Divinity: Against the Godly System

Chapter 45 - 46: Upgraded Store

The scroll disappeared from Ryder's hand. Ryder felt like there was new information on his mind.

His mouth was opened wide as he looked through the content of his knowledge.

"Wow," That's the only word that escaped his mouth.

He recovered from his daze after a few minutes.

He looked at the storage screen that was still in front of him.

There was still a mysterious box icon there, but there wasn't the X2 mark anymore.

He tapped on the icon of the Mystery Box again.

The second Mysterious Box also appeared in front of him and started floating in the air in front of him.

The box was almost three times bigger than that previous box.

He placed the box on the table in front of him.

He reached out his hand and picked up the key. He opened the box.

"What the fuck?" He let out in surprise as he saw the item inside.

As he opened the big box, what he saw was another smaller box inside.

He opened the small box with the same key, and there was even a smaller box inside.

"You're trolling me, aren't you?" Ryder said in an annoyed tone.

He kept opening the box and finding a smaller box inside until the box was of a similar size, comparable to the first mystery box.

Ryder opened the box once more and finally saw something new.

"A phone?" He exclaimed as he saw the item inside.

It was a phone that was quite different from the newer phones.

All the phones nowadays were semi-transparent, but the screen could only be seen from the front. No other person could see what was on the phone, but this phone looked like an old school phone.

He picked up the phone and observed it.

The phone had a metallic body and a 6.5-inch screen. The only thing different was that there were no cameras on the phone.

"Janus? What is it?" Ryder asked in confusion.

<It's called a Mythical Phone. Through it, the host can call mythical legends for advice if you need to have your questions answered. They will answer you to the best of their abilities.> Janus explained to him.

<The host needs to spend origin points for calls, though. The quantity you need to pay depends on the popularity of that legend. Some legends will cost you one origin point per minute, while others might cost you more than 100 origin points.> Janus finished explaining.

"This sounds interesting," Ryder said with a smile.

A personal phone to talk to the mythical legends. I should try it. 

He pressed the power button and turned the phone on.

The phone didn't look much different on the inside. The operating system was similar to android, which he appreciated. There were also a few common apps installed, but what attracted him the most was the contacts.

He wanted to see the legends he could call.

He tapped on the contacts app.

"What?" That was the only thing that escaped his mouth as the app opened.

There were no contacts. It was empty.

"Janus, how can I call someone when it's empty?" He said in an annoyed tone.

<You can only see the contacts after you load the app with credits. One credit is worth one origin point. If you load ten credits, you can see the names of the legends that cost one credit point per minute.>

"This sounds like a scam. First, I'll see the items that the upgraded store has. I need to complete a mission, after all," He muttered as he placed the Mythical Phone inside his pocket.

The Mysterious Box disappeared as well.

"Close storage," He commanded. The screen that was open in front of him closed.

"Open Store," He said as another screen opened in front of him.

This was the system's store that contained various special items.

"The store still looked the same, even after the upgrade," He said as he saw the screen in front of him.

The items at the beginning were the same.

"The Love Potion is still here," He let out with a wry smile on his face as he saw a familiar item. This was the item that he had found most weird last time; thus, it left quite an impression.

He kept scrolling and finally saw newer items after some time. The items cost more than a hundred origin points.

Ryder still had a total of 150 purchase points that he had collected after 11 missions.

He saw some quite unusual items, but some useful ones as well.

<Sword of bloodlust- 1500 origin points: The sword of demon deity that sucks the blood of its prey after killing them. Each kill makes it stronger.>

<Love potion 2.0- 100 origin points: The upgraded version of Love Potion. When you feed it to someone, they will fall in love with you instantly. The effects last for ten days> 

"That is indeed the upgrade from the previous 1-day effect to 10 days. If this was out on the market, I can't even think how many men would line up to buy it. There's a chance that it would sell for over a billion credits if they believed in its effects," Ryder chuckled as he read the description.

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