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Chapter 380 - Destroying Physical Body

Chapter 380: Chapter 379 Destroying Physical Body

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“Tsk! This old man is not simple, he is about to have a true image. However for a body forming peak, grade 8 expert to attack such a junior, how shameless! Don’t worry, there are people from your common people path. That evil dragon is also about to rush back. If it wasn’t for him being angry and destroying my spiritual formation restrictions why would so many problems even arise?”

Zong Shou kept silent and allowed him to nag. First, he checked his body and realized that out of the yellow dots that entered, unknowingly, 70% merged into his body.

The quality of his body and strength didn’t increase by much. At most, it was one time better before. The rest increased the potential of his body, hiding deep within.

Zong Shou instantly heaved a sigh of relief. What he was most afraid of was for Dragon Shadow old man to not bother and forcefully strengthen his body. If that happens it would leave aftereffects.

The current method was the best one, it was much more refined than what he did when he sealed the lightning Phoenix Essence energy.

Also, the 9 shadows in his body suddenly became a full 18. They were all flowing along with the true qi in the dual meridians.

It seems like Dragon Shadow had considered his body’s special condition and helped add it in, who knows what was that thing.

Just as he thought about that, Dragon Shadow knew what he was thinking, “How unbecoming! I am a martial saint. How can my methods be compared to a less than grade 7 kid? I accumulated ten thousand years of experience, so how can you Little kid compare to me? If it was simple, why wouldn’t I be able to split some focus to smack dead those 3 brats?”

Zong Shou acted like he didn’t hear it, putting most of his focus on suppressing those chaotic meridians. A portion of his focus was on that Taoist dressed old man.

His mysterious yin sword just now wasn’t useless. There was a deep cut on his left hand which till now hadn’t fully healed.

That old man first viciously started at Long Ruo who was only left with his soul. Then he looked coldly at Zong Shou.

Killing intent flashed in his eyes like he was still filled with explosive rage. However, a few breaths later, maybe because he worried about Dragon Shadow, he slowly retracted it.

“I am Ling Lie!”

He opened his mouth expressionlessly. Ling Lie coldly asked, “Why does your highness want to attack junior brother’s disciple so viciously? Do you disregard my Lingyun Sect?”

Zong Shou wanted to give out a mocking laugh, but he suppressed that violent thought. He forcefully suppressed it and said coldly,” the person who wants to kill should be killed. Do you only allow your Lingyun Sect disciples to kill but not allow me to kill him? What kind of logic is that?”

Suddenly he had a feeling of Deja Vu in his mind. He remembered that this was the case in the last life. Due to his grievances with Lingyun Sect, in the god-emperor game, they tangled for a long time.

He swept around, there were still many random people below. He couldn’t help but frown, why haven’t all these people left?

Forget it, who cares…

“What logic!”

That Ling Lie laughed coldly, his face turning serious. However, he was unable to say out the words “my Lingyun Sect’s logic is just like that” in front of so many people. He wanted to kill, but he was also worried about Dragon Shadow Martial Saint.

Hesitating slightly, a pressure pressed down on Zong Shou, “However for the matter today, who is right and who is wrong is still up for contest! City lord Zong please follow me to the cloud palace and let’s get today’s matter clear before we speak.”

When he heard that, before Zong Shou could react, Shui Lingbo laughed in rage like that of a silver bell. Her sound broke out with disdain, covering hundreds of thousands of feet around this Dragon Gathering Mountain.

Does Ling Lie treat her, Shui Lingbo, as a dead person? Just now when she grabbed this person’s body, her stand not clear enough.

Ling Lie’s expression changed, following which it regained back to normal, “This is between Lingyun Sect and this Gantian Mountain City lord. It has nothing to do with common people path, Fairy Shui please don’t interfere. This concerns the integrity of the sect. If others dare interfere, my sect will stop at nothing…”

“So what if your sect stood at nothing? Who cares about your Lingyun Sect?”

Without giving any face she directly cut him off, saying coldly, “I still have to interfere! Great, form today on, our common people path will fight to the death with your Lingyun Sect!”

Ling Lie’s face fluctuated between green and white, his body trembled as he nibbled at his lips, unable to say anything.

Xuan Taiji sighed, “senior master Ling Lie, your Lingyun Sect is in the wrong today. Not to mention common people path, even my Haoxuan Sect won’t stand by and do nothing!”

Su Chen laughed, “My seniors aren’t here so I can’t represent sword sect. However, I want to see how your Lingyun Sect uses the strength of one sect to shut the mouths of the entire world!”

Ling Lie held his breath and entered deep silence, hesitating.

There was suddenly a heavy “Kuang”. Like a giant power had smashed on the space in the area.

At the waist of the mountain, everyone couldn’t stand still and all fell to the ground.

