Divine Brilliance

Chapter 16 - Eon Extreme Life

Chapter 16: Chapter 16 Eon Extreme Life

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Zong Shou snickered, and a cold light flashed across his face.

It wasn’t appropriate to tell Yin Yang and Chuxue about things that hadn’t occurred yet. Anyways, there wouldn’t be a problem for them to go up to that place.

The only thing that he could be sure about was that this journey up to Pill Spirit Mountain wouldn’t be dangerous, but it wouldn’t be calm either.

Looking up into the sky, he could still see those eagles circling above, watching them from high in the sky.

Unfortunately, he didn’t have a suitable arrow. The strength of his body was also lacking. If not for the distance he just needed one arrow to shoot them down. Large portions of the Six God Defensive Knife Technique could be used on other hidden weapons, including the art of the bow.

Su Chuxue looked at Zong Shou’s actions, her head also sticking outside of the window, looking up above. “These few days uncle Yin had tried to shoot that eagle down, but it evaded it. It should be controlled by a spirit master and we shouldn’t be far from him. However, this is the Sudian Mountain range and most people wouldn’t dare to attack…”

Although Lingyun Sect’s base was in Pill Spirit Mountain, the zone under its control included the entire Sudian Mountain range and the Dragon Lake Plain outside, and even further outwards, spreading to many countries and cities in the entire Donglin Continent.

Although they couldn’t see any Lingyun Sect person here, they definitely couldn’t doubt the control of this sect over the surrounding region.

Since the ancient times, there had been many examples noted down. With the mist fading and numerous young talents gathering under the foot of the mountain to want to enter the sect, no one would try to challenge the authority of Lingyun Sect at such a moment.

Expressionlessly looking at that eagle, Zong Shou didn’t care much about it. Turning around, he was instead attracted to the lines of scars on Chuxue’s skin.

His heart shook, holding onto her hand and softly kissing the scars on her hand, “Do they still hurt?”

Chuxue was stunned and didn’t know what to do, trying to pull her hand away but she couldn’t struggle free. Her cheeks flushed red as she shook her head, saying weakly, “It’s not pain! Young Master, I have been badly hurt before in the past, but I am still fine. Master said that I am like wild grass, no matter how I am chopped, I will still grow back. My injuries couldn’t be compared to Young Master…”

Wild grass?

Zong Shou was startled. Looking at her beautiful face, he couldn’t help but find it funny. Who knows what background her master had, making him a little interested in it.

Hearing her tone and words, she had probably suffered a lot during these three years, as injuries were commonplace.

If he hadn’t taken over Zong Shou’s body, three days ago her future would definitely be uncertain.

This cat-eared girl had only lived for thirteen years, the cruelty of her life was no less than that of Zong Shou.

Silently sighing, a feeling of pity rose in his chest.

“I am a man, how can I compare to a girl? Next time you feel pain, you don’t have to bear it. That’s right, you are my maid, no one can hurt you in the future!”

Kissing those red scars once more, he felt like a layer of fat had congealed on her skin, feeling really smooth. Zong Shou couldn’t help but lick it a few times, the feeling was exquisite.

Su Chuxue felt she was shocked by lightning as she exploded out with true qi, finally managing to pull her hand away. She anxiously rushed outside the carriage like lightning.

Zong Shou didn’t stop her, sitting down on the soft mattress and smiling. “Xue’er don’t forget that in two days is time for the medicine bath. Have you prepared those herbs?”

Outside of the carriage was an instant gargling sound, like something heavy had dropped to the floor. Zong Shou couldn’t help but burst out laughing, willful to the extreme.

Zong Shou’s face returned to his usual coldness as he started to investigate his body’s condition.

The situation was better than he had predicted. The last knife he threw had used up all his true qi and also his mental energy, but it also helped to prevent the true qi from conflicting within his Chakra Meridians. It was no wonder he was able to wake up in just three days.

But with his current condition, it was tough to feel optimistic. Zong Shou noticed that he had fallen totally into a vicious cycle.

The better his cultivation got into the future, the more the conflict between the two meridians of his body would escalate.

If he continued to practice martial arts and cultivate, before he managed to break out of the Body Chakra Realm, he would probably die from internal injuries.

Unless there was an even stronger power that was able to control them or help to mediate…

“So it seems like double cultivation is the only path that I can choose. Only this spirit master art… It seems like I need to find a chance to mould the soul sea.” As he muttered softly, his brow slowly furrowed.

In his last life in the game, he had created many characters to practice spiritual techniques. However, on that aspect, he used very little time and thus his achievements weren’t that satisfactory.

Only his talisman and charms were decent, and could barely be considered at the Grandmaster level.

Just the path of cultivation was huge and indiscernible, difficult to find the source of it all. How would he have energy in the last life to train in spirit arts and incantation techniques, too?

However, he had no choice now.

Unfortunately, he didn’t have time to read the Book of Eon Extreme Life that he had gotten before he was teleported ten thousand years into the past.

This book was one of the top spirit master cultivation secret manuals in the world, recording the ways of space and time.

The God Emperor game was unable to record the full version of the book. Half of its theories were rough guesses and deductions from future experts towards the spirit technique.

If he was able to take a look at it, it would be a huge help for his spiritual cultivation.

Sighing, Zong Shou took out the Pine Pattern Wind Sword once more. The quality of this sword was really good. After killing four people and going through the tempering of the swallowed energy from his technique, it was still really tough and the cold light gleamed.

Bending his fingers and tapping it to confirm that there wasn’t any hidden damage to the sword. Zong Shou bore with the pain to do some simple and quick footsteps, training the sword once more.

The time for rest was over, and he had to work hard now.

Although Zong Yu had died, the crisis hadn’t been solved. Furthermore, he had never placed that person in his eyes. What he cared about was the next Monster King, who had beheaded him and hung his body up.

In this journey to Pill Spirit Mountain, he would probably find another tough battle. He couldn’t waste any time at all.

This short moment of training made Zong Shou feel that things were totally different. When he had moved around in the past, he always felt that it wasn’t smooth, like there was a thin layer between his soul and this body. After merging with those thirteen years of memories, that layer had disappeared.

This sword training proceeded as he wished, his footsteps and the blade in his hand were also much more precise.

The battle three days ago was the same. If it wasn’t that he could already control his body, he wouldn’t have been able to kill those few people so cleanly, much less throw out that final knife.

“Although this Zong Shou can’t cultivate, his basics were really well trained…”

Because he was unable to open up his Chakra Meridians, the old owner of the body still repeatedly trained such basic techniques, building up a really firm foundation.

Even if three years had passed and he didn’t train them much, it was really simple to pick it up again. Even if some areas had some errors that he wasn’t satisfied with, he just needed to make some slight changes.

Zong Shou’s cultivation path, be it the last life or this, focused more on the basics. Only with firm foundations will one be able to build hundred-story tall buildings!

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