Divine Brilliance

Chapter 50 - Tan Mountain Demon

Chapter 50: Chapter 50 Tan Mountain Demon

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The expression that beautiful woman had when she spoke was not only filled with energy, she was looking towards Zong Shou with a weird amount of desire, like he was an item in her bag.

“If you agree, although I might be unable to help you get the throne of Gantian Mountain, but before you become a Martial Ancestor with six Earth meridians, I can kill whoever who dares to attack you!”

Yin Yang was very wary, muttering to himself, “Cauldron energy seed host? Lady, did you come from the Blackwater Demon Sect or Yuanmo Temple? Or are you from Tan Mountain Beautiful Demon…”

“Tan Mountain Seven Spirit Sect, what you all call the Beautiful Demon Sect!” That woman raised her chin with pride, her eyes staring seriously at Yin Yang, like she was unhappy with him saying the word ‘demon’.

“I never say a false name and I will never change my surname. I am chief disciple Zhao Yanran of Seven Spirit Sect, ordered by master to go down the mountain to search for a seed host!”

Yin Yang laughed bitterly, his eyes ice cold with no warmth at all. “This means that Miss Yanran is prepared to train in the magical Demon Seed Planting Technique to try to break out to the Ascended stage in one shot? But I heard that this technique will result in death or heavy injuries. That even if the host can survive, his cultivation would be wasted with close to no exception…”

“Naturally! The Ancestor has recorded that the battle between the person planting the seed as well as the cauldron energy seed host is seventy/thirty. To date, only one host has managed to survive. There are so many similar techniques in the world… but does it look like you have any other choice?”

As she said that, she leered at Zong Shou. “If you accept my seed, your dual meridians will be suppressed before the Ancestor level. Be it cultivation methods or spirit techniques, you will improve by leaps and bounds. If you aren’t willing, I will kill you now! My seed was personally obtained by my master three thousand feet in the ground, tempered by twelve Magic Flaming Lotuses. It has a natural pure flame and burning ability. If it is planted, it will be able to open up seven meridians in half a month. It is all up to you!”

Chuxue’s brow furrowed, feeling a chill down her spine. This Zhao Yanran had no care for the lives of others. Talking about killing others, her tone was scarily calm.

Thinking about before, to the several Martial Warriors who died among the wolf pack just for show, she couldn’t help but feel her entire body turn cold. She instinctively moved closer to Zong Shou.

She wasn’t afraid of killing people,but the woman ahead of her was terrifying. She came out of a demon sect, and be it personality or methods, they were scarily weird.

Just as she felt that darkness and cold was about to penetrate into her bone, Zong Shou tapped her shoulders, warming her up. Only then did she realize that she was frightened by this woman. She looked on at the teen beside her, his expression really calm as he said, “Choosing me as a host? Did Miss Yanran make her up mind? Aren’t you afraid that your many years of tough cultivation will be siezed by me?”

When Zhao Yanran heard that, she directly scoffed, “Be it martial cultivation or Spirit Cultivation, we focus on being unafraid. I have seven chances and you have three. If I don’t live, I will just die. What is there to be afraid of? Naturally it is good to win, it doesn’t matter even if I lose. Zong Shou, you are the most talented person I have seen in these last sixteen years. Because of your dual meridians, it’s unfortunately tough for you to achieve anything in your life. If I can’t even win against a piece of trash like you, I deserve to die! Anyways the stronger you get in the future, the happier I will be!”

“The stronger I get the happier you will be? Haha, Magic Flaming Lotuses, to say the truth I am actually a little tempted.” Zong Shou smiled slightly. In the next moment his face turned cold, “Since you are finished, scram!”

To say that he was tempted wasn’t totally false. Magic Flaming Lotuses were really good items. It was a huge temptation to help one charge into the Mythic Master Realm.

Even without other people helping, he had a ninety-nine percent confidence to bite back on the seed planter.

However once the Magic Flaming Lotuses and Magical Demon Seed Planting Technique was used, it would lock down his future path.

Based on what he knew, seed planting conflicted with his Energy Swallowing Technique.

More importantly, he was annoyed by the craziness of the woman. That craziness, arrogant tone, the attitude of having everything in her control was something that he found really irritating…

Chuxue was feeling silently fortunate, pressing on her sword, warily staring at Zhao Yanran, the sword claws in her left hand opened slightly.

Zhao Yanran was obviously startled. She looked at Zong Shou in disbelief, like she didn’t expect her request would be rejected. After hesitating for a while, Zhao Yanran didn’t directly start killing, instead her brow furrowed, “Why do you reject me? With how vicious you were when you killed that spirit master, you shouldn’t reject me. Were my conditions not good enough? Or are you afraid of sex? No, if that was the case then all the more you should agree…”

Zong Shou laughed coldly and didn’t reply. A battle today couldn’t be avoided, his eyes focused on her wound.

The poison that he drew up, although not strong, had huge infiltrating ability, Once one was infected, it would be like a leech, really difficult to get rid of.

After fifteen minutes, the effects of the poison would come into effect even on a Xiantian Master.

An eight meridian Mythic Master like Yin Yang would barely have the ability to go up against her. They still had a chance of winning the battle today.

The chances of victory were pretty much nine to one; Zhao Yanran was the nine and the three of them were the one.

Zhao Yanran muttered to herself for a short while, her expression slowly calming down. Not only did she not attack, she suddenly laughed, “Whether you are willing or not, listen to me blow a tune first…”

She took out a few normal-looking, but different flutes. Like she was making a difficult choice, she seriously ran her eyes over these few different flutes.

“Which one of them should I choose?”

Zong Shou’s brows raised slightly, on one glance he knew that this person was good at music. Similar melody but using a different flute, the tune and rhythm would be different. The iron flute was heavy and thick, the bamboo flute was airy and spiritual, the jade flute was crisp; each had their own specialties.

And based on what he knew, this Tan Mountain Seven Spirit Sect used the secret technique of melody, using sound to hurt people.

He instantly guessed what she was thinking about, he looked down and smiled, “If Miss Yanran can’t find a suitable flute, I have one here, you will definitely be satisfied!”

Su Chuxue was startled, wondering when they had brought such an item. Yin Yang and her were focused on martial arts. As for the Young Master, he had never touched such an item before…

After a moment she finally realized what he meant, her face flushing red. In her heart she was scolding Zong Shou for being dirty.

Zhao Yanran didn’t react, eventually picking out a jade flute. Her expression was really solemn as she lifted it up to her lips.

The moment the flute sound rang out, it was really cold and ethereal, the sound soft and weak.

Yin Yang and Chuxue were both wary. However, the moment they heard it, they fell into a trance.

The sound was like crying, filling one with sadness.

Zong Shou was the weakest out of the three of them, but the smile on his face didn’t change. A black Cloud Pattern flying knife in his sleeve was partly hidden and partly revealed from start to finish.

Normally he wouldn’t be tempted by this flute’s tune, but a short moment later, the memories in his brain swarmed over him, catching him totally off-guard as he was immersed in the song.

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