhao Yanzi standing behind him; he didn’t know when she came back.

He moved a bit to the left, leaving some space for her. Then he asked, “How was it?”

“Not that good! You seem so happy staring at the beautiful girls; your drools almost dripped down your mouth,” Zhao Yanzi sat down and said in a jealous tone.

Hao Ren then realized that he was so focused on looking at the race of the beautiful girls that he didn’t even hear anything Xie Yujia had said. However, he was too embarrassed to ask her what she had said earlier.

Though he can’t be blamed. No guys would be able to stay calm while seeing so many beautiful girls. Didn’t the other guys’ eyeballs almost pop out?

Obviously, Hao Ren wouldn’t explain this to his “fiancee”. He pretended to look back seriously at Zhao Yanzi. He tried to say something but didn’t end up saying a word.

Actually, he really would like to know what Su Han and Zhao Yanzi talked about, but he couldn’t ask because Xie Yujia was there.

“The next event will be the 1500-meter race for men. All participants, please enter the field and get ready!” The radio announcement on the field went off again.

“It’s your turn!” Xie Yujia reminded Hao Ren.

“Eh!” Hao Ren stood up and was about to walk down from the stand.

Xie Yujia grabbed him immediately and took out a number tag from her bag. “Here, put it on!”

She stood up and was going to put it on Hao Ren’s chest, but she seemed to have remembered something. In the end, she just handed it to Hao Ren. “Put it on yourself,” she said.

Hao Ren nodded, pulled off the plastic, and stuck the tag with the number eight onto his chest.

“All participants, please enter the field…” The announcement continued on the radio.

All of a sudden, Hao Ren felt a bit nervous.

Xie Yujia gave him an encouraging smile, clenched her fist, and made a cheering gesture to him.

Hao Ren smiled back at her as he took a deep breath and walked down the spectator stand.

“You have to get the first place!” Zhao Yanzi urged him.

Hao Ren didn’t look back. Instead, he waved his hand and walked to the track firmly.

No matter if it were the first place or last, there wouldn’t be any regrets as long as he tried his best. This was Hao Ren belief ever since elementary and middle school. This also explained how Hao Ren could get to the finish line successfully when everyone else collapsed.

Number eight corresponded with the most-outer track on the field. It was the most disadvantageous position for long distance races.

Huang Xujie, dressed in golden sportswear, was doing some stretches; he didn’t even have a number tag on him. Then, he walked towards Hao Ren.

Hao Ren took a look at him but didn’t say anything.

“Get in position…” The starter made his command.

Hao Ren got ready as he got on all fours and stay on his knees with his butt on his heels.

Huang Xujie was behind him. His position was on the second most-outer track; he was only half a meter away from Hao Ren.

“Sophmore, I’ll let you know today what our difference is,” he whispered to Hao Ren.

Hao Ren looked over his shoulder slightly and saw Huang Xujie’s golden Nike running shoes and tight leg muscles.

“Ready! Set!”


The starting pistol fired.

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