Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 210

Chapter 210

Bazda had a younger brother, named Bazita, who received a mission from the Frieza Forces 12 years ago to exterminate a beast on top of a primitive planet, and never returned from the trip.

Bazda used only to think that his brother was not strong enough to carry out the mission, and an accident occurred during the mission.

There was no resentment towards anyone else for this because, as a Warrior Race, losing your life on the battlefield happened from time to time.

However, now that he thought about it and associated with what Frieza had done to the Saiyan Race, he suddenly realized that his brother’s disappearance might not be that simple. After all, Elite Warriors were also very rare among everyone and would grow up to most likely be a master with a strength of over 5000.

If Frieza had premeditated against the Saiyan Race, then his brother’s disappearance would be inextricably linked to Frieza.

If Muyang were here and had heard Bazda’s words, he would definitely have laughed out loud because the Bazita that Bazda was talking about was the Elite Sayian Warrior he had met 12 years ago, who he had used to pit and kill on top of the Red Planet.

Unexpectedly, Frieza also had to take the fall for him.

As Bazda and Asike laughed bitterly and cursed at Frieza, the scouter in their ears beeped violently in response. The energy detected by the scouter was rising as the enemy was getting closer.

With a “boom” sound, the scouter couldn’t withstand the super-high energy and burned out.

“This is not good. The chaser of the Frieza Forces is catching up.” Bazda looked astonished.

“To chase us, the Frieza Forces actually sent out powerful people.” Asike looked surprised.

The burning of the scouter meant that the enemy’s strength was at least 20,000 power levels.

Although the Saiyans possessed a Giant Ape Transformation, which could increase their power level tenfold, looking around the sky, there was no moon above this barren planet. The skill of an artificial moon was not something an ordinary warrior could master.

Then, a shadow projected down from the sky, and a brown disc spaceship came into view.

Bazda gritted her teeth and said, “Asike, let’s fight them.”

Asike nodded fiercely and looked determined. The two were ready to die in battle. However, even if they were to die, they must not make it easy for the opponent.

The two raised their heads and simultaneously exploded with the most powerful ki. Suddenly, the two powerful ki shockwaves stirred out, sweeping towards the disc ship attack in the sky.


Blue smoke was generated in the air. The two ki shockwaves turned into discrete energy streams that gradually turned into nothingness in a fiery explosion. However, the disc spaceship was floating unharmed.

Soon, a few black figures flew out from the spaceship.

“Geez, stupid Saiyan monkeys. How can you guys run and made Lord Dodoria chase you for a long time!”

A cold, sneer-filled voice and a fat, fleshy, spiky alien appeared in the sky.

Dodoria sneered at the two Saiyans below. The resentment and hatred on their face were exactly what he wanted to see. He just loved to see the expressions of the opponent’s immense resentment. He couldn’t do anything about it; it brought him great mental enjoyment.

“Mr. Dodoria, these two Saiyans are not weak!”

A blue alien with a cover on top of his head spoke up. He was Burter, a member of the Ginyu Force, claiming to be the fastest in the universe.

Upon pressing the scouter, the data showed 8,400 and 8,600 on it.

Dodoria said politely, “So, Mr. Burter, who do you think would be better to kill them?”

Following Dodoria’s lead was Burter and another strong man named Recoome. In front of the Ginyu Force’s members, the arrogant Dodoria appeared very humble.

The other strong man next to Burter, Recoome, stepped forward, “Let me do it. After chasing them for so many days, my arms and legs are getting rusty.”

Burter nodded with a hmmm. As Dodoria was tempted to ravage the opponents, he gave in politely at Recoome’s words.

Recoome laughed and stepped in front of the Saiyans Bazda and Asike. The nearly three-meter body that stood forward was like a mountain that brought a great sense of oppression to the two, making a cold sweat flowed down from Bazda and Asike’s faces.

However, just as Recoome was about to make his move, the scouter in his ears picked up frantically.





There was a quick explosion. The scouter on Recoome’s ears went up in smoke, followed by Dodoria and Burter’s scouter burning out.

The scouter could all be set up to shield the detection of friendly energy information. The fact that this was happening now meant that the opponent’s information wasn’t in the database.

Burter frowned and looked towards the sky, “Several powerful energies are approaching this way.”

Dodoria said grimly, “Are they fellow Saiyans?”

