Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 209

Chapter 209

After determining the Spring of Life’s effect, Muyang’s eyes became fiery as he looked at Gaia, a strange creature that could produce the Spring of Life.

He then asked Birgil, “Is the Spring of Life has the same effect on the body?

Bilgir said, “Yes, the Spring of Life is the essence of life. It also has a strengthening effect on the body.”

“Drinking it straight down is fine, but every person’s body has a different ability to withstand the Spring of Life. So be careful when taking it; if the dose is too large, the body won’t be able to handle it.”

Muyang nodded his head. This was the reason why a deficiency could not be replenished. Everyone’s tolerance was different, and too much of a good thing could have a bad reaction.

Immediately, he scooped up a small spoonful and was about to send it into his mouth when suddenly he frowned and looked at Mexia, who was lying on top of Gaia, his eyebrows raised.

Whether this was a drink or not, it was about to turn into bathwater after being soaked by Mexia.

Whatever, it wasn’t a big deal. This body of Mexia was a miniature anyway; it wasn’t like she was excreting human filth.

His eyes became determined. A small spoonful of the Spring of Life was swallowed into his mouth, and a cold feeling spread out from inside his body. Muyang shivered; every cell in his body seemed to be active. All the skin’s pores opened, and the internal organs, bones, and nerves seemed to have completed a baptism.

Squeezing his fist, a feeling full of explosive power emerged. Muyang felt his body became more resilient in an instant.

“It’s so powerful. Just a small spoonful, my body has been significantly strengthened.”

Muyang’s dark eyes exploded with a stream of light. His body suddenly jumped backward for hundreds of meters before floating in the air.


Muyang gave a low cry and exploded the energy in his body. A white light wrapped around the surface of his body and a wave of ki rolled up, spreading in all directions like a storm.


With a determined cry, a dark red glow was generated among the white flames. The ki on his body doubled, reaching Muyang’s full strength of 120,000 power levels!

But then, he felt that his body could continue to withstand the pressure, so he tried to continue raising his energy.


Suddenly, the winding flames burned as if a crimson flame had ignited the air.

Endless waves of shocking oppression were transmitted all over Planet Ambera. The 180,000 power level caused the entire planet to shake and the stones on the ground to float away from gravity.

Muyang frowned, glistening sweat oozing from his forehead.

The pressure of the Triple Kaoi-ken was tremendous, making him feel exhausted after just a short while. However, compared to the last time he had performed the Triple Kaoi-ken, Muyang felt that his ability to withstand it had significantly improved.

When the Triple Kaio-ken was lifted, the terrifying ki suddenly disappeared. Muyang’s face was a little white, his mouth was panting violently, and his spirit was slightly depressed.

Fortunately, there was no severe damage to his internal organs like the last time.

At this time, Muyang’s gaze towards the Spring of Life became even hotter, as if he had found an oasis in the desert that extended life. There was still much Spring of Life here. If he continued to take it, he felt that he would soon be able to endure the Triple Kaio-ken fully.

That would be a huge breakthrough!

Birgil cloudily approached Muyang’s side. He wasn’t at all affected by Muyang’s previous energy burst and said, “Congratulations on your great progress in strength. However, the move you just used seems to have great limitations.”

“That’s called Kaio-ken. It’s a move that forcibly increases power level and is very taxing on the body.”

Birgil nodded his head and didn’t ask much. For him, whose power level was up to 7 million, even if Muyang raised his power level to 180,000, it was only a level that he could defeat with a swing of his fist.

“The Spring of Life is good for strengthening your body. You could practice on the Planet Ambera for a while.” Birgil suggested.

Muyang smiled, “I was thinking of doing just that.”

He wasn’t in a hurry for the Galaxy Mercenary mission. The mission itself was just a tool to sharpen his strength; improving his strength was the most important thing.

So in the following days, Muyang spent the rest of the day practicing on Planet Ambera. If he had any questions, he could consult with Birgil, who was happy to talk to people after being alone for a long time. He was an excellent instructor, and his experience of over three hundred years made him rich in the training experience.


Time was like water, the air was slightly cold, and four months passed in the blink of an eye.

During these four months, Muyang felt like he was improving fast.

Thanks to the Spring of Life’s miraculous effect, Muyang’s power level had suddenly increased from 60,000 to 80,000 power levels. More importantly, he had been able to withstand the pressure of the Triple Kaio-ken.

In other words, with full strength, Muyang could maintain his 240,000 power level for a very long time!

240,000 power level, in the universe, was already as rare as a phoenix.

Of course, in addition to Muyang’s rapid advancement in strength and getting stronger every day, Mexia, who had been soaking in the Spring of Life for a long time, had also benefited greatly.

At this time, her billet soul’s strength was about to catch up with her main soul.


The night gradually passed, and the light of the morning peeked out.

In the sky, the vast Super Dragon Ball was still hanging in the middle of the universe.

In the morning, Muyang and Mexia’s billet entered the Acceleration Space together. Mexia’s billet transmitted her memories to the main body soul, but she didn’t fuse with the main body soul. Instead, she stared at it with big eyes, and the two souls floated together.

