Dragon King’s Son-In-Law

Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Her Sister Is……

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“Yeah. Do you have any advice?” Hao Ren asked her.

“No advice. I just hope you won’t lose to him,” Zhao Yanzi answered.

“It might be tough to not to lose to Huang Xujie…” Hearing Zhao Yanzi’s words, Xie Yujia followed up with some doubts.

She would go to the Student Council sometimes to help out, and she learned something about Huang Xujie. Before he became the president of the Rock Climbing Club, he was the provincial long-distance race champion back in high school. Although he fell behind after he got into university, winning a championship on the university level would still be too easy for him.

There would only be a sliver of a chance for Hao Ren to win against Huang Xujie; Huang Xujie would need to make a big mistake. Seeing Zhao Yanzi talk to Hao Ren as if she was giving an order, Xie Yujia felt speechless.

Although she wished that Hao Ren could get a good result, she felt that this little girl thought too highly of him.

After the 1600-meter relay race, there was pole vaulting in the middle of the sports field. It was incredibly eye-opening as Hao Ren realized that Eastern Ocean University had numerous undiscovered talents.

After watching javelin throwing and shot putting, it was time for lunch.

“Hao Ren, let’s go get lunch. You can’t get hungry since you have a race in the afternoon,” Xie Yujia said to Hao Ren.

Hao Ren looked back at Zhao Jiayi and the other guys and found that they were still playing cards with a great passion. He uttered a sigh, nodded, and said, “let’s go.”

He looked back at Zhao Yanzi and Ling, “Let’s go together.” He said.

Zhao Yanzi looked at him and then got up. Obviously, Ling followed her.

“Such a little girl, but she already has the qualities of a leader,” Hao Ren thought in secret as they all walked out of the sports field.

All the cafeterias were open, but they went to Clear Stream Cafeteria which was the closest to the sports field; it also had the best food in the university.

This cafeteria was behind the pink dorm building for female students. Many beautiful female students would come here for food, and there were a lot of male students there who wanted just to come here and admire the girls. Zhou Liren, for example, always went to this cafeteria by himself, hoping that he could meet a pretty girl from first-year and start a relationship…

There weren’t as many people as usual because of the Athletic Games. Xie Yujia brought them to the second floor, turned around, and asked Zhao Yanzi and Ling, “what do you guys want to eat?”

Zhao Yanzi looked at the menu on the wall and answered, “Two orders of sizzling beef.”

“Ok.” Xie Yujia nodded and then asked Hao Ren, “How about you?”

Hao Ren rushed to take out his Prepaid Cafe Card, “Em…I’ll get it myself.”

“Come on, it’s on me today!” Xie Yujia grabbed Hao Ren’s hand and pushed his card back.

Her palm was smooth and soft. She didn’t care much, but she was actually grabbing Hao Ren’s fist.

Hao Ren felt quite embarrassed and quickly retracted his hand; he didn’t want the Class President to think that he was trying to take advantage of her.

“We’ll take four orders of sizzling beef so that we don’t have to be in the lineup again.” Xie Yujia walked up to the ordering window briskly. “Sir, can I have four orders of sizzling beef?”

It was embarrassing for Hao Ren to have a girl to pay for the food. Hao Ren had no choice but to let Xie Yujia pay since she was so straightforward.

Zhao Yanzi and Ling found two empty seats. They just sat down and started enjoying the beautiful view of the university.

Hao Ren and Xie Yujia stood beside the steaming pick-up window as they waited for their sizzling beef.

“That’s so… how can you pay? You had already treated me to Spicy Hot Pot last time,” Hao Ren said to her.

“That only cost a few bucks; it doesn’t count. You are going to represent the entire class in a race this afternoon. This can be a treat for you,” Xie Yujia said with a smile.

She smiled slightly, but it was honest and refreshing.

“You always talk about class’ honor and stuff, but you are buying me food with your own money; they aren’t from the bank account of the class committee,” Hao Ren said.

Xie Yujia suddenly pointed out the window and smiled. “It’s done.”

Seeing her happy face, Hao Ren found that even the serious Class President had times when she was like a gluttonous kitty.

They held two plates of sizzling beef each and walked to the table while enjoying the smell of the delicious food.

Zhao Yanzi and Ling were both at the age when their bodies were growing. Therefore, they were already starving and couldn’t hide the hungry look on their faces when they smelled the food.

Xie Yujia smiled at Hao Ren as she saw Zhao Yanzi eating in a hurry; Zhao Yanzi completely disregarded how hot the beef was. Xie Yujia didn’t believe that this little girl was Hao Ren’s fiancee, and she treated Zhao Yanzi like a little sister as well.

The four of them continued to have their lunch quietly. Xie Yujia didn’t plan to ask this little girl for her name, and neither did Zhao Yanzi.

After finishing their lunch, Xie Yujia looked at Hao Ren and said proactively, “Hao Ren, it is still too early to go back. How about we walk around the campus?”

Hao Ren was about to agree when Zhao Yanzi interrupted and said, “Uncle, didn’t you promise me that you’d show me around?”

Xie Yujia paused for a moment. She quickly thought that Zhao Yanzi was misunderstanding the situation and said. “I meant the four of us could walk around the university.”

“Don’t bother, I’ll just walk around with him,” Zhao Yanzi said decisively.

Xie Yujia received a light blow, but that didn’t make her mad. “Fine, Hao Ren; you can keep them company.”

She suddenly felt that this little girl had such a strong possessive desire. “I can’t erase her hostility even after buying her lunch? Did she really think that I’m going to take away her big sister’s boyfriend?”

Thinking of this, Xie Yujia started wondering again, “Who is the big sister of this little girl? Is she beautiful?”

As she was about to leave, Zhao Yanzi suddenly yelled towards the gate of the cafeteria in excitement, “Big sister!”

Xie Yujia looked back at the gate. Hao Ren also turned around as soon as he heard Zhao Yanzi’s yell.

Su Han showed up at the gate wearing a long striped blue dress.

She walked towards Zhao Yanzi and Hao Ren slowly as if her feet didn’t even touch the ground. Her graceful elegance seemed to block all the grease and smoke of the cafeteria.

Xie Yujia was so shocked that she had to cover her mouth to prevent herself from making any sound.

“Her big sister is Su Han? The teacher who made all the guys lose themselves in reverie? Hao Ren’s girlfriend is Su Han?! No wonder Su Han asked Hao Ren to go to her office a few days ago, the reason was…”

Xie Yujia was so puzzled that she was lost in the mind trap she had set up for herself.

“I was looking for you, but I didn’t expect you to come here,” Su Han walked up to Zhao Yanzi and said to her.

All the students who were having lunch were genuinely shocked as they saw Su Han appearing in the cafeteria. The impression they had of Su Han was that she was so pure and elegant that she would never show up in any cafeteria at the university.

“What do you want from me?” Zhao Yanzi looked at Su Han in confusion.

Su Han took a glance at Hao Ren before slightly holding onto Zhao Yanzi’s arm. “I’ll show you around the university.”

Like what Hao Ren experienced last time, Su Han’s move seemed slow and elegant, but it didn’t allow Zhao Yanzi to get away. Zhao Yanzi’s wrist was already in Su Han’s hand before she realized it.

Seeing Zhao Yanzi got taken away by Su Han helplessly, Hao Ren paused for a few seconds and then turned around to look at Xie Yujia and Ling. “Em……let’s go back to the sports field,” he said.

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