Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 455

Chapter 455

With a soft sound, April woke up from her drowsiness. She opened her eyes, and a familiar face of her own appeared in front of her.

‘Uh, hadn’t woken up yet, how could I see myself?’

April closed her eyes and went back to sleep, but the next second, she opened her eyes violently and looked at the other side with an incredulous face, “No, I’m awake now. Who the hell are you?”

Android 21 looked at April’s stammering appearance, elegantly smiled lightly, “I am Android 21. It is very wonderful to say that I can actually see another self, and I have never thought about it so much before.” Android 21 reached out a hand and ruffled April’s hair that was sticking up in front of her forehead.

‘Android 21?’

April’s beautiful eyes flashed a trace of surprise. Her body trembled, and she suddenly felt her body empty. Looking down towards her body, she realized that her body was actually only draped in a white-colored tunic.

April tightened the clothes on her body for a moment, “How did I get here?”

“The space ship was stirred by a huge energy flow during the previous voyage, and I found you after detection. I saw the storm phenomenon appear on you, so I took it upon myself to bring you on board. Looking at your appearance, you should be the first time to become a demon. Don’t worry. You will be familiar with it after a few more changes.”

Android 21 explained, handing over a few pieces of clothing, “By the way, I have a few pieces of clothing here. You should be able to wear them as well.”

April froze, looking at Android 21. She took the clothes and put them on, and it was true that the two people had the same body type, and the clothes of Android 21 fit April perfectly.

After changing clothes, April’s graceful curves look more soft and beautiful.

“Where are you taking me?” April asked.

“Before is in the Universe 7, it is easy to attract the attention of senior deities. We change a place where no one is disturbed.”

“Are you afraid of the God of Destruction in the Universe 7 or the people of the Time Patrol?” April probably understood the situation of Android 21. Android 21 was being pursued by the members of the Time Patrol. Of course, the one they should really be pursuing was Majin Android 21.

“You know a lot ……” Android 21 was a little surprised. This “her” in front of her didn’t seem as young as she thought. When Android 21 saw the ring on April’s left hand, she was surprised, “You’re already married?”

“Yes, I’m married to my senior brother.”

Android 21 was a bit dizzy, “I don’t have a brother. Besides, how could a brother and sister get married?”

April explained, “Not a real brother, but a brother who adopted me as a child.”

“It seems we are very different. Is it because of the different time and space?” Android 21 murmured. Having discovered the difference between herself and the woman in front of her.

The next time April and Android 21 were in deep communication. After a conversation, Android 21 realized that April was not herself in other time and space, but the original body that should have died long ago in “history”. She became an Android as a clone of her cells.

And, April, with her clever mind, actually researched Android technology and even fused it with Majin Buu cells!

After understanding April’s origin and experience, Android 21’s eyes burst out with intense curiosity, as if to study April’s entire body through! Because in a sense, April was her “mother”. So, she couldn’t help but feel that the whole universe was really a different world from other time and space.

“From what you said, Majin Android 21 has been severely injured by the angels of the Universe 7 and cleared out of the Universe 7, and is now hiding in a time and space to recuperate?”

April nodded, “That’s what Whis said.”

“Majin Android 21 is not that easy to die. Find her as soon as possible!”

“Can you send me back first? My brother and sisters will be worried if I leave like this.” April inquired.

Android 21 had difficulty understanding the situation of April and other women serving one husband but still said according to the situation, “the ship has entered the time jump stage. If you want to return immediately, then I’m afraid it is a little difficult. In addition to several consecutive jumps, the energy of this ship has almost reached the bottom, so it needs to be resupplied in the next time and space. The process of replenishing energy will take several months. “

April was a little disappointed, “That means I can’t go back now.”

“Yes, at least stay in some hour space for a few months.” Android ​21 said with certainty.

“Hmm~~” April pouted, a good powerless look.

Android 21 hid her mouth and laughed lightly, thinking that the girl in front of her was so funny.



On the other hand, Muyang, Melia, and Melis used instantaneous movement to find the location of the God of Destruction Planet. A burst of gorgeous light was born in the God of Destruction Planet, and the three of them had already appeared in the God of Destruction Planet.

On the huge diamond-shaped God of Destruction Planet, what entered the eyes was a turquoise landscape.

The sky was a light pink color, and as far as the eye could see, there were dozens of stars rotating around the God Planet. It was not the first time that Muyang came to the God of Destruction Planet, so he was familiar with the scene in front of him. A red-colored figure flashed by, and Whis’ figure appeared beside them.

Whis lightly laughed and said, “Muyang, why have you come to the God of Destruction Planet? Did you guys decide to serve as the reserve God of Destruction?”

The crimson divine robe whirled and swayed, and the calm wind blew his white-gray hair.

“Whis, this time, we have something that we need your help with.” Muyang took a deep breath and directly asked Vis for help.

With a smile on his face, Whis asked curiously, “What’s going on?”

Muyang glanced at the girls, then told them about April, “April’s ki disappeared from our perception range all of a sudden. I hope you can help us find her.”

Whis nodded and said, “That little girl has really fused with the cells of a demon. Well, it’s not a big deal. It’s probably because the power awakened too suddenly and got out of control all of a sudden. Let me see where she is!”

Whis waved his divine staff, the crystal ball shone a few times, projecting an image, which was clearly the picture of April after she lost control.

In the picture, the Majin Transformation April wagged her tail behind her, terrifying sonic attacks and energy attacks came and went, countless planets were destroyed, a graceful and slender figure flashed a few times. It appeared in another star, also causing great damage.

“Yes, that’s April.” Seeing Whis release the image of April, Muyang a burst of surprise.

“The destructive power is quite strong. Basically, it has the appearance of a demon.” Whis looked at the image in the void with a calm face.

“Please wait a moment.”

Whis tapped the divine staff, the image in the void began to accelerate. Soon an ellipsoid-shaped ship appeared in the image, then Android 21 appeared opposite April, the two briefly exchanged blows, and then April was dragged away.

“How can there be two Aprils.” Melia’s jaw dropped.

Muyang’s face was ugly, “The other one is the Android 21. She took April away.”

Muyang said anxiously, “Whis, quickly see where they went last?”

Whis shook his head, “No, they have left Universe 7. My ability can’t spread to the space-time outside the Universe 7.”

Muyang’s expression was stunned, “What can we do then?”

Whis gently danced the divine staff, put away the image in the void, smiled slightly, “There is no way. Although my power can not spread to the space outside the Universe, Lord Dragon God can. Don’t you have several Super Dragon Balls in your Acceleration World? Why don’t you collect them and try it?”

“In addition, I can also ask the other angels for you to see if they have a way to detect things in outer space-time.”

In addition to the twelve huge universes in the center of the universe, there were also many small universes, hourly spaces, and fragmented worlds attached to them, which were not as vast as the twelve universes, but were also within the rules of the whole universe.

The powerful angels might have other ways.

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