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Chapter 379 - Body Forming Interferes

Chapter 379: Chapter 378 Body Forming Interferes

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After tens of breaths and Zong Shou had calmed down the energy currents in his body. His meridians were still a mess. The fire and water true qi in the dual meridian spirals were conflicting. A huge amount of spiritual energy from the external pill had branched away.

However, his face was still normal.

Even the pain of thousands of knives cutting his body wouldn’t make him frown.

Just as the true qi injected into the lightning winged sword in his hand once more, Zong Shou charged forwards too. He stepped on the messy rocks on the ground, and in a few flashes and he was in front of the 3 people who were frenziedly retreating.

A darkness blooming cereus in his soul also suddenly opened.

“I think you are crazy! You want your meridians to be wasted before you stop? Your identity is so important and noble. Even a finger of yours is a hundred times stronger than the three of them pooled together. It’s like precious porcelain going all out against these unassuming pieces of trash. Do you need to do this is there such a need? I think your brain has been fried!”

Dragon Shadow old man instantly scolded out. Then he was shocked, “Darkness blooming cereus? You have such a thing within your soul ocean?”

That vast soul power injected into his body instantly it caused the messy and chaotic meridians to be adjusted the suppressed⁠—it also led over ocean amounts of heaven and earth spiritual energy.

It caused large purple lightning snakes around Zong Shou to spread, covering ten thousand feet of the sky around.

Lightning winged dragon sword, kill!

A sword slashing out. Numerous vast giant lightning snakes danced around. Crazy and swift, the sword light was pushed forward by the magnetic force of the lightning. The sword didn’t even need to increase speed⁠—it was already raised to the maximum.

Thousands of sword shadows covered up the entire space.

The expressions of the 3 people opposite all changed slightly. Han Nishui’s pupils constricted into that of a pin shape, his sleeves waving, it was 3 silver-colored little people thrown out, turning into 200 feet silver armored soldiers which struck down!

At this moment, Long Ruo was suffering from his soul injuries, he couldn’t block. He could only raise a copper-colored shield from within his heaven and earth bag to block in front of his body. Although Li Yuandan was filled with regret, he knew that he had no way to retreat now and had to defend. He stabbed several golden needles frantically into his body, waving his sword with his only hand. Then numerous flames spread once more, knife light flying. They were hidden in the fiery glow like a full moon.

In the next instance, one could hear a series of metal clanging and clinging rings, like a storm as it entered one’s ears.

The faces of grade 7 and above experts were still okay as they could still see clearly. Those people at the mountain waist, be it visual or sensory abilities, was covered by the lightning and fiery glow⁠—their eyes were covered and they couldn’t see carefully.

They could only hear the people above exclaiming and sucking in their breaths.

Then the sky full of flames was retracted. The 3 silver armored soldiers that Han Nishui had thrown down were all pierced with tens of holes. Especially at their knees and soldiers, where they all broken.

As for Li Yuandan, he had retreated to ten thousand feet away. His body was filled with wounds. Although it wasn’t lethal, fresh blood covered his body, his head covered in cold sweat.

The last sword brought with it a giant lightning dragon as it chopped down on his head.


A sound of metal clashing was the copper-colored shield in front of Long Ruo flew out instantly. A giant ringing sound caused one’s eardrums to hurt. At the corner a chip was cut out, the spiritual glow was slightly dim.

Everyone below was in chaos, their voices first went silent before they instantly became noisy.

Pretty much everyone was filled with disbelief. The group of people mostly came from outside of Donglin Cloud Continent and were surprised and curious about who that teen was to be able to suppress these 3 slightly famous grade 7 experts and was having the advantage.

Those who recognized Zong Shou were even more astonished.

Even the ten over grade 7 experts in the sky all exchanged glances with one another, their eyes filled with disbelief.

“…grade 8 spiritual artifact Hanshu shield actually couldn’t block it. The might of one sword caused it to chip. Is this the nine dragon shadow sword? It truly is a grade 10 saint spirit sword technique…”

“It isn’t all the strength of the sword technique, this kid’s sword intent seems to be connected to the spirit. Long Ruo was heavily injured before, so he might not have been able to even use 70% of the shield’s power. Why did he turn to learn sword cultivation for no reason?”

“Why didn’t you mention that the kid is fighting 1 versus 3? Before breaking the Hanshu shield he destroyed 3 spiritual artifacts from Han Nishui. I think that Li Yuandan has lost all fighting spirit and Han NIshui had no other spiritual artifacts to fight with. They have lost this battle.”

“Zong Shou is just at the earth chakra martial ancestor cultivation. If this was a normal situation, with such a level of combat, his body would be smashed to pieces with one sword. I think the Dragon Shadow Martial Saint is helping him maintain his body…”

“So what? Be it the sword technique or sword intent it came from his hands, even the strength of the external pill needs his body to have enough cultivation to be able to take it on. This Gantian Mountain monster king is as what senior brother Xuan says, he is filled with surprises! Donglin Cloud Continent has given rise to an extraordinary figure…”

“Speaking of why the rumors that this person had killed beasts and chased away the yin dragon was most probably true!”

