Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 502

Chapter 502

“This guy wants to run and escape!”

When he saw that Hore was going to escape in the direction of outer space despite being hit by Bardock’s ki wave, everyone present immediately knew what he was planning to do.

Although the Saiyans were able to exert unparalleled power on the planet, the body had limitations. Once the battlefield was transferred to outer space, then even the Super Saiyans could only stare, after all, they were not like Muyang who could survive in the universe.

“Do not worry, will not let him escape.” A cold light flashed across his face, and Bardock said confidently.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Bardock threw a series of continuous ki waves toward the sky, which were one after another, densely covering the entire sky like a dense curtain of bullets forming a huge covering net. Faced with the saturation attack released by Bardock, Hore’s eyes were red with anxiety, his body power exploded steeply, and he ran towards the universe regardless of everything.

“Escape, escape!!!” In addition to this one thought, Hore’s brain was blank.

Reality was such a bonehead, giving Hore not much chance. His escape was fast, and he was about to break out of the atmosphere, when he saw the deep background of outer space, he revealed a smile, the joy of surviving after the robbery made him forget the defeat he had suffered earlier.

“You want to escape just like that, did I agree?” Bardock’s cold voice suddenly sounded beside his ears.

The golden light rushed up from the ground to the sky, and Bardock had stopped in front of him.

As if seeing a ghost, Hore’s heart trembled, his face was swiftly pale to the extreme, he spat blood in despair, “What to do, is it really going to die here?” Hore then angrily roared, he sinisterly opened the purple pupils, apparently wanted to fight for his life!

At this time, the thought of escape had been impractical, not to mention the ability to escape from the hands of this Super Saiyan. To escape, that the vastness of the endless universe he would wander alone for how long? At this time, King Hilch and King Cold must have known the situation on this side of the Earth, but look at the Super Saiyan’s momentum, perhaps even if his father came personally, it was also bad luck.

It would be a dream to expect them to send a spaceship to Earth to save him, maybe they were already heading towards the so-called Planet Namek.

“I’m not willing!” With such grief and anger, Hore’s heart was endlessly regretful. How he would not have come all the way to the North Area if he had not received the message from King Cold.

If not for the pursuit of Vegeta, he would not enter the Earth, the dragon’s den. Hwever, it was useless to think about this now.

As in the original Frieza was not an opponent of the Super Saiyan state of Son Goku, Hore was also the same. In the hands of Bardock, he did not have any power to fight back.

“Your biggest mistake is to come to Earth.”

Bardock leapt to catch up with Hore, and then aimed his palm at Hore from a high position, a bright and eye-catching ki power chop round and light fly over, all the way to cut open everything along the way.


The expression stiffened on his face, and amidst a look of dismay and remorse, Hore’s body was split into two halves by the sharp ki chop.

“A pathetic end, but you are to blame for this!”

Bardock finished with an expressionless face and released a ki wave to completely destroy Hore’s torso.

“The enemy has finally been eliminated.” When he saw that the battle was over, Son Goku said excitedly.

Vegeta looked on in shock, “This is the power of a Super Saiyan! I’ll definitely have it too.”

“Although the enemy was destroyed, but the environment here is also destroyed!”

Looking around the face of the prairie, Piccolo frowned, but to be able to preserve the Earth in the face of such a powerful enemy, it had been very rare. Although he had experienced a Dragon Ball strengthening, in the face of increasingly strong enemies, the strength of the Earth couldn’t keep up again.

“Mr. Bardock, please use the Dragon Balls to resurrect Shasley.” Vegeta put aside his condescension and pleaded with Bardock.

Bardock stared straight at Vegeta for a long time, “Wait for this.”

Speaking of Vegeta’s identity or the Earth’s invaders, despite the Saiyans, he could not be spared because of his identity, not to mention the Dragon Balls was the Earth’s secret treasure, how could it be so easy to lend. Vegeta probably knew this, so the request was particularly sincere.

Eventually Vegeta borrowed the Dragon Balls as he wished, but also paid a great price.

After successfully resurrecting Shasley, he would need to join the God Mu Forces in the days to come and fight around for them, but of course such days were actually voluntary for Vegeta, who wanted to explore the secret of turning into a Super Saiyan from Bardock’s body.

Meanwhile, the other side of the universe.

King Hilch learned through the contact device of the news of the death of his son Hore. His heart was saddened at the same time, but also shocked by the news coming from the Earth side, “The Dragon Balls that can grant wishes, does it mean that the rumors about the Namekian are true?”

“Someone, hurry up and gather information about the Namekian for me.”

Compared to the death of his son, King Hilch was swayed by even more fiery emotions at this time. If the rumor of the Dragon Ball was true, then he was going to be happy.

And Earth, he was not willing to risk.


“Hey, although that guy Hore died, but he brought me good news. I didn’t expect that the tiny Earth is actually the stronghold of the God Mu Forces, but it’s really a dragon’s den!” King Cold’s eyes glittered with a cold light, “That guy Hilch must have already gotten his idea on Planet Namek.”

“Someone, sail the king’s ship to Planet Namek, in addition, put the news out, I want more people to know that I went to Planet Namek.”

King Cold believed in the authenticity of the Dragon Balls of Earth more than the illusory Planet Namek.

Soon, the news about King Cold’s whereabouts leaked out through certain channels, and when it was learned that King Cold had led his army to Planet Namek with great fanfare, King Hilch’s side became even more anxious, and ordered his men to march towards Planet Namek without much preparation.

The intelligence network of the God Mu Forces spread all over the North Area, so of course they also got the news, and the results soon reached Earth.

Bardock decided to reinforce Planet Namek after thinking about it, and the experts sent were the elites of the God Mu Forces. Son Goku and others strongly requested to go, and Piccolo, because he had received instruction from Birgil, finally also followed along.

When all the people hugely walking in the road to Planet Namek, King Cold was leisurely drinking wine, sneaking towards the Earth in a small spaceship.

All of this seemed to be in his plan.

Now that the strongest enemy had been lured by him to Planet Namek, the Dragon Ball of Earth was within his reach.

Universe 6.

Two streams of light traveled through the dusty deep valley, both extremely fast, quickly separated after each collision, and then collided together again the next second. Two silhouettes were seen in the sky as they sped past, hitting the ground to the sky, and scurrying all the way down from the sky to the ground.

The sky lightning and thunder, fist shadow intertwined, qigong wave overflowed out, tiny gravel was directly crushed into pieces.

All kinds of earth-shattering sound constantly came, just a few breaths, Muyang and Hit fought countless times.

The “Flashing Time” technique was very strange, but under the restrictions of Muyang’s Acceleration World, this set of tricks lost its mystery for the first time, and now both Hit and Muyang were competing for their true strength, and many of their supernatural abilities were discarded.

The two sides had been fighting back and forth for some days, but neither side could do anything to anyone.

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