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Chapter 17 - Protector Spirit Beast

Chapter 17: Chapter 17 Protector Spirit Beast

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In the afternoon six days later, the carriage that the three of them sat on entered a little town filled with bars and inns.

This place was known as Haze City, surrounded by a ring of mountains. Many strong beasts roamed the area and it wasn’t a good living environment. Not far from here, over those heavy clouds, would be the camp of Lingyun Sect in the Donglin Cloud Continent, Pill Spirit Mountain!

Every three years, this place would be especially prosperous, the merchants here earning bucketloads of money.

When the three of them arrived, there were already thirty-odd thousand people gathered here. Many were teenagers, travelling here from far and wide. Moreover, many of them had strong identities.

In the next two months, there would be no less than sixty thousand people who would gather here, competing to enter Lingyun Sect, fighting for less than six hundred spots.

The three of them mixed into the crowd, like water beads merging into an ocean, totally unassuming.

Entering the town, Zong Shou couldn’t help but feel like laughing. In God Emperor, this place was specially arranged as the newbie region belonging to the Lingyun Sect. All of the new disciples of the sect would go through training here.

Every day one would be able to see hundreds of thousands of Lingyun Sect outer sect disciples doing missions in this small region, killing beasts to raise their level. Pretty much every small valley here was flooded with people.

He had occasionally came over to this place. Looking at the familiar buildings all around, he reminisced about the past.

They found a relatively clean inn to stay in at the north corner of the little town. Afterwards, Zong Shou waved to Yin Yang before bringing Chuxue out to walk the streets.

They looked to be aimlessly strolling, but after going past a few streets, they arrived in a market.

As this little town suddenly had many people surging in, this place also became really prosperous, people rubbing shoulders with one another. Looking around, one was able to see hundreds of vendors of both sides of the streets.

A lot of them sold weapons and clothes, while others sold talismans and pills. There were also martial arts and Spirit Cultivation methods, but they were only the most basic ones. One could even see a few famous merchants mixed up with the others.

Zong Shou strolled like he was viewing flowers on horseback. When he walked past one book vendor, he couldn’t help but laugh involuntarily.

On the stands were many handwritten copies of books like Lingyun Sect disciple evaluation history compilation, Lingyun Sect Bone-Testing Technique, etc.

In the last life, he thought that all these books were created by players. He didn’t expect similar books to be sold ten thousand years ago.

Directly walking passed it to the end of the street led to a really unassuming shop. Only there did Zong Shou step inside.

Chuxue followed behind, blinking her eyes in surprise, as she followed him in. This was a shop specifically targeting spirit masters, so what was the prince doing here?

The items here were all an obvious step up, purposely opened for the spirit master disciples of Lingyun Sect. Zong Shou only cultivated in martial arts while she double-cultivated, but she didn’t need any of the items present here.

Zong Shou casually bought some talisman papers, high-grade sandalwood incense, Blood Ink Cinnabar used to write on talismans and charms, and some purple soul stones from beasts. He stood in front of a wooden rack filled with golden metal cans.

These cans were mostly fist-sized. They were either made of Star Steel Stone or Yellow Copper, raw materials which could block off spiritual energy. Some of them even added in some special materials, which meant that there were a variety of colors.

At the opening there were all unique marks, words like “Gold Swallowing Beast”, “Three Element Ice Soul”, “Spirit Cloud Bird” , and so on.

“Young Master! These are all Protector Spirit Beasts!” Chuxue reminded him, before remembering that Young Master had learned the way of spirit masters at Linhai College. She didn’t need to remind him about such common things.

Zong Shou nodded, his eyes moving around and searching, the glow in his eyes growing brighter.

One of the strongest Protector Spirit Beasts in the God Emperor era, the only one that grew from the lowest Grade into the Celestial Grade growth-type Protector Spirit Beasts.

It was found by that person in this Haze Town, using just sixty years time to surge into the heavens and spread his name throughout the Cloud World.

At the start of the God Emperor game, many people came over to admire it, but the item was a Not For Sale item by the system, awaiting that fated person to appear. Everyone could only come over to look at it with envy.

Who knows what kind of situation it would be ten thousand ago? There were around ten years before that person appeared in the world, would that item already exist?

In a short while, Zong Shou’s eyes locked onto a wooden can. It was made of the most basic ironwood, and on some areas there were some talismans and charms carved to seal it.

On the label were the words “Quicksilver Beast King”, which sounded like a whole lot of bluff.

This item was actually here!

Trying his best to suppress his excitement, Zong Shou picked up the ironwood can. He called out and a thirtyish shop clerk walked over.

Looking at the item in Zong Shou’s hand, that person was obviously stunned. After a short hesitation, he said, “Sir, no one has asked about this item in close to seven years. Although the name is nice, being called a beast king, it is just a small water beast that has a slight mutation, it can be barely considered a Grade One spirit beast. A spirit master can have ten to twenty Protector Spirit Beasts in his entire life. If one makes his choice, he pretty much cannot change it. Sir, please reconsider!”

When Zong Shou heard that, he smiled without a bit of care. The merchants in ancient times were truly based on sincerity and trust, so different from the craftiness of the future.

Taking out three Grade Two beast stones to make payment, Zong Shou looked at Chuxue, “Did you see any Protector Spirit Beasts you like? Buy them together?”

Su Chuxue shook her head, deciding against it. Her master said that she had great talent and that she would definitely reach the Xiantian level, even managing to ascend. She was really ambitious, and although the Protector Spirit Beasts here were good, they couldn’t meet her needs.

She also made her mind up that if Zong Shou wanted to take this Quicksilver Beast King as his Protector Spirit Beast, she would definitely try to convince him not to destroy his future.

Walking out of the shop, Zong SHou walked around aimlessly. After a few hours, he bought a full bag of metal, around forty kilograms which Su Chuxue carried for him. They also exchanged for some wind element beast crystals, as well as many bronze mirrors, before returning to the inn as the sun set.

What was shameful was that he had strength far from that of Chuxue. After walking for a few steps, he was already panting.

The moment he entered the room, Zong Shou took out that ironwood can. After opening the lid, he used the Pine Pattern Wind Sword to cut up a Grade one beast crystal and a red copper, mixing in some of his blood before throwing them all into the ironwood can.

At the current moment, his soul ocean hadn’t hadn’t been formed and he wouldn’t be able to tame his beast. However, he would be able to nurture it and grow it.

At the start when that person got this item, he also didn’t treat it that seriously. Only many years later did this future top-grade Protector Spirit Beast start to shine.

However, Zong Shou knew the ability of this beast, so why would he be like that person and toss it aside? As the son of the Monster King, the amount of finances and resources he could use was far from what that person could compare to.

The future ability of this beast was really exceptional. Just as it entered Grade Two, it would have a strong ability. However, due to the lack of nurturing it was unable to reach the peak of its ability, making many people feel regretful.

With it in his hand, he could make up for that regret.

Zong Shou took out a little basin, pouring the blood ink he bought into it. This was made from spirit beast blood taken from beasts abundant with spiritual energy, the stench piercing his nose.

Zong Shou was unfazed, mixing in the cinnabar and stirring it all. After they were all well mixed, he stood up and started to draw talisman patterns on the floor of the room.

In just a short eight minutes, the outline of a circular talisman formation had appeared.

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