Divine Brilliance

Chapter 49 - Cauldron Energy Seed Host

Chapter 49: Chapter 49 Cauldron Energy Seed Host

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Not only did Yin Yang have high cultivation, his driving skills were also well trained.

After picking up speed, he tugged the ropes to the side, turning the heads of the eighteen Cloud Stepping Foals. Although the arc they made to the side wasn’t big, it coincidentally avoided all the incoming wolf pack.

When the four guys and one girl saw that, a look of despair appeared in their eyes. One of the guys was a little too slow and the wolf pack caught him. Along with a painful neigh from his Foal, he was immediately swallowed by the wolf pack. The remaining Cloud Stepping Foals were also panting like their energies were nearly used up.

That girl’s face instantly turned pale, gritting her teeth as she pleaded for help, “Few friends on the carriage, we have bumped into one another, it is sort of fate. For you three to not help isn’t that a little too cold-blooded? If you can help save our lives I will pay you back! I am willing to hand over a Grade Six beast spirit stone!”

Before this she already looked really pretty, now that she was so anxious that she nearly teared up, she seemed a lot more pitiful, making one empathize with her.

Chuxue seemed to be touched by her words, hesitating a moment before she couldn’t help saying, “Young Master, those few people are so pitiful, they don’t look like bad people. I heard Buddhists say that to save a life is better than building a seven-story pagoda for a god. There are only a hundred swamp wolves, Uncle Yin and I aren’t afraid of them. If you aren’t willing we can go faster to ditch them…”

Zong Shou smiled coldly, still unmoved, flicking Chuxue’s forehead as a punishment. He was actually totally unmoved by that girl’s beauty, like he hadn’t seen her, his sights focused on the front.

The riders knew they had no chance of surviving as they cursed. They were successively pounced upon by the wolf pack and loud cries broke out.

Just as the carriage was about to brush past the wolf pack, the beautiful girl suddenly whipped her horse, and it sped up. At the last moment they charged alongside the carriage and she jumped, grabbing onto the right side of it in a dangerous manuver.

Chuxue rushed up to try to help her. Zong Shou gave a cold scoff as he took out a sword, and thrust at her.

A cold light flashed in Yin Yang’s eyes as the knife in his sleeve left its sheath. Burning with fire, it swept towards the girl’s cowl.

The girl was astonished, her eyes filled with despair. In the next moment one could only hear a light ringing, and see a porcelain-white jade hand stretch out and easily deflect Zong Shou’s thrust to the side. That image hanging on the cowl floated up like it had no weight, dancing in the wind as it dodged the knife.

That girl gave out a merry laugh, but just as she was about to land, her face suddenly changed. A black glow reached her without any sound. When she saw it, it was already only ten feet away, like a shooting star as it arrived in an instant.

Her willow leaf brows rose up as her body did a spin in mid air. She turned towards the left weightlessly. Her figure was unbelievably quick as just one dodge crossed three hundred feet.

But that black glow changed directions in mid air. A slight wind blew around it, increasing its speed, and it instantly exceeded its original speed by several times. Its attack was indiscernible, like a black fog, such that one was unable to tell where this knife was pointing.

“Flying knife changing direction? Oh? It is actually sword intent…” that girl exclaimed, not being as carefree and relaxed as before. She hurriedly landed, dodging to the side. She was still caught by the black light a bloody glow instantly flashing by.

Her figure stopped, and the left side of her chest was already dyed fresh red.

Her aura had instantly climbed to its extreme. The cold aura around her was suppressive, the grass and soil underneath her were frozen. An extremely strong mental suppression covered this area.

The originally aggressive wolf pack stopped moving, their bodies shivering as they looked at the girl’s suddenly explosive aura with respectfully.

The eighteen Cloud Stepping Foals in front of the carriage were even worse off than the wolf pack. They similarly stopped still and didn’t move. No matter how Yin Yang whipped them, they weren’t willing to move a single inch.

Chuxue stood stunned at the entire situation, not understanding anything that was going on. Just as she was about to help that girl, before she could react, that weak girl in her eyes had become an expert that could easily deal with a knife from Yin Yang.

Yin Yang had already totally given up, throwing aside the whip in his hand, his face extremely ugly, “Double cultivator, Xiantian master..”

To be able to easily dodge his knife, she should be at least in the Xiantian Realm.

Zong Shou nodded slightly. The Cloud Stepping Foals didn’t have any combat strength and could only travel while stepping in the air. Naturally they wouldn’t be like the swamp wolves, who were afraid of the aura of a Xiantian master.

For them to be so silent and not move, it was obvious that it was a mental technique.

He was feeling unfortunate that his knife hadn’t managed to take the woman’s life. He also knew that her ability was tough to judge, which was why he didn’t choose areas like her neck or forehead, and directly picked her chest. He was worried that her strength was too high and he would fail.

“Interesting, interesting! Where did you learn your flying knife skill from? To actually be able to harm me! And also this sword intent, it’s actually similar to Lingyun Sect’s Cloud Shocking God Destroying sword intent…”

The woman lowered her head to take a look at her injuries, before pulling out that black flying knife and playing around with it in her hand, her eyes filled with shock.

“You just bought this in Xiaoyuan City. Only such materials can carry such sword intent and not collapse. Some other medicines are infused into it. It was purposely to prepare for me, right? Which means you already noticed me that time?”

Zong Shou’s expression didn’t change, not replying anything. Some herbs were inside in the beast oil. Brushing the beast oil everyday would mean that the medicinal properties also seeped into the knife’s blade.

Unfortunately Xiaoyuan was just a mining city and there were too few medicines and herbs that he could purchase. There were simply too few that could affect Xiantian experts.

Seeing the situation, the smile on the woman’s face became more apparent. She raised her head and looked firmly at Zong Shou, “As expected, looking for you to be my cauldron energy seed host was the right decision!”

Hearing those words, Zong Shou and Yin Yang who were really serious, their eyes slightly contracted.

Cauldron energy seed host? Hearing her tone, this woman wasn’t from Gantian Mountain or enemies of Gantian Mountain?

Looking closely, this woman gave off a casual and free air. While she spoke, she was also really relaxed. She was really beautiful and had a tempting allure to her.

She was obviously poisoned, but she acted like it was a mosquito bite and totally didn’t care about it.

“You are Zong Shou from Gantian Mountain? I heard those people say that you are the Son of the Monster King.

“A few days ago I saw an interesting thing. Using a Martial Warrior body to kill a Spirit Observing Spirit master, so amazing! Meeting you today, you gave me even more surprises. No only do you have deep plotting ability, but also this flying knife technique and sword intent. Keke! I originally didn’t want to let you all find out, and was prepared to just follow you. But since my plan has failed, let me directly ask you a question. Are you willing to be my cauldron energy seed host?”

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