Dr. Jiang’s Daily Adversities

Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Blacklisted

It was the first time that the Mo family’s eldest grandson experienced food delivery. Those beautiful eyes of his lit up completely.

Jiang Tingxu looked at his son’s bright eyeballs and smirked a couple of times before unpacking the outer packaging.

Once the bag was opened, the cake could be seen clearly in the transparent box.

It looked really delicate and delicious.

“Ningning, do you want to see some magic?”

The little guy had already slurped up his drool several times after seeing the cake. He wanted to eat it!

However, he wanted to see some magic too.


“Then look closely.”

After untying the ribbon, she slowly uncovered the lid.

The cake was revealed in all its glory once the lid was completely open.

The smooth and delicate sea salt milk cap paired nicely with the soft chiffon cake and was topped with crispy nuts…

“Wow, this is so beautiful~”

Then he said, “Jiang Tingxu. Did you really make this magic?”


Why did she feel a bit reluctant to trick her silly son?

“What did you call me?”

The little guy never thought that his mother would change topics so fast. It was almost Godspeed!

In fact, the little guy had never addressed his mother properly. After all, they rarely met each other, and apart from schoolwork, Jiang Tingxu’s attention was solely focused on Mo Boyuan. She had little to no concern for her biological son.

The little guy was feeling very conflicted. Deep down, he really wanted to call her those two words, but he was somehow unable to call it out.

Jiang Tingxu felt helpless when she saw that the boy was on the verge of tears.

“Okay, okay, you can call me whatever you want. Let’s cut the cake and eat it.”

Who told her to disappoint that little guy in the first place?

She silently cut the cake and handed it to the little guy.

At that moment, Little Ningning’s face finally returned to normal. He took a bite out of the cake immediately after taking it from her.

“This is delicious! So sweet and so soft! You should eat it too, Jiang Tingxu!”


Jiang Tingxu did not really fancy that kind of sweet and greasy stuff. She could not stomach it after two bites, so she sat on one side and watched her son eat.

“Whoa~ Whoa~ it’s really delicious.”

The little guy exclaimed while eating.

She wondered whether the food from those small shops was really as delicious as the ones cooked by the chef that the Mos hired from abroad.

Neither ought to be compared with the other.

Nevertheless, if children were given the choice between eating something prepared by outsiders and something that was prepared by their mother, they would almost certainly prefer the latter. There was a completely different significance between those two scenarios!

“There’s still a bit to clean in the study. Is it okay if you eat here by yourself? We’ll go out once the cleaning is done.”

It was already past 11am. After another round of cleaning and another bath, it would already be around 12, which was just the right time to find a place for lunch.


“You can’t eat too much. Two pieces at most. Otherwise, you won’t be able to eat much when I bring you out to eat something delicious.”

The little boy was overjoyed when he heard that there would be delicious food.

“Ningning will eat two pieces.” He used his fingers to make a number two gesture at Jiang Tingxu.

“I’m going in then. Just let me know if you need anything.”


At the same time. On set.

During the intermission, Mo Boyuan sat in his exclusive chair with a rather sour expression.

His assistant was talking to the director some distance away.

“Zhou Xian.”

The assistant came quickly once his name was called.

“Brother Mo, what can I do for you?”

“I just wanted to ask you something. Why is the line always busy when I try to call?”


The assistant was momentarily stunned before he said, “This means you’re blacklisted.”


Mo Boyuan practically had to grit his teeth before managing to squeeze out that word.

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