Divinity: Against the Godly System

Chapter 26 - 26: Caught

"So boss, Should I call you Mr. Maxwell?" Shu chuckled as he looked back at Ryder.

"Don't mention it ever again," Ryder said in annoyance.

"Hahaha... Alright. It never happened. So, where is your home? My home is in the Prosperity Hills, if yours is near, we can go there and join Divinity together, or we can go to my home," Shu asked.

'Prosperity hills? His family must be quite wealthy to afford a house there.' Ryder thought.

" My home is near 41st Street. As for joining together, I apologize, but I don't think I'll be joining today. I'm quite tired, and it's already evening. I'll most probably sleep today. We can meet inside the game, though. I have your ID, and I'll send you a friend request when I join," Ryder smilingly replied.

Although he was annoyed by Shu a lot of times today, he didn't dislike the man.

"Alright, Can my number so that I can have your contact as well. My number is 223334444. It's a VIP number," Shu chuckled as he said.

Ryder didn't argue and simply called Shu. He disconnected as soon as Shu's phone rang. They both saved each other's numbers.

Ryder was dropped off on 41st Street. Although his home was on 42nd Street, he didn't want Shu to know about it. He wanted hours of privacy; thus, he decided to walk there.


Around an hour later, the car reached Prosperity Hills and stopped in front of a luxurious mansion.

Shu got out of the car and paid the driver through his phone.

"Master Maxwell! You sneaked off again! How many times do I have to tell you that you shouldn't take such risks? Your security is more important to us. If you wanted to go out, you should have taken the guards with you," An old man came out of the mansion and began chiding Shu.

"Hahaha, I apologize, Butler Mu. I decided to go out alone today, and it was a good thing that I did. I had so much fun, and I even made a good friend," Shu smiled as he entered the mansion that looked as luxurious as it could get.

"Butler Mu, Do you think I should get a Ferrari 2047 model? I somehow want to get one," Shu let out casually as he was followed by Butler Mu.

" Really? Till now, you had no interest in cars and traveled in your personal helicopter everywhere. Why a car now?"

" Well, Since Brother Ryder talked about it, then it must be a good car. Arrange one for me," Shu smiled as he entered inside with the bag in his hand. The bag contained his Divinity gear.

Ryder didn't know that he had just pretended to be the owner of Dream Corporation in front of the real owner of the Dream Corporation.

He didn't know that Shu's full name was Shu Maxwell. He was the unseen CEO of the Dream Corporation. What no one knew was that Shu Maxwell was a big fan of games. 

Business and games were the only things that his life consisted of. He didn't have any friends or any family.

 His parents had died in a plane crash, and he had no siblings. Thus he became the sole owner of the Dream Corporation, and he had surprisingly managed the big organization quite well.

He increased the profits of the organization with his brilliant plans and was called the Miracle CEO by the media. Even after all that, except for a few important people and the heads of his own organization, not many people had seen him.

He entered his room and got ready to enter the world of Divinity.


Ryder had finally reached his home. He knocked on the door. 

Soon, the door was opened, and Ryder was faced with Alice, who looked quite angry.

"Do you need something?" She looked at Ryder and asked with an ignorant look on her face.

"What do you mean? I live here, Don't I?" Ryder said with a smile.

" Oh? Do you still remember that? I thought you lost all your memories because you were beaten by a girl for your perverted behavior, and that's why you didn't come home last night," She said sarcastically.

" Ah... Well. First of all, I'll say it again that I'm not a pervert. Secondly, I was standing in front of the shop all night to get Divinity. That's why I didn't come home," Ryder shamelessly made up a lie about his nightly endeavors.

" Hmph, you couldn't call either?" She asked again as she glared at him.

" Ah... I ran out of battery," Ryder replied without taking much time to think.

" Oh, really? I guess that can happen. You can enter," Alice said with a smile as she moved back from the door.

Ryder smiled as he successfully handled the situation and entered the house.

He was walking towards his room when his phone started ringing. His feet froze in place as soon as he heard the ring.

With shaking hands, he brought the phone out of his pocket as he turned back.

Alice was standing right behind him with a phone in her hands. Ryder looked at the phone, and it was Alice calling him.

"Come on. Pick up the phone," She said with a gentle smile.

Ryder picked up the phone and brought it closer to his ears. As soon as the phone was near his ears, Alice screamed loudly, " Liar!!!" 

She went back to her room and shut the door with full force. Ryder just stood there as he tried to think of an explanation.

" Alice! Wait a minute! I can explain it," Ryder knocked on her door as he thought about an explanation.

"What's your explanation?" Alice asked from the other side of the door. I met a friend when I was in line. I asked his help to book an Uber. I charged my phone in the Uber when I was coming here. I swear on my friend's life!" He replied to Alice.


Far away in a beautiful mansion, Shu was unboxing his Divinity set and couldn't help but sneeze abruptly.

"Hmm? Is someone talking about me?" He thought as he looked towards the door.


"Come on, Alice. It was circumstances, and I wasn't able to call you. I already told you everything, honestly. Also, I haven't eaten anything since the morning."

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