Divine Brilliance

Chapter 8 - Golden Needle Acupoint Testing

Chapter 8: Chapter 8 Golden Needle Acupoint Testing

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After buying the Pine Pattern Wind Sword, the Willow Mark knives, and the iron needles from the shop, the two of them did not continue to shop and returned to the carriage.

Along the way, Chuxue kept silent and did not say anything. However, she did not try to hide the worry in her eyes, either.

When Zong Shou returned to the carriage, she suddenly opened her mouth. “Young Master, that Zhou Yu has always been crafty. The words he says are always half-false, so don’t pay attention to it. Master has just temporarily lost contact, and he definitely hasn’t fallen. With his ability, how many people in this world could kill him?”

Zong Shou kept silent. If Zhou Yu’s words were not true, why did Chuxue react in such a way?

Even if the father that he had never met and had no memory of had not died, the situation was still a bad one.

Without a certain amount of confidence, why would Zong Yu take such a huge risk, not bothering about the consequences to try and kill the heir?

Although his heart felt chilly, Zong Shou did not show it on his face. Giving her a warm smile, he stepped into the carriage.

When he sat down, he let out a bitter smile.

How was this good? Looking at the way Zong Yu acted, he was obviously really confident. The moment he stepped out of Twisted Gathering, those people would probably strike.

Although they did not know what kind of trump card Zong Yu possessed, with his own skill, along with those two servants, they were already very hard to deal with.

Was he going to die again after coming to this world?

Although he still was not certain about his situation, and he did not know whether he had any hope of returning, even ants craved to live, much less humans!

His eyes slowly turned cold as he flipped his right hand, pulling out several silver needles and a green crystal.

He had prepared these needles for himself for acupunctural use. Along with the Energy Leading Technique, it would increase the efficiency of body strengthening.

The latter was a Grade Two Green-Faced Wolf beast crystal, which he took out from his bag. In the market today, it was worth ten thousand silver, or a hundred gold.

If Zong Shou was willing, these two items could be used in another way to solve this crisis.

However, if he took this step, he could not stop and could not turn back.

If he were unable to reach the peak, only hell would await him.

After contemplating for a while, he gave out a cold laugh. To still hesitate at such a moment showed that he was simply too weak.

Before entering Twisted Gathering, he already knew that he had no choice, so why was he still hesitating?

Lighting up the lamps in the carriage and scorching the needles, Zong Shou did not bother about the Chuxue outside. His right hand controlled the needles; his hand was firm like a clamp, accurately stabbing the inch-long steel needles into his body.

A total of forty needles were stabbed into various acupuncture points. He sat cross-legged and closed his eyes as he focused, while pain spread across his body.

In the Cloud World, there were many races. As a result, each and every person had different acupuncture points. Even brothers from the same parents would have slightly different ones. Only the major acupoints and nine chakra points were the same.

Zong Shou was a half-monster and also had dual meridians, so he had to be really careful.

These needles were following the Golden Needle Accupoint Testing Method he learned in his last life, which was born from acupuncture techniques. Its value was even greater than those top-grade martial art techniques.

Normal martial artists could only learn the few common acupoints on one meridian. Only when medicine became better in the later years did the situation improve.

Zong Shou in his last life could use this needle technique to accurately find all the acupoints in one meridian.

Be it cultivation speed or true qi gathering, it was not something that normal cultivators could do.

Inserting the steel needle, Zong Shou moved his internal energy to flow through his body so that he could observe it.

In less than eight minutes, his face was ashen white, and thin sweat beads appeared on his forehead. This was actually more tiring than training the sword style once.

“Nine chakra points of the body. First, train in the foundation chakra to strengthen the foundations and solidify the source. Dual meridians, each finding sixteen acupoints, which is not bad. But this Wind Spirit extra point, I searched the entire body and could only find five. So be it…”

After all, he had just opened up his energy ocean and lacked true qi, so he was unable to truly investigate his entire body. To be able to map out a large part of it still relied on his experience from his last life, and was enough to satisfy him.

As his cultivation improved, he would naturally be able to totally control this chakra meridian.

What he cared the most about were still the Wind Spirit extra points. A total of five, no more, no less. There were no surprises and also no disappointments.

Both his hands moved once more; they were still stable and accurate as he pulled out all the steel needles, one by one. He pulled out threads of blood and was totally unaffected by the weakening of his stamina.

He gathered a few more pinky-sized green crystals in his hand. They were all Grade Two Green-Faced Wolf wolf beast crystals.

Without any hesitation, he stated grimly, “Swallow energy!”

In that instant, his right hand was like a magnetic rock. The surrounding energy and even dust were attracted to it.

Within his hand, two thin, weak streams of really explosive essence energy flowed down his hand and directly entered his energy ocean.

It circled outside the ocean while being tamed, step by step. It was knocked around and cleaned by the vital energy in his body. The vital energy acted like a huge net, smashing out the impurities from within.

His left hand used the needles once more, stabbing into his body. He used twenty-seven of them, stabbing them in right below his abdomen.

He let the cycle repeat ten times until the streams were purified to the limit. Only then did he lead the energy into his chakra meridian.

At the same time, he spat out a bloody mist.

From the moment the essence energy from the beast crystals entered his body, it caused the energy ocean that he had just opened to double in size!

This essence energy was naturally nothing to high-ranked experts, but it was huge to him!

His energy ocean was naturally unable to store it all, so he directed the energy to scatter and hit all the corners.

A large portion of the essence energy was directed by Zong Shou. Like a flood, it was strongly infused into the deepest part of his energy ocean, into the two thick meridians.

A crisp tearing noise sounded in his nose once more. Following which, a blistering pain spread across his entire body. It was like numerous high speed turning drills stab into his body at the same time, causing him to nearly lose consciousness and faint.

Who knows how long it took for him to slowly come to his senses. Looking into his abdomen, it was a total mess. The chaotic energy had resulted in numerous scars.

The only thing that made him feel slightly happy was that beneath his energy ocean, an obvious portion of the meridian was cleared out. Small amounts of internal energy were flowing there.

In his senses, eight more small bright spots had appeared in his body, split into those two meridians opposing one another. The cost was that that portion of the chakra meridian was riddled with thousands of holes. He also felt a pain in his abdomen that still had not lessened.

Luckily, a large half of the essence energy had been used up. The remaining amount was also slowly being controlled by him.

Zong Shou mocked himself. When normal people cultivated, they proceeded slowly in a cycle, opening up the Chakra Meridians a step at a time to strengthen their internal energy.

However, his dual meridian body would cause any true qi in his body to split up and come into conflict with itself, causing serious pain.

Apart from those special martial arts and the few spiritual herbs that could affect his bloodline, the only way would be his way, not bothering about the process and using such a brutish method to forcefully open it up!

His current energy ocean and Foundation Chakra had already reached its limit. If he continued, the consequences would be catastrophic. He had to rest for at least four days before he could continue.

But that pain was just the beginning. Apart from the nine main meridians in the human body, there were many extra points outside of these meridians. The Wind Spirit extra points were his targets.

These five extra points were far more important than even his main Chakra Meridians!

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