Divine Doctor: Daughter of the First Wife

vChapter 1148 - Did You Commit Any Ghostly Acts?

Chapter 1148 Did You Commit Any Ghostly Acts?

“All of you shut up! You’re not allowed to discuss freely! Not allowed to gather around in the streets! Not allowed to spread rumours! Everything is not allowed! Do you hear me?” On the streets of the capital, Feng Yuheng held her whip and stood in the street. While in the center, she shouted at these people who scattered all directions because of her insane actions. Everyone’s gazes as they looked at her switched from fear to worry, then from worry, it switched to not knowing what to do. Everyone did not understand. Princess Yu had always been well and normal, why did she change into her current state?

Finally, there was no one else on the streets, only Feng Yuheng was left. The whip in her hand was dragged around the ground carelessly, the icy temperature of the ground reached her soles through the bottom of her shoes, reaching her ankles, spreading to her knees, and gradually, both her legs were numb.

She stood there in a daze like this. She stood there for a long time since an imperial carriage stopped in front of her, a refined, scholar-like person walked out and an expression of pain which could not be hidden was shown on his face. She saw that person stand at the edge of the imperial carriage, reaching out a hand to her, saying softly: “Ah-Heng, don’t be afraid, get on.”

Feng Yuheng got on the imperial carriage in a blur and when the imperial carriage slowly moved forward out of the city and the surroundings quietened down, she finally came back to her senses, staring at the person opposite her, asking in confusion: “Sixth Brother? Why are you here? I…… where is this? Where are we going?”

Xuan Tianfeng breathed a sigh of relief. Ever since Feng Yuheng was brought into the carriage by him, she had been in a daze. She did not hear anything he said, did not answer anything he asked, and did not even dodge when he pulled her hand. Xuan Tianfeng was worried, but he did not know what to do. He could only watch over her and ponder in his heart, should he follow the plan to take her out of the city to a village to relax or turn back immediately to ask Yao Xian to examine her?

Until Feng Yuheng came to her senses and spoke, he felt relived and quickly replied: “Administrative affairs have been heavy recently, I thought of that village you have outside the city and wanted to take a trip over there, I met you on the streets coincidentally.”

“Met me on the streets…… then, Sixth Brother, did you hear about anything? With regards to me, what did you hear?” Feng Yuheng asked this very cautiously, staring straight at Xuan Tianfeng’s eyes, trying to see if his reply is genuine or fake.

But Xuan Tianfeng did not really understand her words, he only knew about Feng Yuheng’s recent state from Ren Xifeng, but he did not know what she meant by asking what he knew. So he asked in return: “What do I know? What should I know about?”

Feng Yuheng jolted a little and became obviously more relaxed, “With this, you don’t know anything. It’s good, it’s good that you don’t know anything, but…… since you don’t know anything, why did you bring me onto your imperial carriage? If you want to go to the village, you can go on your own, why did not bring me along? I still have many things to do, Sixth Brother, I will not accompany you now.” As she spoke, she got up and wanted to alight.

After the imperial carriage left the city, it travelled very quickly, seeing that Feng Yuheng was going to go outside without even notifying the driver and it looked like she was prepared to jump off the carriage, Xuan Tianfeng got such a fright that he grabbed onto her, “Don’t leave so quickly, I am asking you for …… an examination.”

“Hm?” Feng Yuheng’s actions finally stopped, and she turned back, looking at Xuan Tianfeng and asking: “An examination? For who?”

Xuan Tianfeng did not have any other ideas, he did not want to reveal his recent physical condition at first. Being seen by Ren Xifeng was already an accident, he did not want to tell Feng Yuheng at all. But he really did not have any other ideas now, Feng Yuheng was so perceptive that he could not think of anything, without any other choice, he would only reveal his sickness: “I coughed up blood today.”

“Coughed up blood?” Feng Yuheng was stunned and no longer mentioned about leaving. She sat back on the seat and grabbed Xuan Tianfeng’s wrist to check his pulse. “How did it become like this?” She glared at Xuan Tianfeng, “Sixth Brother, why did you tire yourself to this state? And you coughed up blood today? You have been coughing up blood for the past seven days, right?”

Xuan Tianfeng did not answer her, but asked in return: “Ah-Heng, why did you torment yourself until this state? DO you know? When you held the whip and stood on the streets, I almost did not dare to acknowledge you. The Ah-Heng I know is not like this, that is a woman who is always filled with vigour at any moment, a woman who would face any troubles encountered with confidence and solve them, and is also a woman who would cause others to see hope in her. I still remember you in the village in the suburbs pointing to the mountains behind and telling me about the visions you have for the area in the future, and still remember the chats and drinks we have overnight in Ji An Prefecture. But in a blink of an eye, how did you become like this?”

Feng Yuheng’s hand was still holding onto Xuan Tianfeng’s wrist, trembling slightly. But she gradually pulled herself away from the emotions of insanity, and it was as if she returned to reality in an instant. She looked at Xuan Tianfeng, opened her mouth and finally called out half a beat later: “Sixth Brother.” Then the next sentence was: “You came!”

It was as if she had forgotten everything which had just happened, it was as if she only saw Xuan Tianfeng now. She completely lost the support from when she was in a crazed state and slumped over entirely.

