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vChapter 1149 - To Ask For The Truth

Chapter 1149 To Ask For The Truth

Feng Yuheng’s story started from a child who was lost in the mountains, she told Xuan Tianfeng: “That child was abandoned by her family, she died, but after she died, she lived again, and when she revived, she seemed to have turned into another person, knowing medical skills, knowing martial arts, even knowing military tactics. Her memories from the past flowed in like a tide, she accepted them passively and knew everything about the family. Therefore, she started to take revenge, taking revenge against the people who had abandoned and harmed her. Finally, the days became better, she thought the storm had passed, but she met someone one day, that person should have been a stranger, but strangely, her emotions and body formed an unbreakable bond with that person, leading her to think, to search, and even going insane. She knew, that person had the same past memories as her, and she even knew that person is her true self, the true Master of this body. Now that person had returned, then, where should she go? Who exactly was she? Why did that person pester here with the emotions of hatred after returning? Is that person blaming her? Because her mother died, has also died in that revenge directed against her family, that person, came to seek payment for her mother?”

These were the guesses Feng Yuheng carried out with regards to the original owner in the recent days, excluding Yao Shi’s death, she could not think of any other reasons which could allow the original owner to harbour such huge hatred against her.

That’s right, it was hatred, the two of them did not have any actual interactions, but Feng Yuheng could sense emotions of hatred from the gaze of the original owner, her own body could also feel the desire for revenge from the other person. She could not under the reason for this. When she just transmigrated over, the original owner told her to take revenge for this when leaving the body and even thanked her. Thinking about this over and over, only the reason of Yao Shi was left, an accident which occurred during this plan for revenge.

Xuan Tianfeng listened to this story. It was as if he was reading a strange story spread amongst the people, and even if he was a person who read all the books in the world, he also had to use all of his ability to digest this story.

Feng Yuheng was not anxious as well, after finishing the story, she continued to eat as if she had not said anything at all, eating the dishes and drinking alcohol. When Xuan Tianfeng laughed loudly, she raised her head and asked: “Why is Sixth Brother laughing?”

Xuan Tianfeng said: “Because of an entertaining story, and because of a rarely obtained trust.” He raised his wine cup and said: “Congratulations to you, for obtaining a new life.”

Feng Yuheng blinked: “I only told a story, why am I involved now.”

“Regardless of whose story it is, we have to congratulate the two women in the mountains who both obtained new lives.” He drank all the wine, then told Feng Yuheng: “Sixth Brother can cure Ah-Heng’s mental illness, after we return, I will get the medicine for you, do you believe it?”

“My illness can only be cured with special medicine, if Sixth Brother only cures the symptoms and not the root of the issue, it is meaningless.” She smiled bitterly, “If her mother is still around, all of this might just take another form. Sixth Brother, you said Da Shun does not have a punishment of burning people to death, but what do you think, if that woman who was reborn in the mountains is in front of you, when her identity is exposed and known by everyone, what should be done? How should Da Shun treat that woman?”

“What else can be done?” Xuan Tianfeng spread out his arms, “Someone who practices medicine and saves people, someone who serves the people, someone who helped Da Shun break new ground, Da Shun would naturally treat that person as an honoured guest.”

“But…… she is only a ghost in the end.”

“There are no ghosts in the world, ghosts only exist in the hearts of humans.” Xuan Tianfeng tightened his fist slightly when he spoke, hitting the area where the heart was located, “It is only a story, everyone in the world would only know that this is only a story, but the person who told the story wants to treat is as something real, Ah-Heng, you are too stubborn. Forget it, forget it, you do not need to care about this matter, leave everything to Sixth Brother, do not worry, Sixth Brother’s mental medicine will not cure all illnesses, but it will definitely cure your illness.”

“Sixth Brother can really solve it?” Feng Yuheng’s eyes contained hope and expectations which could not be hidden.

“If I cannot handle one small matter, how can I manage a country?”

This was the promise Xuan Tianfeng gave Feng Yuheng, and in reality, Xuan Tianfeng really fulfilled this promise!

The day after they left the village, without consulting each other, almost all the storytellers in the tea houses in the capital all used the Feng family as a blueprint, talking about the matters of the Feng family over the years without obscuring any names. All the theatre troupes also used the Feng family as a script, singing about Feng Yuheng various battles of wits with the people in Feng manor.

What was included was Feng Jinyuan being focused on sending Feng Chenyu into the palace to be Empress; and also Chen Shi working together with the Chen family many times to attempt to kill Feng Yuheng; and the Granny being unable to make up her mind and constantly switching stances; as well as Han Shi seducing a troupe actor and causing Feng Jinyuan to wear a huge green hat. This included when they first entered the manor, Zirui was almost given aphrodisiacs by Chen Shi at a young age, and they even talked about how Zirui was taken in as a personal disciple of the Emperor’s teacher Ye Rong with Feng Yuheng’s help.

