Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 503

Chapter 503

On a broken stone hill, Hit, wearing his leather-like coat, sat still on the raised rock, his blood-red eyes looking ahead as the sun set over the hill, the sky reflected in red fire, the clouds as if they were on fire.

“You are the first person to have fought me for so many years and still be alive.” Hit’s hard voice said.

Muyang laughed, “So I’m really lucky.”

“No, this is because you are strong enough, so strong that even I can’t help you, and should be second only to God of Destruction in the universe.” Hit’s words were few, and this was the first time he positively evaluated Muyang’s strength.

Hit’s eyesight was extremely high, his own strength was the top of the Universe 6, the strength of the second only to the God of Destruction, the only time he failed was when he faced the destructive Champa, but now, Hit’s list of strong people to add the name of Muyang.

“Thank you so much.” Muyang smiled lightly. The strength had indeed improved a lot in the past few years, from a few years ago when he needed to borrow the power of the Acceleration World to barely stay alive in front of Hit, to now being an even match.

Hit said, “My mission has been completed, I expect that the next time we meet we can still have a painful fight.”

The next time we meet, it might be the time of the Universe 6 and 7 Martial Arts Tournament …… Muyang thought silently in his heart, then nodded, “Goodbye, I’m going back to Universe 7 as well.”

Hit waved his hand towards Muyang, then stood up and turned his back to Muyang, his hands in his pockets, his stride forward, and his figure became blurred, seemingly entering a mysterious other dimension.

“It’s time for this adventure to end here, it’s been a few years, I don’t know how it is over in the seventh universe.”

Muyang took stock of the time, “Gee, it’s already time for Vegeta to enter the Earth. It’s hard to say if he’ll still come.”

The plot has been ruined by him, and the butterfly effect was even bigger, and Vegeta would eventually come to Earth Muyang. Of course, the strength was achieved by him. He was no longer stuck to the so-called original story plot, because the familiarity of the plot could no longer help him, at most as a flavoring agent, adding a little taste to the plain life.

The only thing was, for nothing less than a good show, his heart felt some regret.

“It’s time to go back.” Patting down the dust on his body, Muyang grinned and prepared to go back to Universe 7.

However, just at this moment, the Accelerated World in his consciousness violently and violently shook. The cluster of tremors emanated from the depths of the soul and seemed to have a feeling of tearing the soul apart, yet the next second the Accelerated World calmed down again, as if it came and went without a trace, without a trace.

Muyang was very attentive to the Acceleration World to do some checks, and the result was it did not have any abnormalities.

“It’s not the Acceleration World, could it be the influence of the external world?” Muyang sank his mind down, the Acceleration World was his most important magic treasure, something must not go wrong.

Closing his eyes, the silver energy shone with a cold glow, a flawless pressure spread out, Muyang’s mind spread out with the power of the Acceleration World, as if the time had gone backwards, the light and strange visual scenery clashed directly with the sensory experience, Muyang stood on high overlooking the entire universe.

Then the thinking continued to rise, and then into the chaotic sea of energy, where …… there were several large blue-colored water balls resting peacefully, one, two, three, four, a total of four all-universe ……

Uh …… four?

Muyang’s soul suddenly hit a chill.

He remembered that when he looked here a few years ago, it was clearly three full universes, when there was one more?

The three Multiverse time and space were divided into original story world, parallel world, and world formed by itself. The parallel world was generated long ago by the Universe 12 scientists using Time Machine. That Time Machine was now in the hands of Supreme Kai in Universe 12.

Then, how was the fourth all-universe world born?

Could it be that the violent shaking of the Acceleration World before was because of this?

Muyang, whose mind was hard to calm down, put his thoughts away and later thought that he still had the contact card of the Time Patrol in his hand, so he hurriedly contacted Pitou and Noether who were on a mission.

“Mr. Muyang, so you have noticed the situation over there! The fourth multiverse was caused by people in a certain world messing around with time machines not long ago, it’s not a big problem because it’s within the multiverse space-time defense system and won’t affect the world.”

Was the Time Machine caused by other Parallel World trunks, or Cell?

After hearing the time machine, the first thing that came to Muyang’s mind was them, but of course, he did not rule out the case that the time machine in Universe 12 was used again.

“The real problem facing us now is what the group from the Dark Demon Realm is planning again!”

“What? How is it related to the Dark Demon Realm again?” Muyang’s face was puzzled. The story of Dark Demon Realm Pitou had previously been introduced, and it seems to have something to do with Demon Kai Mechikabura.

Pitou located on the other side of space-time said, “A few hours ago I and Noether just destroyed a space-time singularity, the location is out in that full universe where you live, the time is probably some time thirty years ago ……”

Getting Pitou’s answer, Muyang knew why his Accelerated World would produce violent tremors, because someone was trying to split the space-time of this whole universe that Muyang was in.

If the other side chose a little earlier, such as a hundred years ago, then the space-time split would have split, because after the split was a completely different parallel space. Muyang didn’t believe that at that time the parallel space after the split, there would be another “own” soul from outside the sky to cross over.

At most, there would be a parallel space and time without himself, and most of them would follow the plot development into the world of the original ……

No! Muyang snapped awake.

The Dark Demon Realm’s practice of creating space-time singularities was not as simple as time machine travel. When they jumped the timeline, the parallel space-time function of the entire universe was completely disabled, once they were allowed to change history, the world they were in would instantly collapse, and then all the energy would be absorbed by the Dark Demon Realm.

Damn, one actually walked through the ghost gate without realizing it.

The violent shaking of the Acceleration World should be instinctive in self-preservation, wanting to break away from the current full universe.

Although himself who had the Acceleration World enchanted might not be destroyed along with the world because of the change in timeline, there were too many uncertainties.

“It’s really too much trouble, suddenly found living in the Dragon Ball world is really full of crisis everywhere.”

“Even if you are invincible one day, you still have to live in fear, as long as someone does something in the timeline, you will be knocked back to the original shape at once, the group in the Dark Demon Realm is too unstable.”

Muyang thought with a heavy heart.

The good thing was that this Time Patrol acted fast to avoid a big disaster, but good luck wouldn’t always be there, if the next time a person didn’t let the other side get it, wouldn’t he suffer along with them?

If he could transfer himself out of the timeline, it would be good, Muyang thought whimsically.

He was not afraid of the time machine, as long as he did not travel to the decades of their lives, there would not be a second self, and even if there was, as long as they do not meet, there was no embarrassment, the problem was the guys who traveled the timeline indiscriminately.

Worried to think for a good, Muyang did not come up with a good solution, and finally found that just asking for trouble. If he had no way to solve the problem, he simply did not think about it.

Sighing and looking around the dry environment, Muyang opened the ability to communicate with other worlds by accelerating the world, and instantly a short flash of haze passed, and the next second Muyang’s figure left the Universe 6.

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