Dimensional Sovereign

Chapter 9

New Beginning (1)

What was its true identity?

A bizarre appearance couldn’t possibly exist in reality.

“Kuaaaah! Kikikiki!”

It rushed up to Kang-jun with a club in its hand.

Hwing! Hwiing!

He had to avoid it in the narrow hallway. Then Kang-jun suddenly smiled.

‘Wait! I don’t need to avoid it. I can absorb its strength.’

The power that targeted thugs and bullies in reality! Naturally that ability would be effective here.

Kang-jun immediately glared at the rat head monkey. But there was an unexpected message.

[Invalid target.]

[The black magic energy is unable to be absorbed.]

“What? Why not?”

Why was it the wrong target?

However, now wasn’t the time to be worrying about such things. The club was mercilessly heading towards him.

Kang-jun hurriedly stepped back. Then the rat head monkey gained more momentum and jumped at him.


It struck down with the club as it jumped into the air.

At that moment, Kang-jun’s feet kicked at the rat head monkey’s wrist that was holding the club. His right foot then struck the rat head monkey’s abdomen.

Peok –


The rat head monkey screamed and ran back.

‘No big deal.’

Kang-jun was still a taekwondo 3rd dan despite the sluggish state of his body. In particular, his two feet were now working so he was fine against the dwarf-sized monster. He couldn’t absorb the black magic energy but could still attack it directly.


Then another rat head monkey popped out from Room 413.

Hwing! Sswiing!

A barrage of strikes from the club!

Kang-jun stepped back and avoided it.

The rat head monkey that jumped at him also came back.

A two against one situation!

Kang-jun didn’t panic. He had panicked at first from their strange appearance.

However, the way they wielded the clubs was simple so they were only a small threat. It was like two elementary school children holding sticks. They also certainly had the build of elementary school children.


In the meantime, one of the rat head monkeys leapt into the air and brandished its club.


The club headed towards his head!

Kang-jun lightly bent his head and avoided it. He spun around at the same time and kicked out with his left foot.

Peok –

The left foot accurately hit the stomach of the rat head monkey.


This time the kick had all his weight in it. A blow that even adults would find difficult to tolerate!

Kang-jun turned his left foot again and aimed it at the other rat head monkey rushing over.



One flew five metres while the other one was at Kang-jun’s feet.

‘It hasn’t died yet.’

Kang-jun prepared again for another strike.

Bam! Bam bam!

Kang-jun’s fist struck the head of the rat head monkey without any mercy.


[Experience has been gained.]

[3 nodes have been gained.]

Kang-jun confirmed that he received experience and ran towards the other rat head monkey without any delay.

Bam bam bam –


It collapsed after a few successive hits.

[Experience has been gained.]

[4 nodes have been gained.]

Just like a game, he acquired experience from killing the monsters.

Lv.1 (Exp 20.00%)

He had 20% experience in his status window.

The rat head monkeys gave 10% experience each. It meant he would level up if he killed eight more.

‘By the way, what are nodes?’

Kang-jun had acquired 7 nodes from getting rid of the rat head monkeys.

[Nodes are currency that is only available in the world of Hwanmong.]

[Gaining more nodes will allow you to wage war.]


He didn’t need to make it complicated. Like a game, experience and money could be obtained from monsters. He would know how much value 7 nodes had later.


Kang-jun picked up one of the clubs that the rat head monkeys were holding.

‘A weapon would be good to reduce my stamina consumption.’

70cm in length. The shape was reminiscent of a club.

‘Light in weight but pretty hard.’

Fortunately, he managed to avoid being hit and didn’t feel any pain.



Meanwhile, two rat head monkeys popped out.

‘Again from Room 413! Why do they keep coming out from there?’

Was it a monster lair?

Wait! Did all of them use blunt weapons?

Piing –

The terrible sound of the wind separating.


An arrow was right before him! If Kang-jun hadn’t tilted his head sideways then the arrow would have pierced the crown of his head.

Surprisingly, the rat head monkeys were holding bows in their hands.

‘Damn! Shooting a bow!’

He was really lucky. He managed to avoid a flying arrow. Perhaps it was the power of good luck. If so, he did really well in making a decision to increase good luck.

But now wasn’t the time to be pleased. Another rat head monkey had fired an arrow!

Piing –

This time he was too late and it pierced his left forearm, causing blood to pour down.

“Ugh! Shit!”

Kang-jun trembled.

Why did he have to suffer a pain like this? How could he imagine being hit by an arrow? An arrow, not a sword!

His good luck didn’t work twice in a row.


The pain from the arrow! Usually he didn’t feel pain in his dreams, but this was Hwanmong. He would feel the same pain as reality.



Kang-jun staggered forward as the rat head monkeys prepared to fire arrows again.

‘Euh! Those guys!’

Kang-jun clenched his teeth.

There was no time to hesitate. How could he be hit by more arrows?

Kang-jun suddenly remembered a saying.

‘You will lose everything if you are defeated. In particular, defeat in the world of Hwanmong means certain death…!’

‘Don’t forget. If you don’t want to become a corpse like me, beholden to the power of Hwanmong, then listen to my words today and don’t ever forget…’

That’s right. It wasn’t a mere dream.

Death here would mean real death. He had goose bumps just thinking about it.

“Oduk! I can’t allow it.”

Kang-jun ignored the pain in his left arm and wielded the club while rushing forward.

Bam! Bam!



One person in the room!

The heads of the rat head monkeys were smashed.

[Experience has been gained.]

[4 nodes have been gained.]

[Experience has been gained.]

[4 nodes have been gained.]


Kang-jun breathed out.

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