Divinity: Against the Godly System

Chapter 25 - 25: Mr. Maxwell

"Don't worry; I won't do anything to you. Even though you lied about me, I notice that it was my fault for acting arrogantly in front of you. You're a girl, and I should have respected girls. I should have allowed you to stand at the front. I apologize to you," Ryder said to the girl.

"Oh, right, just to be clear, I'm not saying it because I'm afraid of anything. I'm just saying this because I genuinely felt bad after you left. I wanted to apologize to you for a long time. Also, sorry for beating up your boyfriend," Ryder said in a gentle tone as he apologized to the girl.

The girl was taken aback and didn't know how to respond.

Ryder didn't say anything and simply turned back and looked at Shu.

"Shu! Let's go. My Ferrari is out for repair, so don't wait for it. It looks like we'll have to take Uber today," Ryder let out loud.

" Ferrari? " The girl muttered with a stunned look on her face.

Even Shu was shocked as he heard the name.

"You have a Ferrari? " The girl asked as she looked at Ryder.

"Yeah. A 2047 model. It was working quite well till the morning but started misbehaving for some reason. I told my driver to take it for repair," Ryder said in a carefree tone.

" You... You look so young. How can you afford a Ferrari and a driver?" She asked again.

" It's not because of my hard work. The thing is that my parents were quite rich and they had a company of their own. After they died, I became the owner of that company," Ryder told the girl.

"Have you heard of Dream Corporation?" Ryder intentionally said the name of one of the well-known organizations.

"Dream Corporation? Aren't they a big shot when it comes to car manufacturing and equipment for the army? " The girl exclaimed with a surprised look on her face.

"Yeah. That's mine. I'm the CEO of Dream Corporation," Ryder said with a carefree look on his face.

"Oh, right, I did hear that the CEO of the Dream Corporation was a man in his early 20s. That's you? " She let out with a shocked look as she believed him.

That's what Ryder wanted; that's why he took that name. It was a well-known fact that the Dream Corporation was owned by a young man in his early 20s.

"Don't speak so loudly. Not many people have seen me, and I don't want to start a commotion here," Ryder said lightly.

Shu was standing near Ryder and heard everything. His face was twitching the more he heard Ryder talk.

"Dream Corporation?" He muttered with an open mouth.

" Wow! I never expected to meet you, Sir. It is said that you don't like your photos being taken, and that's why there isn't any photo of you available online, but to think that you are standing in front of me," The girl looked starstruck as she talked to Ryder.

" There's nothing to worry about. I do like games, so I came out today to buy Divinity," Ryder continued lying shamelessly; on the other hand, the twitching on Shu's face was increasing.

"I'm really sorry for everything that I did, Sir. I didn't realize that you were such a big person," She apologized as she bowed down in front of Ryder.

"It's alright. Forget about it. I should leave now," Ryder said as he placed his hands on Shu's back and got ready to leave.

" Oh, right, If your home isn't far, how about I take you there?" Ryder acted as if he had just thought about it and turned back.

The girl grew excited as she nodded her head repeatedly.

Ryder brought his phone out and booked an Uber.

"Oh, right, I forgot to ask your name,"  Ryder asked with a smile.

Her face turned red as she replied, "I'm Maria. What about you, Sir?"

"I'm Ryder... Ryder Maxwell," Ryder said with a smile.

Although no one knew the name of the Dream Corporation's CEO, they knew that his last name was Maxwell. He was generally known as Mr. Maxwell.

"It's good to meet you, Master Ryder. I'm again sorry for everything," Maria apologized again.

"Hey, you'll make me feel bad if you keep apologizing like this. A beautiful girl like you shouldn't apologize so much," Ryder said as he chuckled.

'He called me pretty. If I can attract him, I might be able to become his wife and get rich.' The girl's face was red as she looked at him.  

Her thoughts started roaming all around the place as she wondered how she could make him more attracted to her.

"Should we take your boyfriend as well?" Ryder smilingly inquired.

"He? He's not my boyfriend. He's a friend who came to help me. He was pretending to be my boyfriend. Also, our other friends are almost here. They will take him. Master Ryder doesn't need to worry about it," Maria responded to Ryder as she lied.

" If you say so."

The car soon got there as well. Ryder had intentionally booked the most expensive ride. Although it cost him three times what he would have paid, but for the chain quest, it was worth it.

All three of them got in the car. Ryder and Maria sat in the back seat while the Shu sat in the front beside the driver.

The car kept traveling towards Maria's home while Ryder kept subtly flirting with Maria.

In about half an hour, the car reached the destination.

Maria opened the door of the car, but before leaving, she kissed Ryder on the lips.

"Treat it as my apology, Master Ryder. Here my number. You can give me a call anytime," She gave Ryder her card before leaving.

Ryder closed the door and smiled as he heard Janus' voice.

<Mission accomplished. Five origin points were added to the host's account. Chain Mission is unlocked and will be given to the host later>

"So boss, Should I call you Mr. Maxwell?" Shu chuckled as he looked back at Ryder.

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