Dr. Jiang’s Daily Adversities

Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Boys are not allowed to peek at girls

The entire set instantly turned gloomy.

Zhou Xian was even more puzzled. Tsk, who was so daring as to blacklist Brother Mo?

“Pass me your phone. ”


“Brother Mo, here you go. ”

Jiang Tingxu had finally finished cleaning up at her end, and had just stepped into the bathroom.


The phone on the table rang.

A certain little person quickly answered the call for his mother:

“Hello, Jiang Tingxu isn’t here. If there’s anything, you may tell me. ”

The person on the other end of the phone paused for a moment and said in an unfriendly tone:

“Mo Zhining, why is it you? ”

Why did this voice sound so familiar?

He reached out his hand and dug into his other ear:

“How did you know that my name is Mo Zhining? Who are you? ”


The other party snorted.

“Pass the phone to your mother. ”

At this moment, Mo Boyuan felt that his son really needed to be taught a lesson.

Also, why were the two of them together again?

“Oh, Father, is there something you need from Jiang Tingxu? You can tell Ningning first, Ningning will help you pass the message to Jiang Tingxu. ”

If by now he still couldn’t tell that the other party was his own father, he was going to get his ass spanked.

Mo Boyuan wasn’t that patient. Not even when it came to his own son.

“Mo Zhining, if you don’t want to get beaten up, you better hurry up and do as I say. ”


“Dad, Ningning really can’t do it, because Jiang Tingxu went to take a bath. Boys aren’t allowed to peek at girls taking a bath! ”

Taking a bath?

On the other end of the call, Young Master Mo’s face turned red and his throat tightened:

“Then remember to tell your mother to remove the blacklist! ”

“Okay! ”

He hung up the phone decisively and ran towards the bathroom with it. He then knocked on the door:

“Jiang Tingxu? ”

After taking a quick shower and putting on her clothes, she heard her son knocking on the door.

“What’s wrong, Ningning? ”

Her hands moved even faster. After putting on all her clothes, she finally opened the door.

Seeing that the child was fine, she heaved a sigh of relief.

The little man was stunned by his mother’s quick reaction:

“Are you done showering? ” He asked.

Jiang Tingxu nodded as she put down her hair.

“What was that about? ”

Finally remembering the important matter at hand, the kid waved about the phone in his hand.

“Dad called just now and asked you to remove some blacklist. But what is a blacklist? ”

“Your dad? ”

“Yes! ”

Jiang Tingxu took the phone from her son’s hand and flipped through the phone records. The corners of her mouth curled into a sneer.

The next moment, Zhou Xian’s number was also dragged into the blacklist.

Then, she squatted down and said to the little guy,

“Be good, mommy will never put you in the blacklist! ”

The little guy blinked a few times, but didn’t really understand.

“Alright, you’re still little. You’ll understand when you grow up. Pack up, let’s get ready to go out. ”

“Alright. ”

As expected, he was still a child, and easily forgot things he couldn’t understand in the next moment.

The mother and son left the house about five minutes later:

“Ningning, is there anything you want to eat? ”

Little Ningning was still wearing his mother’s t-shirt and a fisherman’s hat on his head. It was a little too big, and could fall off any time to cover his eyes.

“Jiang Tingxu likes to eat, ” he said as he adjusted his hat.

Pfft, this child. Did he have to be this lovable?

She couldn’t help but ruffle her son’s head of soft hair.

“Alright then, let’s go eat some fish. I heard from Auntie Qiao that there’s a place with really good fish. ”

“Sashimi? ”

Ningning didn’t really like that…

“It’s not sashimi, it’s paper-wrapped fish. “

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