“But didn’t that Long Ruo say he couldn’t cultivate? Who should we believe? If 2 years ago he could force back the yin dragon then this Gantian Monster king is a top talent. If within a year he broke through the barriers from heaven, he is a total monster…”

Xuan Taiji was expressionless as he heard the discussions behind him, it wasn’t worth him joining in.

In the next moment, he heard Shui Lingbo scoffed coldly, directly reaching out with a palm towards that Ling Lie, as she smiled, “Ling Lie where are you prepared to go? We should just watch the fight between the young generation, why do you want to interfere?”

With that casual hand, a powerful true qi grabbed out. With Ling Lie’s Body forming cultivation, he had no way to resist as he was sucked backward.

Shui Lingbo felt a little weird, looking closely it was a shell, his eyes tightly closed, his face was expressionless⁠—there wasn’t even a body.

“Golden shell shedding technique?”

Her brows rose up and knew that she had fallen for Ling Lie’s tricks. She was furious, killing intent appearing in her eyes.

When she looked down, she saw that the situation had changed.

After breaking that grade 8 Hanshu shield Zong Shou didn’t stop and sliced out with the sword!

Purple sword light caused all the nearby metal element spiritual energy to be gathered into a white dragon as he sliced down diagonally!

Nine dragon shadow platinum sword!

Long Ruo’s face turned slightly white, his eyes filled with helplessness. He instinctively stabbed out with that broken blade sword. 12 fist-sized beads flew out from his sleeves as it clashed towards Zong Shou.

In the air, there was yet another heavy “keng”. That broken blade sword which carried sword intent was directly smashed into pieces by the grade 6 lightning winged sword!

Sword light entangling, turning into small sword shadows as it all struck away those 12 spiritual beads.

The sword attacks didn’t stop, it was close to just recklessly smashing about. After slicing open the few spells that Han Nishui cast, it continued to slash forwards.

With a “Peng”, blood and meat flew⁠—he forcefully sliced the legs of Long Ruo into pieces!

In that instance, a majestic voice rose up in the sky, “City Lord Zong please show mercy! Give my Lingyun Sect face…”

The same time that voice rose up, the sound of someone traveling through the sky with breakneck speed sounded out.

Zong Shou’s expression didn’t change, he was lazy to even look as he focused coldly at Long Ruo, at those close to desperate eyes.

Since you want to kill me, then I will slay you first!

The way he Tanqiu did things was just so simple!

One more sword stabbed out as cold energy spread about. Within a hundred miles it all turned into frost. This sword was the ice horned dragon sword!

Han Nishui gritted his teeth and threw out 2 more silver-colored human shadows. However just as they spread out to 200 feet in size, their arms and knee joints were all covered in frost and froze up!

When they moved they gave out a mechanical “Kacha” sound, they were 10 times slower.

Long Ruo’s face was green and purple⁠—he used all his strength to try to block. 12 spiritual beads once again struck out, numerous talismans spat out of his sleeves and all spread out.

Zong Shou’s sword attack simply pushed aside those 12 spiritual beads in an instance. Following which an ice-cold sword forcefully pierced through the 10 talismans, directly stabbing through Long Ruo’s body!

That vast ice power instantly froze Long Ruo’s body. With a “hong” explosion it caused this person who was frozen in ice to explode into numerous pieces!

At that moment, several extremely strong and dangerous auras rushed over. Zong Shou scoffed, he could only let Long Ruo’s soul, which had flown out of his body go, helplessly retracting his sword.

The purple sword in his hand changed directions and twisted right as he turned around, bringing those spiritual talismans hundred feet away which hadn’t exploded behind his body. Then his sword attack sharply sliced up diagonally.

The sword glowed, formless and shapeless⁠—this was the mysterious yin dragon sword!

First, were those spiritual talismans exploding, causing ten thousand feet of space to reverberate and shake, wind spreading out in all directions!

Zong Shou’s mysterious yin sword was hidden within, turning from passive to aggressive as he slashed towards that aura.

There was a muffled ‘hong’ as Zong Shou spat out a huge mouthful of blood. His body nearly couldn’t stabilize itself as he flew a thousand feet out.

The true qi in his body was nearly scattered. They clashed about in this meridians, the power of the darkness blooming cereus also just nice disappeared. The vast spiritual energy of the external pill was also unable to be injected into his body.

Zong Shou looked out coldly When the astral wind dissipated, he saw a person who was holding a token like spiritual artifact who was standing opposite him, where Long Ruo’s body had collapsed.

The soul was showing its form⁠—not only forming its 4 limbs, its 5 distinct features could be roughly seen. It was looking down dark and cold right at Zong Shou.

At the same time, the voice of Dragon Shadow rose up once more.

“Tsk! This old man is not simple, he is about to have a true image. However for a body forming a peak, grade 8 expert to attack such a junior, how shameless! Don’t worry, there are people from your common people path. That evil dragon is also about to rush back. If it wasn’t for him being angry and destroying my spiritual formation restrictions, why would so many problems even arise?”

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