Divine Brilliance

Chapter 9 - Extra acupoints

Chapter 9: Chapter 9 Extra acupoints

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After half a day, Yin Yang finally returned after going off on his own. He brought with him several huge packages. There were clothes, food, spices, and other items; it was enough for a few years. However, his expression was really dark, several times worse than when he left.

Returning to the carriage, he unexpectedly did not hide anything. He called Chuxue into the carriage and explained everything in front of Zong Shou.

“After hiding it from you for so long, with the situation being so dangerous and uncertain, Yin Yang doesn’t dare to hide it from you anymore. In truth, there has been no news from master for several months. I tried to find some people to get information, and they said that half a month ago, some people personally witnessed master being forced into the Oblivion Cloud Ocean.”

Within the carriage, there was a slight sound when Chuxue accidentally hit the teapot on the side. All the blood on her face was gone.

Zong Shou’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he did not say anything.

Currently, he was on the Donglin Cloud Continent of the Cloud World, hanging over the Cloud Ocean. It was twelve million square miles in size, and one of the five biggest continents in the Cloud World.

The Oblivion Cloud Ocean was located south of the Donglin Cloud Continent. Legend had it that there were many mysteries about this place. No matter if it were beast or human, they would definitely die if they entered that place.

Ten thousand years from now, people investigated the mystery. But at this time, it was still a death zone, especially before the spiritual energy exploded. Apart from those ancients in the Cloud World, probably no one else could go deep inside.

Hence, it was no wonder that his cousin-brother had the courage. Once someone entered the Oblivion Cloud Ocean, their chances of survival were really slim.

Chuxue slightly stabilized her thoughts. Gritting her teeth, she tried to hold on, “It is only the Oblivion Cloud Ocean. With master’s ability, there’s definitely a chance he will be able to walk out from there!”

Yin Yang looked expressionlessly at Chuxue. Not bothering about her, he said, “Master isn’t a person with a short life, and I know about his skill. The problem now is the fight for the throne. The brothers and nephews of master are all ambitious. For example, that Zong Yu…”

Chuxue held her breath, not debating that point. She furrowed her brow. “Isn’t it just the battle for control of Gantian Mountain? At most, Young Master won’t be the heir!”

“But if we can’t borrow the power of Gantian Mountain, what would the prince use to face the enemies of master?” Yin Yang smiled coldly as he clenched his fists tight. In his tiger gaze, there was a cold killing intent.

“My words are equivalent to my life. I have promised Master I would protect the Prince and let him inherit the position of Gantian Mountain Monster King. Even if I die, I won’t betray that promise. Anyways, we can’t stay here for too long. Before Master left, he ordered us to send the Prince to the Lingyun Sect. It seems like he predicted this.

“We need to rush to Pill Spirit Mountain to be safe! Pill Spirit Mountain has really strict rules, different from Linhai College. This journey will be even more dangerous, so my Prince, please be mentally prepared!”

Chuxue heaved a sigh of relief, her eyes filled with uncertainty, “We leave now? Young Master and I saw Zong Yu. That Li Ling and Li Du were also there. Who knows, maybe the other brothers are also a part of this!”

The moment her words landed, Yin Yang waved his sleeves, cutting her off, “Today, it is only one Zong Yu and the Li Family brothers. After a few days, once the others catch wind of it and arrive, it will be even more difficult to take a step out of this Twisted Gathering!”

His tone was certain and not to be doubted. Yin Yang did things with lightning-like decisiveness. He immediately stood up and exited the carriage.

Chuxue’s expression was still uncertain. Only after the carriage rose into the air did her expression turn disappointed. “It is all my fault. If I knew this would happen, I would have let Young Master stay within Linhai College.”

Zong Shou had seen through everything, and he smiled like it was a matter of no concern. On the contrary, it was Chuxue that was worried.

His father asked someone to bring him out of Linhai College, probably because he knew that its strength was not enough to protect him from his enemies. As such, one could see how strong the enemy was.

Zong Shou did not care much about the position of king. He was also thinking about giving it up for his cousins to fight for it.

However, after listening to Yin Yang’s words, this did not seem like a smart idea. Apart from taking the risk to flee toward Pill Spirit Mountain, there was no other way he could leave.

