Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 459

Chapter 459

Muyang felt very surprised. He did not expect that Whis would actually bring the angel Kusu from Universe 10. They were joining forces to open the world outside the universe; could it be that they were helping to find the whereabouts of April.

If so, then Muyang would have to thank them properly.

The angels of the two universes joined forces, the hope of finding April was instantly greatly increased. After knowing this news, Muyang’s confidence was instantly boosted.

Looking around the vast planet of God of Destruction, the emerald grass undulated with the wind, considering that Whis and Angel Kusu wouldn’t appear for a while, Muyang found an open space to sit on the grass and wait, while Melia and Melis sat beside him left and right.

“I hope Whis and the others can find out where Little April is.” Melia’s jewel-like eyes looked at Muyang, and a clear voice came out of her mouth.

“Yes!” Muyang nodded his head.

It was just that if Whis and the others were able to find the whereabouts of April, then was his own act of collecting the Super Dragon Balls superfluous? No, Muyang gently shook his head. Super Dragon Balls had been collected almost. Even if they could not be used in the end, there was no reason to give up halfway.

“Muyang, how about you accompany us for a little training?” Melis digressed.

Muyang was surprised to look at Melis, who said, “I think we should find something to do.”

When Muyang thought that he was idle now anyway, he agreed, “Sure, will you guys come, or will Melissa come?”

“I’ll go with Melia.”


Muyang’s smile narrowed, and his body bounced up from the grass at once. Counting up, he hadn’t practiced with Melia and the girls for a long time. He used to practice with Melissa in pairs, although they didn’t need to be clearly distinguished from each other.

Melia and Melis also stood up, with charming smiles on their faces, like delicate peach blossoms in full bloom. They flew with a serious look to a place not far from Muyang and assumed a fighting posture.

Because there was no fusion into Melissa, so when facing Muyang, they were generally in a relatively weak state.

For his part, Muyang laughed leisurely, then closed his eyes and floated towards the girls. The “Unfettered Instinct” and “Extreme Instinct” were fully opened. Because the realm power had been mostly integrated into the physical body, there was no half-leaked aura on Muyang’s body at this time. This greatly elevated the level of combat, as well as interfere with the judgment of the girls.

Before comprehending the advanced realm, they face this Muyang, so they could only rely on the naked eye to judge!

But how could the speed of the naked eye keep up with Muyang’s movements?


The figure of Muyang suddenly appeared like a ghost on the side of Melia, stretched out his palm on the girl’s stomach, and then with force, Melia was directly bounced out. Melis reacted to try to assist but was also knocked out by Muyang.

Melia and Melis possessed Melissa’s battle consciousness, but their strength was only half of hers. Converted to Super Saiyan status, it was about Super Saiyan 2 strength, and the difference in strength was still huge in the face of a master like Muyang, who was close to the level of Majin Buu, so they were no match at all.

With a series of sprints, Muyang’s cold face appeared in front of Melia, a hand raised, and sent Melia flying out.

After a few tumbles in the sky, both Melia and Melis landed on the ground.

The two women leaned together and seemed to be thinking, their dark eyes constantly turning, pondering how to face Muyang’s attack. It was said that fighting is the best growth process, and the competition between several people of Muyang, although it was not a real battle, benefited a lot.

In order to cater to the power of the girls, Muyang had lowered his own power appropriately.

After about ten minutes, Melia and Melis began to pant, and their cheeks turned scarlet from the exercise.

The battle could almost be over by this point, just as Muyang also saw the figure of Whis in the distance had flown towards them, and with him came a petite figure.

It was a small girl with a side twist braid, very childish in appearance, less than one meter two in height, light purple divine robe, draped with a set of black coats, and a blue halo around her neck like other angels.

Muyang quickly judged the identity of the other party at first sight.

The angel of Universe 10 – Kusu.

If it were not known beforehand that the other party was the big sister of all the angels, Muyang would really treat her as a child.

It was also very magical to say that the angel family, the more petite the figure, the higher the status, as in the case of the Grand Minister and angel Kusu, on the contrary, the middle-aged uncle and big mother image of the angel, the generation is rather small.

“Muyang, you came back from the sixth universe so soon, ah, did things go well with the Super Dragon Ball?”

Whis landed next to Muyang.

Muyang said, “I have collected three Super Dragon Balls from the Universe 6, plus the ones I collected before. I already have six Super Dragon Balls in my hand, only the last one is in a more distant starfield in the Universe 7, so I need to use your ability.”