Those spirit masters driving their weapons all couldn’t stabilize themselves, all falling towards the ground.

Out of everyone there, only those grade 7 and above could barely stabilize. Looking upwards one could see that a giant black tear appeared in the sky above. An enormous dragon head stuck in from outside and looked coldly down.

That Ling Lie was originally really fierce, his aura was aggressive. At this moment when the giant dragon came, his soul body was tough to maintain.

He could only try to hold on under this vast dragon pressure.

Zong Shou’s eyes flashed as he swept towards Long Ruo, Han Nishui and Li Yuandan. His right hand held the lightning winged sword tightly as his killing intent rose up.

Right as he was about to attack, Dragon Shadow old man spoke, “What a waste, the evil dragon came too late. It seems like you won’t have a chance to kill.”

Just as Zong Shou was startled, he looked upwards to see a golden light slash through the sky.

A moment later, he descended on the peak of Dragon Gathering Mountain. Inside, the light was a young man who looked 18, his energy was stable and retracted within his body. Although he was facing the true dragon above, he was very causal.

After coming he first held a golden talisman and bowed solemnly above.

“I am Lingyun Sect celestial headteacher Wu Hua! Greetings senior Dragon Shadow, this is a talisman that the Lingyun ancestor had handed down. Saint, please take a look at it…”

The voice of Dragon Shadow old man didn’t sound out in the sky but that golden talisman for some reason had suddenly started burning.

A moment later the space regained silence once more.

That Wu Hua wasn’t surprised, looking towards Zong Shou and saying, “My sect’s disciple Long Ruo’s body has already been destroyed. Your highness should have already vented enough anger. My Lingyun Sect is wrong for today’s matter and will compensate your highness for your losses. As for the 3, Lingyun Sect, Mysterious Cloud Spirit Sect, and Pill Fountain sect would deal with them, to give your highness and the people of a world an explanation…”

When he said those words, Wu Hua was looking towards Xuan Taiji, Wu Hua, and the others.

The former slightly nodded his head and revealed a satisfied expression, polite and reasonable, truly the way of a big sect.

Even Su Chen didn’t make a sound.

However, Shui Lingbo scoffed coldly, as long as there was one day that Zong Shou hadn’t tossed aside Gantian Mountain City, her common people path wouldn’t be able to help.

She just needed to show his identity as 2nd generation direct disciple and it was enough to kill these 3 people on the spot.

Although she was vexed, she could only keep silent and diss in her heart about what was so good about that Gantian Mountain?

If it was her, she would have given it up. Wasn’t chasing the laws of heaven and earth more carefree?

However, in her heart, there weren’t the ideals of the common people path, how all people should be equal. The reason she joined the sect to cultivate was because she wanted to be able to have more strength.

Zong Shou’s brows furrowed slightly, with what Wu Hua said, it wasn’t appropriate for him to continue to kill.

He only had to see what kind of explanation Lingyun Sect would give him in the future.

At that moment he felt emotional. The corner of his eyes couldn’t help but sweep across the rocks, at the broken body of the black flood dragon and feel shocked.

He remembered a year ago, that grade 7 black flood dragon had once bared its fangs and spread its claws in front of him before. Long Ruo had also decided his fate in a few sentences.

A year later, it was his turn to take revenge. With one sword he had personally cut the head of this black flood dragon down. He could also decide the rise and fall of this Long Ruo and even Lingyun Sect.

For things to develop to such a level where both sides were like mortal enemies surprised him.

Was he jinxed and destined to go head-on against this Lingyun Sect in every life he lived?

Seeing that the people around had no differing opinions, Wu Hua turned around, his gaze was complicated.

…Regret, annoyance, shock, pity filled the depths of his heart.

In the end, he forcefully suppressed it and bowed towards the dragon once more, “What is the opinion of the Dragon Shadow saint?”

At this point, Dragon Shadow had coincidentally merged all the dragon Essence into Zong Shou’s body.

In the next moment, another tear appeared in the sky. A weird looking sword suddenly descended from the tear. The sword shadow flashed and directly appeared in front of that Han Nishui.

…It was so quick that none of the people on this Dragon Gathering Mountain could react as it sliced the bodies of both Han Nishui and Li Yuandan!

Then, it stuck itself in front of Zong Shou, a cold glow shining.

Dragon Shadow’s voice once again rang out.

“Let’s follow what your ancestor said. Since these two also acted against my disciple, they can forget about returning with their bodies! Also, if you can’t take out those things, don’t blame me for flipping on you!”

He scoffed heavily, “Let me warn you! This kid is my only successor. Anyone who dares to touch him, I, Dragon Shadow, will wipe out his sect! Even if you call your revered one, it would be useless!”

Wu Hua’s eyelids twitched before he heaved a sigh of relief. he bowed once more, his expression serious.

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