Mexia’s main body said, “As expected, my soul is getting stronger.”

Mexia billet soul said, “Yes, it is. I don’t even need to control ‘myself’ now. I can exist alone!”

“Shall we fight?” Mexia’s main body had an aperture above its head and was covered in a lingering aura.


Mexia’s soul was separated from the doll and condensed into a body with the Acceleration Space’s divine ki.

The two Mexias confronted each other in the sky. Soon, they fought again, and countless illusory shadows spread all over the vast Acceleration Space.

At this time, the “white” clouds in the sky pressed down to twenty kilometers from the ground. The range of space was still extensive.




The two met and burst into a fierce battle, then quickly separated. If we were talking about power level, they both had almost a thousand power levels.

“Hahaha, worthy of being ‘me.’ That’s how powerful I am.” Mexia laughed cheekily.

“That’s right. ‘You’ isn’t bad either.” Mexia Divided Soul also raised his head proudly.


Not far away, Muyang was quietly practicing.

A few black lines appeared on his head as he watched Mexia messing with herself. What kind of trouble was Mexia making? It was also herself, but acting like two people. She wouldn’t be practicing “Divine Divided Soul Tempering” if she did it like that.

“Mexia, stop it. Don’t make yourself look like you’re having a mental breakdown.”

The two Mexia snorted in unison, then glowed and fused into one person floating in front of Muyang, “Senior brother, I think it’s also interesting to talk to myself. I can also exchange martial arts.”

Muyang rolled his eyes, “I’m worried that you’ll make yourself into a split personality if you do that!”

“No way, how could the secret technique of the Planet Yardrat be that bad.” Mexia laughed and acted like she didn’t care at all.

Muyang said, “The secret technique of Planet Yardrat also doesn’t say that your split souls can be as strong as the main body. Your situation is different; give it a break.”

The two souls that had taken the Spring of Life were equally strong. In case they really made a split personality, they wouldn’t even know what to do.

In response to Muyang’s concerns, Mexia just laughed and said that if she really split into two people, shouldn’t he, the husband, be happier?

Well, there was nothing wrong with what she said.

After frolicking for a while, Muyang aimed at a small cloud of blue on the grass.

He didn’t know whether to say “Slime” or “Jelly.” After this part of Gaia’s body entered the Acceleration Space, it was as if a fish had entered the river. It grew up quite a bit, and now it was really the size of a steamed bun.

“Gaia’s, you really look like a steamed bun. I’ll call you a steamed bun from now on, okay? Steamed Buns…”

Squeak, no… bad…”

“That’s better to be called Gaia.”

Muyang laughed and picked it up to measure it, “What kind of creature are you? Why can you condense the Spring of Life? How about staying in the Acceleration Space and helping me take care of this place from now on?”

“Okay… like here…”

“I’m glad you like it here.”

Muyang laughed in a good mood. He then went out of the Acceleration Space, preparing to say goodbye to Birgil.

After being stranded on Planet Ambera for four months, now that his strength had significantly increased, he was ready to leave.


At the same time, North Area, the direction of the Northwest.

A smoke-filled spaceship crashed from space on top of a barren planet, hitting the ground with a rumble, raging winds. There was a violent impact that raised a large amount of dirt and rocks.

As the hazy smoke dissipated, an impact crater thirty meters in diameter appeared in the spot. With a cobweb-like cracked, the area around it stretching out for hundreds of meters.

Ahem, how are you doing, Bazda?”

A man in battle-armor climbed out of the spaceship wreckage—a Saiyan with a furry tail coiled around his waist.

Behind him, the Saiyan named Bazda followed and climbed out of the spaceship.

“I’m all right, Asike. Our spaceship is damaged, and Frieza Force will soon catch up with us. It looks like our lives are over.” Bazda said with a grin.

Without the spaceship, they were the equivalent of being trapped on top of this desolate planet, not to mention the Frieza Force’s chasing troops behind them.

“Honestly, do you have any regrets after leaving Planet Vegeta?” Asike asked.

Bazda’s face was firm, “What’s the regret? I’m doing this for the dignity of the Saiyans. I will never summit to Frieza even when I’m dead.”

Upon thinking of those men who left Planet Vegeta and died miserably at the hands of the Frieza Force, there was only hatred in Bazda’s eyes.

Asike said, “Me too. However, I’m about to die; I can’t bear my child!!”

“Your kid’s name is Badak; he’s six, right?”

Asike smiled a few times, “Yes, but unfortunately, he’s a Low-Class Warrior. It was too dangerous to run away this time, so I left him on Planet Vegeta, where it’s relatively safe.”

“It’s nice that you still have a family. That brother of mine, Bazita, has been missing for 12 years, and there’s no news of him at all.”

Speaking of this, Bazda looked ugly, “Damn, he’s an Elite Warrior. It seems like he was the one who took the mission from that bastard Frieza in the first place. Frieza’s men must have killed him.”

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