“Well, this is no problem.” Whis nodded his head with understanding.

At this time, the little angel Kusu said, “This is the person who needs help this time, the strength is good, I quite envy your Universe 7.”

“Oh, sister Kusu, his name is Muyang.” After that, Whis introduced to Muyang, “This is the angel Kusu from the Universe 10, a mighty angel. With the power of sister Kusu, we finally determined the whereabouts of your wife.”

“April was found?”

That meant his collection of Super Dragon Balls was mostly useless ……

“Yes.” Whis nodded clearly, then looked at each other with Kusu, and the two divine staffs were erected at the same time, crossed and touched together, and after a green flash, an image about the seventh universe beyond appeared in the void.

“Sister Kusu and I jointly searched Universes 12 and then captured this phenomenon when we transmitted our power to a small world outside the universe ……”

The scene in the picture kept changing, and it first broke through the boundary of Universe 7 to a more versatile blue world (Multiverse). In that blue world, countless fragments were shining with crystal light. Each fragment was a small world; the most striking thing in the blue world was the twelve giant water spheres located in the center, the twelve main universes.

These Universes were in pairs, opposing each other, and together they formed a giant ring, forming the main body of the whole universe.

“Searching according to the aura left on April, we found a world that is only the size of the universe, you see ……” Whis reached out towards the picture in mid-air, and the scene began to change again.

The pattern in the picture began to focus and then burrowed into a small world not far from the seventh universe. That small world was not large, less than one ten-thousandth of the volume of the Universe 7.

As if playing a movie, the picture kept fast-forwarding, and soon an azure planet appeared in front of everyone, and on top of that blue planet, a battle was taking place.

“That planet seems to be Earth.”

“There is a fierce battle going on up there.”

Muyang and Melia watched very carefully, not wanting to miss any of the images. After accepting the parallel world view, it was easy for them to accept the appearance of an Earth-like world outside the Seventh Universe.

“This is a scene that happened not long ago, the interesting one is later.”

Whis once again accelerated the progress of the picture.

At this time, the picture of Earth in another world came out more clearly, and several golden shining figures in the sky gathered together to deal with a sturdy man. These people all had blond hair and green pupils, burning golden flames, but the stout man’s body flames leaned toward grass green.

“Those people are Super Saiyans?” Melia’s mind wondered.

“That is …… Son Goku and Vegeta!”

Muyang’s heart was shocked. It took him a glance to recognize the identity of those few golden light shadows.

Another parallel small world actually had Son Goku and others, and Son Goku had been able to transform into Super Saiyan!

“That green figure seems to be the ‘Legendary Super Saiyan’, is it Broly?!”

Melis eyes slightly open, recognizing the identity of the other party. He was her adopted son.

What was going on? How could Broly fight with Son Goku and others? And …… the Legendary Super Saiyan was so weak, even the ordinary Super Saiyan state of Son Goku could bear him.

At this time, Kusu spoke, “The small world and the whole universe in the big universe are not the same. Although there may be a similar history, but not the same person.”

For the people of Universe 7, only the Universe 7 in another parallel time and space was the counterpart to themselves, and the other small worlds were just similar.

Muyang nodded in understanding, probably judged that April entered should be a world similar to the theatrical version of Dragon Ball.

“So, where is April?”

“Don’t rush.” Whis held a smile, and then screen jumped again. This time April’s silhouette appeared, accompanied by April also appeared Android 21.

As soon as it appeared, April transformed into her demon form and then attacked the crazy Broly.

Broly was completely irrational. In the face of April’s attack, in addition to yelling, he was the instinctive resistance; there was no intention to escape, only the magic of April’s figure constantly flashing wounded Broly seriously.

Then another fierce attack came.

The toe landed on the ground.


Dust flew, the ground shook violently, and April’s frenzied Broly was directly crushed and then completely killed.

“Well ……,” the two women gulped.

“April has killed our adopted son.”

“She really got a hand.”

“That’s not our adopted Broly,” Muyang said.

Their adopted son, Broly, was a humble and simple good boy, the one in the picture was clearly a madman, and his power was pitifully weak.

The “Legendary Super Saiyan” name was in vain.

After determining the world where April was, Muyang was not worried about her safety. I that small world, the power level was obviously not high, and April’s power was already invincible, plus Android 21, which did not look very evil. He could rest assured a lot.

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