Other than the people earlier, people even talked about Yao Shi, the birth mother of that Princess Ji An. They talked about how Feng Yuheng asked for a certificate of divorce from the Emperor so her mother can be free from the evil claws of Feng manor; talked about how Yao Shi was harmed by someone and was poisoned by Xiaoyao Powder, Feng Yuheng whipped the Third Prince Xuan Tianye severely because of this; it even talked about how Yao Shi mood became very extreme because of this, often reprimanding Feng Yuheng about how she was too cruel to the people of the Feng family; and when Yao Shi finally stabbed Feng Jinyuan and cut off the possibility of descendents, she actually became a fake married couple with Feng Jinyuan again and adopted a person who looked very similar to Feng Yuheng as a daughter, taking that daughter to Lan Province at the southern border, helping the Eighth Prince in obtaining the throne.

Everything that was related to the Feng family, it was also not known how these people knew this many details, they spoke from morning till night, and even when night came, the people listening to the story called out at them not to pack up and leave, willing to give more silver and hear the whole story.

Therefore, the storytellers spoke for five days and five nights, the theatre troupes also performed for five days and five nights, that Feng family which had already fallen in the capital seemed to have revived again, scene after scene appearing in front of everything, causing people to remember the events during those years, causing them to sigh and lament how unfair the days were for Princess Yu when she waited for marriage in her maternal home.

During these five days and five nights, a woman was also one of the listeners in the tea houses. That woman had a normal appearance, dressed like a Madam, sitting behind a screen together with her maid. To make it convenient to listen to the story, she rented a guest room above the tea house, going up to rest after listening to the story every day, coming down the next day during the opening time to continue listening.

This person was Chunyu Ling, during the years she was in Zong Sui, even though she heard about the matters related to Da Shun’s Feng family. Since Feng Jinyuan was the Left Prime Minister, when the Zong Sui scouts observed Da Shun, they would naturally observe him as well. She more or less knew some of what happened at Feng manor, but she only knew the result, she also knew that Feng Chenyu sought her own death and was given the punishment of being cut at the waist, but she did not know how Chenyu caused her own death; she also knew Feng Jinyuan fell from the position of Left Prime Minister step by step, and became a normal commoner in the end, but she did not know how these steps were taken. Including about Yao Shi going to the south later on, she only knew Yao Shi did not get along with Feng Yuheng, but she did not know the reason for that, and knew even less about what happened during the final period of Yao Shi’s life.

She only knew that the person who occupied her own body did not treat her mother well, only knew that Yao Shi almost broke off all relations with her own daughter. Therefore she felt that the person who occupied her body was a demon, not only did she cause the death of the Feng family, she did not even spare her mother.

So she hated that person and wanted to take revenge. During these days, she heard about the various states of Princess Yu and felt very happy, hoping that Princess Yu would scare herself to death.

But until these few days when she heard about the story said by these storytellers, when an entirely new “Legend of the Feng Manor” was presented in front of her, she started to feel confused, not knowing what is true and false. Especially with regards to the explanation about Yao Shi, this caused her to have a new understanding of the hatred hidden deep within her heart, almost overturning everything she knew in the past.

But Chunyu Ling was not stupid, for such planned storytelling to occur, it was clear that someone was controlling this in the shadows, it might even be Feng Yuheng who was intentionally arranged this for her to hear, so she would not listen to only the storytelling from the storytellers. But during these few days when listening to the story, the commoners who were also listening to the story were also chatting. When they talked about Yao Shi, all of them thought that Yao Shi had let Feng Yuheng down, let her own daughter down. Everyone praised Feng Yuheng without any exceptions, and with regards to the mother Yao Shi, many people said: “She is no different from Feng Jinyuan, white eyed wolves, she is blind to how well Princess Yu treated her all those years.”

Chunyu Ling asked the maid next to her: “What do you think, did Feng Yuheng let her mother down, or did her mother let her down?”

The maid thought and said: “It should be her mother who let her down, right?”


“Because everyone is saying this? Madam would always stroll around the streets these days, didn’t you also hear many things about Princess Yu’s maternal family in the past? Until now, we did not hear anyone say that she harmed her mother. Since everyone is saying so, then it should be true.”

“Is that so?” Chunyu Ling frowned, “But what if all these people were all bribed by that Princess Yu……”

“What is the point of bribing them?” The maid said, “Everyone knows that Princess Yu’s methods are harsh, but her heart is good, everyone also knows about her assisting and saving the people. Her fighting with the Feng family until it became like this, this is something which everyone knows, what is there to bribe about?”

Chunyu Ling did not speak again, but she stood up and no longer sat there listening to the story. The maid saw her walk outside and quickly chased after her, speaking softly as she chased: “Madam, where are we going now? Are we returning the General’s place tonight? We have already come out for a few days, even though we have the General’s permission, it is not safe to stay outside, This Servant is worried that something bad will happen to you!”

“What can happen?” Chunyu Ling did not like this girl, saying coldly: “I am only a normal Madam, what can happen? Would you tell the Da Shun officials the secret and say that I am someone from the manor of a Zong Sui General?”

“How is that possible?” The maid said helplessly: “Madam is overthinking this, This Servant is only worried about you.”

“Since you call yourself a servant, then shut your mouth, I am still the First Miss from the General’s manor, if you only acknowledge the General as your Master, then there is no need to follow me in the future.” Chunyu Ling walked forward as she spoke, “I am going to a place, if you have the courage, then follow me, if you do not dare, then return to the General’s side and tell him, I am going to a person to ask for the truth.”

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