Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 456

Chapter 456

Muyang considered the plan provided by Whis. At this point, it was the only way to try. Hopefully, the Super Dragon Ball could find April’s whereabouts.

In this regard, Muyang gratefully said to Whis, “Whis, I am sorry to trouble you solution must be tried nowadays.”

“There are seven Super Dragon Balls in total, I have already collected three Super Dragon Balls in the Universe, only the fourth one is missing, while the other three Super Dragon Balls are in the Universe 6, which requires you to send me there.” The matter of crossing the universe barrier was something that Muyang could not do right now.

“Yes!” Whis promised down.

“Before entering the Universe 6, better say hello to the angel there, this I will contact for you. In addition, try to avoid meeting the God of Destruction over there, Lord Champa of Universe 6 is not as good as Lord-Beerus. Remember to avoid it.”

“I understand.” Muyang nodded seriously.

Universe 6 of the God of Destruction Champa and God of Destruction Beerus were two brothers, but the two were also deadly rivals. If the other side found out that they came from Universe 7, they would probably strike without saying a word, and then they would be tragic.

A gentleman did not stand under a dangerous wall, so it was better to avoid it.

For the search of April’s whereabouts, Muyang did not think of using the Earth’s weakened Dragon Balls or the Dragon Balls of Planet Namek at the beginning, because these two Dragon Balls were obviously unable to detect the situation outside Universe 7, and only the Super Dragon Balls, which inherited the powerful power of Dragon God Zalama, had such great power.

“By the way, the equipment for searching the Super Dragon Ball you have there, right?” Whis suddenly asked.

“Yes, April has made the radar of the Super Dragon Ball.”

“That’s fine, I’ll take you to Universe 6 now, you should pay attention to the situation there when you arrive.”

“Mm.” Muyang nodded and turned to look at Melia and Melis, “You guys wait here for me for a while, with the Dragon Ball radar around, I should be back soon.”

“We’re waiting for your good news.”

Melia and Melis looked at Muyang and Whis, “Then …… let’s go.”

Whis laughed lightly, the divine staff in his hand nodded a few times in the air, and suddenly the seven-colored light rose up, brilliant colors like fireworks, only to see a few points of starlight surrounding Muyang and Whis, and then fiercely bloomed, with a clatter, like water flowing through

Leading the two towards the void.

The transfer from Universe 7 to Universe 6 was a long process, and even for the angels, it took a lot of time.

A seven-colored haze formed in the channel, a variety of crystalline glitter by the space stretched incomparably slender. Muyang’s palm rested on Whis’ shoulder, looking at the colorful scene around him, a burst of novelty in his heart, to be honest, crossing the universe is the first time he experienced things.

Although the speed of the angel’s great movement was not as fast as Instant Transmission, it also had its great advantage, which was to travel through the universe.

“We will soon arrive, the situation in the Universe 6 is similar to Universe 7. I have contacted the angel there, she will meet us at the other end.” Wise’s bland and uninteresting voice came through.

For him who stood at the very peak of the universe, there was nothing that could surprise him anymore.

‘The angel of the sixth universe, was it Vados?’

Hearing Whis’ voice transmission, a tall figure emerged in Muyang’s mind. He heard that the Universe 6 Angel Vados was Whis’ sister, and among all the angels, their siblings were considered to be very nice to talk to.


About a few minutes later, the colorful channel of seven colors suddenly disappeared, and the surrounding background suddenly turned into a deep and dark cosmic space. Against the dark red background, a blazing star blazed, constantly sending light and heat around.

Muyang and Whis were suspended in the cosmic space.

“It’s here.” Whis said softly.

‘ This was the Universe 6?’

‘It didn’t feel any different from the Universe 7.’

Muyang looked around curiously and didn’t see anything different. Universe 6 and Universe 7 were mirror-like symmetrical universes, and all the planets in the Universe 7 could be found in Universe 6. However, because of the countless years, the difference was starting to get bigger day by day.

Just then, a cluster of intense colored light lit up in front of Muyang.

The light dispersed, only to see a young girl dressed in a green divine robe with silver hair standing in the void.

An ethereal, holy feeling was born.

The young girl had a blue halo floating around her neck, and her silver-gray near-white hair was tied into a ponytail and draped high behind her back. Her bumpy curves made her look very attractive, and at that moment she was stationed in the void, and a pair of beautiful eyes were gazing at them.

“Gee, is this guy the little guy from the Universe 7, a very talented kid. Whis, you personally came to Universe 6 for him, do you want to seriously cultivate him?” Vados floated to Whis’ heels with her divine staff in hand.

“Sister, I’ll have to trouble you with this.” Whis looked at the female angel in front of him with a faint smile.

Vados said seriously, “The wishing pearl is the jewel of the Universe 6 and Universe 7, I have no objection if he wants to borrow it, but this matter must not be known to Lord Champa, otherwise, the next days of my sister will be very traumatic.”

“I think sister must have a way to deal with Lord Champa,” Whis said lightly.

Don’t look at Vados, who seemed to be very brainwashed, but in fact, her heart was very dark. She had a variety of methods, and Lord Champa often suffered in her hands, but also was tamed like a lamb. Whis didn’t believe what Vados said.

Seeing this, Vados narrowed her eyes and stopped acting.

“Well long story short, Lord Champa is still in the God of Destruction Planet for the lunch break. I can’t leave the God of Destruction Planet for too long, next you let this little guy from the Universe 7 go collect the wishing beads, then I will send him back.”

“Well, of course, it’s best if you can send him back, I still have something to do to look for sister.” Whis turned to Muyang, “You should know what to do behind you, don’t cause trouble.”


With the strength of Muyang, who was completely close to the strength of the Majin Buu, he was also a supreme master in Universe 6.

Next Whis went one step ahead, and after a flash, the figure disappeared into the universe.

“Universe 7 kid, hurry up and collect the wishing beads, I’ll wait for you here.”

These were all discussed between Whis and Vados. Vados would send Muyang back to the Universe 7 after he finished collecting the Super Dragon Balls, while Whis still had things to ask the angel there in the tenth universe.

Muyang nodded seriously, and without delay, directly took out the large Super Dragon Ball radar from the Acceleration World. After pressing the button, three light signals appeared around the screen, and the red triangle in the middle was the current location.

Vados was surprised to see Muyang take something from the void, nodded after, but somehow understand why Whis so valued him, not hesitate to personally send him here.

“Miss Vados, I’m going to look for the Super Dragon Ball now, please wait here for a while.”

“Go ahead.”

Vados casually waved her hand and sat in the void with the divine staff padded under her body.

The Dragon Ball radar showed him the direction to explore the scent in a certain direction, and then use Instant Transmission to move over. This type of Instant Transmission was definitely a deviation from the real destination, but it was the fastest way he could think of. He roughly estimated that it would take at least two or three days to collect the three Dragon Balls.

After Muyang’s transient disappeared, Vados looked at the void and smiled elegantly, “What an interesting little fellow, Whis seems to have found a good seedling.”

Vados and Whis were siblings. They are both keen to find the next God of Destruction.

A circle was drawn in the void, and the picture showed the scene on Muyang’s side, while Vados was very interested in enjoying it as a live screen.

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