Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 458

Chapter 458

On the other hand, after collecting the first Super Dragon Ball, Muyang rushed to the other two places in a very good mood. The collecting of the second Super Dragon Ball also went very smoothly.

Once the power of the Acceleration World was covered, the second Super Dragon Ball had nowhere to hide and fell into Muyang’s control.

In the Acceleration World, including the three Dragon Balls that belonged to Universe 7, five Dragon Balls were gathered together, flickering rhythmically in the dark and empty space. It was only two short of collecting all the Dragon Balls.

“Keep up the good work, collect one more, and then I can return to the Universe 7.”

After carefully observing those five Dragon Balls, Muyang returned to the dark red background of the starry sky and continued to collect the last Dragon Ball of the Universe 6.

However, when collecting the last Super Dragon Ball, the process took some twists and turns because a group of cosmic forces actually occupied the Super Dragon Ball. A ship was stationed on the Super Dragon Ball and literally using the Super Dragon Ball as a fortress.

Muyang wanted to take that Super Dragon Ball, inevitably had to clash with that force.

However, because of the final whereabouts of April, the importance of collecting Super Dragon Ball was too great. No matter what, he was determined to get this Super Dragon Ball. since borrowing it was impossible, Muyang could only openly rob.

The result was very clear. With Muyang’s strength close to the Majin Buu level, the Universe 6 people were not his opponent. In this encounter with Muyang, these people could only be considered unlucky.

The Super Dragon Ball was put away in the Acceleration World immediately after, and Muyang smiled and left by teleportation.

Those cosmonauts with bruised noses watched their space fortress being taken away by a fierce bandit, each one with eyes wide open, not knowing what to do.

“Bad luck!!!” The bosses of the cosmic forces wanted to cry and looked at their bruised and battered men but could only bear the tears and eat this loss.


“Junior, your action is quite fast, since you have already collected the wishing pearl of Lord Zalama, the Dragon God, then I will send you back to the Universe 7 next.”

In the vast and boundless universe, Vados appeared beside Muyang in an elegant posture.

“Miss Vados. I have troubled you.” Muyang said politely.

“Oh, nothing, but you were actually able to collect such a huge wishing bead without a sound. You must have a lot of secrets on you,” Vados said in a clear and cold voice.

“Mm.” Muyang nodded his head by default.

Vados smiled and did not mean to look deeper. In fact, when you’ve reached such a realm as Vados, there were only Great Priest and Zeno above them, and honestly, there was nothing in the universe that could attract their attention.

Furthermore, the angelic race was originally a completely neutral divine race, and they would hardly interfere with any strife, a truly noble race.

“Well, come over and grab my shoulder. I’ll send you back now.” Vados waved the divine staff in her hand, and her delicate voice rang out at Muyang’s side.


Muyang responded, walked up to Vados, and placed his hand on her shoulder. After all, it was a female angel. Muyang’s actions were very disciplined, trying to show a gentleman’s side so as not to give the other party any misunderstanding.

Vados calmly glanced at Muyang, nodded slightly, and then gently nudged the divine staff a few times. At once, a seven-colored light curtain shone up, just like before when Whis carried him through the universe, a seven-colored channel appeared in the eyes.

A glorious light shone in this closed passage; each light was stretched long, countless crystal clear spots flickered, as if the spring breeze blew by the cherry tree, bringing down a piece of delicate and graceful petals ……

“Don’t be so nervous. When crossing the universe, you’d see that one spot that is attached to the universe outside the small world projection. According to Whis, you collect wishing beads because your wife disappeared in the Universe 7….. she may be in a world over therein.”

“If you let go now, with good luck, you will be able to enter those worlds, but of course, with bad luck, you will fall directly into the chaotic energy turbulence, and your body will be torn apart.”

A clear and ethereal fragrance came to the sense, Vados turned her head to jest at Muyang.

Muyang swallowed a bit, sure that this sister of Whis was really a dark angel.

Staying with such an angel, Muyang felt a lot of pressure, but it was good that the process of shuttling through the universe would not use up too much time.