Xuan Tianfeng caught her, and helped her sit opposite him, but then he heard Feng Yuheng speak in a trembling voice: “Sixth Brother, do you know? Xuan Tianming and Seventh Brother have both left, I am very scared.” No matter how tough she was, she was just a woman, women were weak, and when she was helpless, she also needed people to help, and also needed someone to protect her. During these days, she had too much pain in her heart, other than Yao Xian, she could not pour out her heart out to anyone else. But Yao Xian also could not help her solve the root issue, that matter and that person kept spinning in her heart day and night, she could not chase it away and could not suppress it. She told Xuan Tianfeng: “Sixth Brother, I actually wanted to enter the imperial palace to find out, but you are busy with matters of the country, I cannot distract you at this time. But I…… can hardly hold on anymore!”

Xuan Tianfeng felt that his heart was in pain, for this woman, he used to hold a very special feeling towards her, that feeling was not love, but it exceeded friendship, it was not kinship, yet it was stronger than those who were blood related. He used to treat Feng Yuheng as a special existence, especially when he saw Ji An Prefecture change under the Feng Yuheng’s management, he seemed to have treated Feng Yuheng as a mental pillar of support. He even had a thought once, if this woman became independent and became a ruler, he would rather give up his status as Da Shun’s prince, be by her side and be a normal teacher.

But now, his mental pillar of support had collapsed, to Xuan Tianfeng, the pain in his heart did not lose to the fear in Feng Yuheng’s heart.

He reached out and slightly placed his hand on her shoulder, holding her hand with his other hand, telling her sincerely: “I do not know how to help you, but I hope I can transmit some of my power to you, I am not asking you not to feel afraid anymore, I just want to tell you, no matter what you encounter, no matter who is missing by your side, as long as I am still around, I will not allow you to face this alone. Ah-Heng, remember this, no matter what you encounter, Sixth Brother will protect you, just like…… protecting the younger sister I love the most, I will not allow you to suffer even the slightest grievance.”

“But what if I am a monster?” Feng Yuheng suddenly said this, and shook her head after saying this, speaking in a self-absorbed manner: “No, it should not be monster, it should be ghost. Sixth Brother, have you ever thought, if someone told you one day, the Feng Yuheng you knew all along is not a person like all of you, she is only a ghost, what will you view me as? Based on Da Shun’s laws, are you going to tie me to a fire pile and burn me to death?”

“What nonsense are you saying?” Xuan Tianfeng frowned, “Not considering if Da Shun had a rule of burning people to death, even if there is, then what does that have to do with you? Talking about ghosts and things, let me ask you, have you ever harmed anyone? Have you ever eaten anyone? Have you ever committed any ghostly acts?”

Feng Yuheng shook her head, “As a medical practitioner, I treat people with kindness, I hope the world can be peaceful and healthy, my Hundred Herb Hall is open in various states and provinces, and even if I have my own selfish motives, but in the end, I hope that when people encounter illnesses and pains which are difficult to solve, Hundred Herb Hall can allow them to survive. I am open in everything I do and if people do not offend me, I do not cause trouble with them.”

“Then how is that considered a ghost?” Xuan Tianfeng could not help but laugh, “If you do not commit any ghostly acts, then how is that considered a ghost?” After saying that, he reached out and pinched her face, “You are clearly a person who physically exists, why are you talking about being a ghost? Ah-Heng, you do know that this is a mental illness? You are a divine doctor and have the best medicine in the world, but the only thing you do not have is medicine for mental illness.”

“That’s right! I do not have medicine for mental illnesses, I only cannot truly describe the differences between a human and ghost.” She smiled and shook her head a little, her mental state improving a little. She pulled open the curtains of the carriage and looked outside, and her own village in the suburbs could already be seen, so she turned around and told Xuan Tianfeng: “Since we have come out, Sixth Brother can accompany me to the village and stay for a while. Nothing grows in this season anymore, but the village will have a lot in their storage every year, we can eat anything we want. Oh, that’s right, there is no need to worry about your illness, even though it is troublesome for normal physicians and even the imperial physicians in the imperial palace might find it hard to handle, you don’t need to be afraid if I’m around, I can cure it.”

Xuan Tianfeng was a little dazed by what she said, it was as if that familiar Feng Yuheng had retuned. That exuberant air of vigour spread out in this space that was not that large, agitating his mental state.

“Alright.” He nodded, “I trust you, then can you trust me? I can also cure your mental illness, do you trust that?”

Feng Yuheng also nodded, “Sixth Brother said you can cure it, I will trust that.”

The two looked at each other, laughing out loud.

Finally sitting down in the village, the servants opened the cellar and took out the vegetables and meats in storage, making a meal of authentic dishes made by farming families, and the two ate very happily.

Xuan Tianfeng said: “When I was travelling outside in the past, I would not be very picky about my meals and I would normally see these types of dishes often. But ever since I entered the imperial palace to be Regent, I have never eaten food that was this delicious. So look, not everyone likes to be Emperor. At least to me, I have lost freedom in the imperial palace and it is not as good as being outside.” After he said that, he reached out and poke Feng Yuheng’s forehead, sighing in frustration: “You! Sending me into the imperial palace with one sentence, and I do not even know if I can leave it in the future.”

Feng Yuheng jolted a little, asking: “Sixth Brother does not blame me?”

Xuan Tianfeng shook his head: “I do not blame you. This is my responsibility as someone from the Xuan family. For many years, my heart was focused on books and literature, travelling outside for most of the year. Currently, it should be my turn to do something for the Xuan family and shoulder some responsibility.”

The two ate food and drank alcohol, the atmosphere was rather good, Feng Yuheng’s mental state improved by a lot. Finally, they spoke until the topic she did not want to mention the most, but this time, Feng Yuheng mentioned it first, she told Xuan Tianfeng: “Is Sixth Brother willing to listen to a story?”

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