Divinity: Against the Godly System

Chapter 44 - 44: Opening Mystery Box

After 3 hours, Ryder finally woke up. He found himself lying on a sofa. Maria wasn't here.

He was quite thirsty. He took out a cold water bottle from the fridge and emptied the water bottle in an instant.

"Hah... finally, I feel somewhat better. It looks like the drug's effects wore off. I can't believe I got drugged so easily. I should be more careful in the future," He muttered with a thoughtful look on his face as he sat on a sofa outside.

'Now that I've woken up, time to think about Mark,' He thought as he started wondering what he could do about him.

'Wait a minute? Can't I purchase everything he owns? That should be considered willing. But then there's another problem. I don't have much money,' Ryder thought.

'Hmm...I have around three days to complete the mission, but I can't spend all my time on it. I need to take care of Lucifer as well. He has already caught up to me,'

Ryder stood up and left the hotel while he was lost in his thoughts. He had already received the information he needed. He didn't have much time to waste anymore.

Ryder left the hotel and started walking.

"Mark should be at the Bucky's; I think," He muttered. 

" Oh, right, Now that I think about it, I haven't even checked all the rewards I received for completing the missions, "He let out softly.

'When I think about it, I have collected quite a lot. There should be about 160 origin points, and the store should have been upgraded to level 2. There's also the Mystery box that I received from the mission-related to Esmi and the Secret reward from the Novice Village Mission,' He thought as he remembered all the missions he had completed.

He looked around as he tried to look for a private place.

Soon, he saw a karaoke bar. He started walking towards it.

He entered the bar and booked a private room for himself.

"Ah... are you alone?" The girl at the counter asked.

"Yeah," Ryder replied casually.

The girl at the counter looked at him with a weird gaze as she saw that he was alone.

"Here. You can go to room number 15," She gave him a key as she gazed at him with a pitiful gaze.

'Poor guy. He doesn't even have a friend to come with him. So sad," She muttered as she looked at him back.

Ryder entered the place and locked the door.

The first thing he did was to look around for cameras in the room. Fortunately, there were none.

He sat on a sofa. There was a wooden table in front of him.

"Open Inbox," Ryder spoke softly.

A semi-transparent screen opened in front of him. There was only one thing on that screen.

<The host has received a secret reward. Tap to see>

Ryder tapped on the message, and another screen popped open.

<The host has received a Mystery Box and its key. The mystery box is sent to the inventory>

"Close Inbox," Ryder said. The screen in front of him closed.

"Open Storage," Ryder muttered softly, and another screen opened in front of him.

The screen had 50 small box icons, most of which were empty. There were only two small boxes that had something in them.

One had a knife. It was the same knife that he used to kill that criminal. He kept that in his storage because he didn't want anyone to find it.

The second box icon had a small jeweled box in that with an X2 icon on it.

"Two Mystery Boxes. I can only hope that the reward is nice," Ryder said with a hopeful look on his face.

He double-tapped on a mystery box icon.

A small box appeared in front of him and started floating in front of him.

The box had a dimension of only 210x295x100mm.

Ryder placed his hands on the box and took it in his firm hold.

He placed the box on the table. The box was quite light.

There was a key on top of the box. Ryder took the key in his hand and inserted it in the lock.


The lock opened.

Ryder opened the box and finally saw inside the box.

"A scroll?" He let out with a wry smile on his face.

He picked up the scroll, but as soon as his hands touched the scroll, he finally heard Janus' voice.

<Congratulations. The host has received the 'Secret of Bluff.' Once the host learns the content of the scroll, his bluffs would be more believable. To learn it, you need to pay 10 Origin Points. >

<Does the host want to learn the 'Secret of Bluff'?> Janus said.

Ryder didn't know why, but he felt like Janus was making fun of him.

"Are you freaking serious? I had to complete an extra Mission just to get the key for that mysterious box, and that's the reward I get?" Ryder said as he looked at the shiny scroll.

<The host doesn't need to thank Janus for it. It's all because of the host's hard work and his luck. Janus only helped a little> Janus said in a happy tone.

"Screw it. Since I already got it, I won't waste it. Take ten origin points and teach me the Secret," Ryder said in an annoyed tone.

<Affirmative> Janus replied.

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