About a few minutes later, a gorgeous pillar of light ran through space like a curtain of water, shuttling from the void to Universe 7…. The invisible ripples rippled out, the surrounding colored light suddenly flashed, and a dark and deep cosmic starry sky came into view, followed by bright starlight coming from everywhere.

Muyang and Vados floated in the universe, and they had arrived at Universe 7.

Vados nodded her divine staff and said, “We have come to Universe 7. You should be very familiar with this place, and there is no need for me to send you to the Destruction God Planet.”

“Indeed, there is no need.” Muyang said seriously.

Vados nodded her head, the green skirt on her body whirring and swinging, “In that case, I’m going back to Universe 6. Lord Champa is hungry for several days, still waiting for me to go back to feed him!”

People who didn’t know would think she was raising a pet!

Muyang’s head could not help surfacing a few black lines and had a deep understanding of Vados’ character. She was even worse than Whis, not treating the God of Destruction as a god at all.

“Miss Vados, thank you for your help.” Muyang sincerely thanked her.

Vados covered her mouth and smiled lightly. Her beautiful eyes revealed a smile, “No need to be so polite, come and play in the Universe 6 often when you have time. I will treat you well.”

After saying that, Vados very elegantly turned the divine staff. The divine staff flew in the air and tapped the void when it landed, and then the seven-colored light shone again, and then a closer look, Vados’ figure had disappeared.

“She really comes and goes quickly!” Muyang took a deep breath and took out the Dragon Ball Radar to look for the last Super Dragon Ball.

According to his knowledge of the Super Dragon Ball, the last Dragonball located in the Universe 7 was a four-star Super Dragon Ball. Due to its age and long exposure to the cosmic stars, the surface of this Super Dragon Ball was covered with a thick layer of dust, just like Planet Ambera, where Birgil had lived for many years, a rocky planet.

However, the difference was that there was no atmosphere on that rocky planet, and no signs of life flourished.

In the original story, it was not until the Universes 6 and 7 had a Martial Arts Tournament that it was inadvertently chosen by Vados to be the venue for the Martial Arts Tournament.

“The last Super Dragon Ball is farther away, from the radar, in the middle of an unfamiliar barren space, where it is near the edge of the universe, where living planets are scarce, and the ability to move instantly should not be of much use.”

Muyang calculated in his heart. If he were to use a spaceship to navigate, even with the fastest spaceship of the Galaxy Patrol, to fly to the edge of the universe, perhaps it would take a lot of time, so Muyang directly ruled this option out.

After thinking about it, Muyang found the only way to rely on Whis’ great movement ability.

At this time, he began to envy the “Instant Transmission” ability of the Supreme Kai Apprentice Kibito. Compared to the Instant Transmission of the Yadartian, the Instant Transmission of Kibito was truly magical!

However, that was the ability given by the Universe Rules after becoming Supreme Kai Apprentice, and he couldn’t learn it even if he envied it.

Shaking off his head, without thinking about those troublesome things, Muyang closed his eyes tightly, searched for the location of the God of Destruction Planet, and then swooped to the God of Destruction Planet instantaneously.

When Muyang arrived at the God of Destruction Planet, Melia and Melis spotted him first and flew over with a cheer.

Muyang smiled and caught them, then recounted his experience in the Universe 6.

“Where’s Whis? I need him to take me to the last Dragon Ball!” Muyang swept a glance at the dense vegetation on the God of Destruction Planet. In the past, when he appeared, Whis was the first to find them.

Melia said, “Whis brought a small angel not long ago. They are now trying to open the space outside the universe to find April traces.”

“A small angel?” Muyang asked in amazement at his words.

“I think it’s an angel, the clothing and dress are exactly like Whis, but short, Whis respects her a lot.”

“The angel male and female?” Muyang hurriedly asked.

‘It should not be the Grand Minister himself who came over. He could not hold.’

“Female,” Melis said.

At once, Muyang sighed with relief.

‘Wait, the female angel….’

‘could it be Angel Kusu of Universe 10, that was the big sister of all the angels, second only to the Grand Minister in status!’

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