Burter shook his head, “No, the Saiyans aren’t that strong in battle. Are they…” Burter suddenly remembered something, and his face turned ugly. “Recoome, are we out of the starfield controlled by Lord Frieza Range?”

Recoome was startled and took out a star map to look at it. He then looked up, “Yes. This is already the Northwest Territories and belongs to Lord Cooler territory.”

“Damn!” Burter cursed.

Dodoria also reacted, his face becoming tense, “Lord Cooler’s territory. It means that those energies that just appeared, they’re not the Armored Squadron, are they?”

“What are we going to do?!”

Before, they were only focused on chasing the Saiyans. They didn’t expect to enter the sphere of influence controlled by Cooler.

If it were King Cold’s sphere, Dodoria wouldn’t have been so nervous because King Cold was quite close to King Frieza. They had even been to Planet Vegeta together.

However, with Cooler, Dodoria wasn’t sure how much respect he would give to King Frieza.

“Damn. It’s all because of these Saiyans.”

Dodoria looked hard at the two Saiyans, Bazda, and Asike while praying that the people coming had better not be the ones he thought they were.

However, the truth tended to move towards the least desirable situation.

A few small spaceships landed, and three upright figures appeared in Dodoria’s and others’ views.

After seeing the others’ faces clearly, Dodoria’s face suddenly changed, and her eyes tightened.

This wasn’t good. It really was them, Lord Cooler’s Armored Squadron.

Hmph, Lord Frieza’s subordinates, you’ve crossed the line. This is the territory belonging to Lord Cooler. It’s a taboo for you to enter without reporting.”

The one who spoke was the leader of the Armored Squadron’s Boss Salza, a blue-skinned alien with blond hair.

Dodoria swallowed his saliva and accosted him, “I’m very sorry. We were ordered by King Frieza to hunt down these two Saiyans. We did not expect actually to enter Lord Cooler’s territory. How offensive and rude of us.”

Salza stroked his chin, a playful smirk curving the corners of his mouth, “Oh, the Saiyans over there. I heard that you have already conquered their home planet; why are you still hunting them?”

Dodoria echoed, “These men are traitors to Planet Vegeta.”

Burter stepped forward, “Mr. Salza, we are the Ginyu Force under Lord Frieza and have heard of the Armored Squadron, so I hope you will do us the courtesy of allowing us to dispose of these two Saiyans today.”

Salza didn’t say anything, but the other Armored Squadron member, Neiz, said coldly, “This is Lord Cooler’s territory. Since you guys have already come in, it’s not up to you to decide whether you’ll live or die. Be good and return to Lord Frieza’s territory, and we can forget about your unauthorized entry.”

Burter’s and Dodoria’s hearts sank. It turned out, the rumors of King Frieza and Lord Cooler didn’t get along were true.

“Gentlemen, if we don’t kill these two Saiyans, we won’t be able to explain this to King Frieza.”

“It’s your business. I don’t care,” Neiz snorted.

“Hey, that’s not very nice of you.” Recoome, the silly big guy from the Ginyu Force, said unhappily.

“Recoome, shut up.” Dodoria looked tense and spoke up to stop him.

“Well, if it weren’t for Lord Frieza’s sake, you’d be dead by now. So there is no place for you to speak here.”

The Cooler Armored Squadron was the most powerful combat force in the North Area. Each of the three members possessed no less than 120,000 power level; how could they look at the few 30,000 to 40,000 power level in front of them?

Dodoria and Burter were furious but didn’t dare to speak out. If they really pissed off the Cooler Armored Squadron, they might actually lose their lives on this planet. Even if King Frieza avenged them, what was the use when their lives were gone!

The atmosphere instantly became oppressive, and a cold wind whistled above the barren planet.

At this time, the two Saiyans, Bazda and Asike, had instead become irrelevant.

Salza, Neiz, Dore looked coldly at Dodoria and the others. Under this oppression, Dodoria and the Ginyu Force’s faces turned the color of the sauce.

However, at this moment, a blurred flash of light flashed a few times on top of this barren planet. A black-haired figure suddenly appeared between the several parties.

Several people all stared at the person who suddenly appeared with wide eyes.

“Hey, members of the Ginyu Force, and Cooler Armored Squadron too… Well, and Saiyans, what are you doing?”

Muyang looked around in astonishment. He moved over in an instant as if he had entered a wolf den and was surrounded by people.

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