In the end, it was unavoidable for them to bring their knives to the battlefield.

On the other hand, he cared about his father’s identity.

Gantian Mountain was one of the monster race’s sacred places. After the spiritual energy exploded, the ruler of the mountain controlled and ruled over the west of Donglin Cloud Continent’s million monster races.

He could vaguely remember that within tens of years, this Gantian Mountain had changed Monster Kings several times.

There were no outstanding people among them. Moreover, those heroes born during the God Emperor era were simply too eye-catching.

It resulted in the Gantian Mountain becoming a blind spot in their memory, such that they did not even record the names of the Monster Kings, let alone those people before the God Emperor era.

These people could only vaguely remember that in the Cloud World ten thousand years ago, there was a Sky Fox Zong Family that was famous.

However, without any new clues, it was tough to know which Monster King his father was.

Chuxue still sat at the side with her brows locked tight. Zong Shou took out a Willow Mark knife. The knife was like a fluttering butterfly as he twisted and turned it with his fingers. It was thin as a cicada wing, but with substantial weight, feeling totally different from the ironwood flying knife.

The knife itself had many carved marks, similar to those of the Pine Pattern Wind Sword he had bought. One was speed, while the other was sharpness.

It would make the knife faster and the tip sharper when the knife was thrown. The difference would be that after thirteen years of changes, the effects were far above the marks of this era.

There were also some other lines that were totally useless. Not only did it not have any effect, it made it tough for others to see the secret to these markings.

As he held the mark knife in his hand, Zong Shou could tell that the spirit blacksmiths of Baobing House were not simple. They were all pinpoint and precise, and the amount of blood copper added was perfect. It was like blood vessels spread across the knife. The spiritual marks on the knife were all perfectly drawn.

He continued to spin it until the shape, the center of gravity, the weight, and the thickness were all etched into his heart. Only then did that flying knife stop.

This was also one of the important parts of the Six God Defensive Knife Technique. If one did not understand the flying knife like it was a part of their body, how would they be able to shoot it out accurately and claim the lives of their enemy?

The best method would be to craft it himself. However, with his current condition, it was not practical, and this was the second-best solution.

The knife handle faced the outside, while the tip faced in toward his palm. Zong Shou held it like that, closing his eyes as he sat quietly. Threads of true qi were infused into the body of the knife through the red copper channels, roatating inside.

In his body, apart from the energy sea and the Foundation Chakra that each had four acupoints opened, there were five more slightly brighter spots in his right hand and left chest. These were located outside of the nine Chakra Meridians.

These were extra points of the wind type. Medical books named them Lingchi, Luantai, Fengxia, Zhenming, and Guanfeng. Since the four acupoints of the Foundation Chakra were opened, the essence energy from the green beast crystals was used to strike these five extra points.

Not only were they all opened, but they were even fully filled by true energy from the wind beast essence energy. The energy stored in every one of those extra points far exceeded the energy circulating in the Foundation Chakra.

This was also one of the special techniques he learned in his last life, which was to open up the extra points to increase energy.

Six God Defensive Knife Technique, use energy to grow the knife, use spirit to grow the knife.

He was far from able to do the latter, but with the true qi stored in these five extra points, he could barely achieve the former.

Those threads of true qi were continuously injected and cycled. In a short while, Zong Shou was able to form a spiritual connection with the knife.

However, that was the max he could go, so he changed it for the next knife. With his current skill, if he wanted to use spirit to grow the knife to use it like it was a part of his body, it was impossible.


Just half an hour had passed. The carriage had exited Twisted Gathering, and the horses once again galloped into the wilderness.

The scenery outside flew by. A few figures stood on the hill ahead and jumped into their field of sight.

Feeling a piercing pain in his brows, Zong Shou placed down the knife in his hand as he looked outside the window.

“It’s Zong Yu and the Li Family brothers. Oh? Xue’er, do you know who that man is?”

Beside Zong Yu was an old man, his face thin and shriveled up. He carried a long sword, and his hand was like an eagle’s claw.

Chuxue had noticed the man before him. Her eyes had actually shrunken to the size of a needle.

“It’s Wu Wei, Burning Sword Wu Wei!”

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